Friday, May 21, 2010

When WE speak in tongues we speak in the language of THE HEARER

I know of situations like this one. People who are in another culture, speak in tongues and find they are speaking the language of the hearers. When WE speak in tongues we speak in the language of THE HEARER. I love these signs and wonders.
This is amazing!

I hope the White House Media types brought along a few quarts

I hope the White House Media types brought along a few quarts of 10W30 for the occasion...
Barack Obama's media advisers were quite distressed when the President travelled down to the Louisiana coastline last week to make his first on-the-spot statement about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Their distress was caused by what they didn't discover, rather than what they did.

Iran says can destroy Israel in week

By the end of the second day there will be no one left in Iran to finish the job. Many good people who I care about will suffer, but be certain of this. If Iran strikes, even very violently, Israel keeps it's planes and bombs in the earth. The fire from the sky will glow above Iran for days. I hope some form of sanity still exists in the Iranian government....or it's national suicide. Forever.
News: Ahmadinejad's chief of staff says if Israel attacks, 'Zionists will have no longer than week to live'

Rand Paul on Critics of Civil Rights Comments

Good time to get this out of the way. Rand. We love ye...but you will learn from this. Oh and about Rachel...keep your ten foot pole handy. Senator Paul will be good bookends.
Kentucky GOP Senate nominee Rand Paul responds to criticism of his comments on the 1964 Civil Rights Act on "Good Morning America."

Cuban lawmakers have passed a resolution denouncing Arizona’s new immigration law

Gene Redlin Cuban Commies agree with the administration, the news media and most liberals. Birds of feathers
From CNS News: Cuban lawmakers have passed a resolution denouncing Arizona’s new immigration law as “racist and xenophobic,” recalling an old dispute in the process: the argument that the United States’ purchase of Arizona from Mexico in the 19th century was tantamount to theft.

Tea Parties vs. Unions
In The Wall Street Journal, columnist John Fund says the tea partiers and organized labor will have a lot to do with the outcome of many midterm election contests

The Bankrupting of America
In The Wall Street Journal, Mortimer Zuckerman writes that we have a ruinous collaboration of elected officials and unionized public workers.

Goodbye, Employer-Sponsored Insurance
In The Wall Street Journal, John C. Goodman writes that companies are discovering that it's cheaper to pay fines to the government than to cover workers.

a huge centrifuge to separate out the spilled oil

I wondered why a huge centrifuge to separate out the spilled oil wouldn't be practical. Evidently Kevin Costner and his Brother are on the case. Well done.
Could there be a Hollywood ending to the Gulf oil spill? Enter "Waterworld" star Kevin Costner, who has invented a device that cleans oil from sea water.

Isn't revival when people start changing their minds about sin?
PRINCETON, New Jersey, May 18, 2010 ( - One year after a Gallup poll found that a majority of Americans identified as pro-life for the first time in the history of the question being asked ...

Obama’s Model ‘Green Economy’ a Disaster
Following PJM's exclusive story on a leaked Spanish government report, a newspaper in Spain confirms that the country's "green economy" policies — the model for the Obama administration's "green jobs" efforts — have been a disaster: expensive, ineffective, and unworkable. ...

Monday, May 17, 2010

“2010- The tipping point that could change the world” – Gen. Paul Vallely

Screen cap of PJTV video interview with Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely. Link to video below.

Our friend and fellow blogger Kitty sent an email this morning alerting us to this interview with Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely. She included this excerpt from an article in Canada Free Press. The video is linked. Please, watch it. And if you’re a blogger, please reprint it at your site. Watch it and you’ll see why.

It’s All Unraveling Even As It All Comes Together

The current crowd in power doesn’t give a d—n about rules of law, and I don’t see them willingly relinquishing power this November. I see the “oil spill,” the situation in the Middle East, the falling apart of the EU, the economic meltdown, and more, as being orchestrated. Or, if not orchestrated, then at least taken advantage of, and used to promote chaos before the November elections.
My view is that when the s—t hits the fan, the NWO Globalists will quash all dissent (or at least, all dissent will be forced underground) and that will be that, or….
Or, what’s left of a patriotic military will stage a coup, and a bloody civil war will be fought in the streets and fields of America—(in which case, the eligibility of Obama to be POTUS, will become something of a moot point).

If you haven’t seen it yet, I urge you to watch PJTV’s interview with Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely (US Army Ret.).

