Sunday, October 30, 2016


HERE is a solid fact checking source for what is really happening in the Dakota Pipeline story.


1.CLAIM: The pipeline encroaches on indigenous lands.

TRUTH: The Dakota Access
Pipeline traverses a path on private property and does not cross into
the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s reservation.


2. CLAIM: The pipeline exposes the Tribe’s water supply to contamination.

TRUTH: Pipelines are – by far – the safest way to transport energy liquids and gases. Already, 8 pipelines cross the Missouri River carrying hundreds of thousands of barrels of energy products every day.

3. CLAIM: The tribal community was not part of the discussion.

TRUTH:  389 meetings took place between the U.S. Army Corps and 55 tribes
about the Dakota Access project. In addition the Standing Rock Sioux
Tribe met individually with the U.S. Army Corps nearly a dozen times to
discuss archaeological and other surveys conducted to finalize the
Dakota Access route.

 4. CLAIM: The pipeline is disrupting areas of cultural significance.

TRUTH: Safeguarding and
ensuring the longevity of culturally significant artifacts and sites is
of interest to all Americans.   That’s why the Dakota Access Pipeline
traverses a path on private property.  And the Dakota Access Pipeline
was routed to parallel existing infrastructure, such as the Northern Border Pipeline and high voltage transmission power lines.

 5. CLAIM: On site protests have been peaceful.

TRUTH: Unfortunately, the
emotionally charged atmosphere has led to several outbreaks of violence
which has endangered the safety of the workers and the protesters
themselves.  Protesters have rushed police lines, threatened and assaulted private security officers, and thrown rocks and bottles at workers.

6. CLAIM: A young girl from the Tribe was mauled by a security dog.

TRUTH: This is a doctored photo.  The original is from a June 2012 article from the New York Daily News.


Checking the facts once again - Standing Rock Fact Checker

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