Saturday, November 05, 2016


I'm looking forward to the day when African Americans have independence, freedom from slavery / Plantation Mentality and the ability to stand the pressure of herd mentality when it gets hard. I just saw a statistic that said Donald Trump has ZERO % support among black people in Wisconsin. See photo below to understand this.
This is not so among Asians, Hispanics, Immigrants from the Mid East, People from India or those recently from the Caribbean or Africa. Nor of White People. They are of diverse thought. They are able to think for themselves. They make decisions based on real information, not lies.
I was friends 50 years ago with African Americans who had great kids born while we were there. I said then that they would be the last of those who had to have to put up with the foolishness of racism, prejudice and division. WOW was I wrong. Everything that we worked for then and that peaked about ten years ago has now been destroyed by the most divisive President in a lifetime.
I have hope however. I know many 20 something young African Americans who now see the error of their fathers and grandfathers. They now are questioning the herd mentality. They are less likely to be driven by the plantation pressure. Some will but I am hoping that thinking for yourself will become a new reality.
Time for a new emancipation declaration. The Democrats have driven them over the cliff one too many times. I keep asking and I hope some younger African Origin Americans will start answering for themselves:…/a-question-for-black-…

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