Gen. Vallely tells PJTV’s Bill Whittle, that Iran has stockpiled “50 to 60 thousand rockets and missiles” in Lebanon. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration scolds Israel for building apartments in Jerusalem.

According to Vallely, a soviet submarine with an Iranian flag recently docked at Beirut, Lebanon, and offloaded boxes handled by personnel wearing gas masks, and hazmat gear—they were almost certainly handling chemical weapon components.

Vallely believes that the summer of 2010 will be “the tipping point for the Middle East”—that “the summer of 2010 is pivotal—it can change the whole world.”

As I said, this is gearing up to be one interesting summer.

HOW to solve the oil crisis in the gulf....Oil floats, straw doesn't sink ...this'll work

How did I know that a couple hillbillies would come up with this?

Signs of a Government in free fall

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kagan: Books and Phamphlets Could Be Banned Before Election

The Hill reports:
Republicans introduced a new argument against Elena Kagan's nomination today, suggesting she believes in banning books.

In an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press," Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) pointed to the argument Kagan's office made before the Supreme Court in Citizens United vs. FEC, a controversial campaign finance case.

"Solicitor Kagan's office in the initial hearing argued that it would be OK to ban books," McConnell said. "And then when there was a rehearing Solicitor Kagan herself in her first Supreme Court argument suggested that it might be OK to ban pamphlets.
Some people aren't fans of the free market in speech.

Scott Lee Cohen: Top Democrat threatened me

The Chicago Sun-Times reports on the alleged threat against one candidate.

Obamacare: Paperwork You Can Believe In

Human Events reports:
The scariest news for America’s forests may be a brand-new mandate that will compel each business — from General Electric to the neighborhood handyman — to file an IRS Form 1099 for every business on which it spends at least $600. Form 1099 today applies only to independent contractors, e.g. a graphic artist who earns $1,000 for designing a sales brochure. Come 2012, ObamaCare vastly will expand 1099s to sellers of goods as well as services, and not just the self-employed, but also businesses — large and small.
If you read one article today: this is the one.

SEIU & Friends Storm DC Home of Bank Lobbyist

Breitbart T.V.

Obama administration helps ACORN defend socialism

The Daily Caller

Obama-Backed Specter Drops in Polls Ahead of Pennsylvania’s Democratic Primary

CNS News

Bailouts Have Discouraged Banks From Lending


Chicago Tribune Slams Illinois Legislature

The Chicago Tribune has an editorial slamming Illinois:
Rather than subsidizing such mismanagement by further taxing Illinoisans who still are employed, lawmakers need to deliver more government efficiency — and quickly grow more jobs. Remember that recent University of Illinois research calculating that, given population growth, the state needs 600,000 more jobs just to get employment back to where it was a decade ago? Not likely to happen on the Quinn-Madigan-Cullerton watch: Chief Executive magazine's latest survey of 651 CEOs ranks Illinois near the bottom of the "Best and Worst States for Business." These big employers did award Illinois one distinction: steepest fall over the last five years — from a tolerable 17th place to a lifeless 46th.

Mr. Quinn, Mr., Madigan, Mr. Cullerton, you keep focusing on what agencies, employees and interest groups say they "need." Thus you have not kept the governor's nearly forgotten pledge to "Cut, cut, cut." If you pivot to that priority and still want revenue to rise, more borrowing and taxing won't do it reliably for the long haul. Private-sector job creation will. Admit that employers recognize how your taxing, debts and regulations have made Illinois an expensive place to hire workers. Then lower government overhead, eschew borrowing and make this state more business-friendly.
Great moments in Blue America.

Here's Another $23 Billion Bailout That You May Have Missed This Week

Business Week

GOP Kills Science Jobs Bill By Forcing Dems To Vote For Porn


Euro slides amid European debt crisis


Consumer spending trend is a shaky foundation for economic recovery

The L.A. Times reports:
Analysts say the upswing in buying is largely by affluent people snapping up luxury items and delinquent homeowners who have extra money since they aren't making their mortgage payments.

Tide of PR battle turns against public employee unions

The Washington Examiner

This man is hoping for a full reboot of the USA

For the past hundred years, America has been slowly moving away from the principles of its founding. The ideals of liberty, individual achievement, limited government, and the equality of opportunity have been slowly supplanted by calls for security, class warfare, excessive regulation, and the equality of outcome. The passage of stimulus acts, bailouts, government takeovers of two U.S. automakers, and the health care overhaul prove that our movement away from 1776 has accelerated.

Passage of the health care bill has sparked a revival of small-government thinking, causing many to predict significant Republican gains in Congress this fall. But despite some short-term success, this small-government revival is doomed to fail. The depressing truth is that the only way to regain the full measure of those freedoms proclaimed in our Founding Documents is for our current federal government to completely collapse under the weight of its own excesses.

Often, one carefully articulated analogy can succinctly convey a very complex idea. In our case, that analogy is addiction. Over the past hundred years, we have slowly allowed a monstrous system of dependence to develop until nearly every citizen relies upon government money, and thus is an addict. This has come about because the hard logic of the Founders has been replaced by the seductive ease of emotional arguments. All too often, the debate is over not if government should do something, but what it should do. This almost imperceptible shift in our national philosophy is a manifestation of our addiction.

While the citizen-addict is hooked on government largesse, the politician-addict is hooked on something far more sinister: power. Their drug is available in Washington, D.C. Just as a dealer will go to any length to continue selling his wares, politicians will stop at nothing to retain their power. These two groups of addicts are locked in mutual co-dependence, where the politician-addict seeking re-election buys off the citizen-addict with more spending. Then the citizen-addict, seeking yet another free lunch from Washington, reelects the politician-addict. The result is endless, ever-expanding government programs and our current fiscal nightmare.

The persistence of these programs has nothing to do with their success. They continue because we are more concerned that our actions are deemed compassionate than whether our programs are actually successful. If we truly wanted to help people save for retirement, we would not establish a program with a meager 1.23% rate of return while simultaneously supporting a monetary policy of systematic inflation. Yet these and other ineffective or even counterproductive programs continue. Such willful blindness to economic reality cannot be sustained indefinitely. The Congressional Budget Office has recently stated that our national debt will constitute 90% of our gross domestic product -- that is 20.3 trillion dollars -- in just ten years. What is even more shocking is that these debt numbers do not include the unfunded liabilities of Medicare and Social Security, which currently rest at 107 trillion dollars. Sadly, this trend cannot be stopped.

If Republicans take control of the House and Senate, and if they repeal the health care bill, then they will not be able (or likely even try) to reform Medicare or Social Security. These programs alone will bankrupt our nation. Yet they are untouchable because a large number of Americans have come to depend upon these benefits. They have become unknowingly hooked. Senior citizens have organized their financial futures around the twin promises of Social Security and Medicare and will naturally resist any change to either. George W. Bush knew this when he attempted his overhaul of Social Security. That is why his plan to privatize retirement savings was voluntary and would have excluded those over 55. Nevertheless, it was easy for the politician-addicts to scare the citizen-addicts, and his plan was defeated.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety." This quote by Ben Franklin is often used by civil libertarians in opposition to government security programs such as the Patriot Act. But this sentiment is equally applicable to those who would give up economic liberty to obtain economic safety. The economic attitude of the nation has shifted. We are no longer a nation of self-sufficient, rugged individualists; we are now a nation of addicts, hooked on a politician's promises of economic safety.

This is why America is lost. Too many Americans are hooked for us to return to a sound economic footing via the normal political processes. Our efforts to moderate the most radical agendas -- welfare reform, for example -- serve only to delay the inevitable. In fact, many of those reforms are quietly undermined as the slow march towards collapse continues. We cannot alter our current trajectory; expansive government, greater entitlements, and ever-increasing taxes are our fate. Attempts by responsible citizens at reform will be only partially successful, not changing the fundamentals of our dilemma.

The addict analogy carries through to recovery. For most addicts, recovery can begin only once they have descended so far in their addiction that they lose everything, a process often called "hitting bottom." Sometimes there is no recovery, and hitting bottom means death. But for others, hitting bottom is a tremendous learning experience, and they emerge as better people. America is addicted. The decline has begun, and now our nation must hit bottom.

Detoxing America will cause social, political, and economic strife of a sort unimaginable, and yet it is a process we must endure. Hitting bottom is our only hope for a national rehabilitation. It is our only chance for a true reacquaintance with those principles that made this the greatest nation on earth: liberty, individual achievement, limited government, and the equality of opportunity.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Freedom of the Press Kagan?

Kagan, as solicitor general, in a case related to campaign finance law, argued in front of the Supreme Court advocating for banning of books and pamphlets depending on who pays for them. AMERICA WELCOME TO BEGINNING OF A RAPID TRANSFORMATION OF OUR COUNTRY VIA RADICAL APPOINTMENTS AND CZARS. VOTE THE LIBS OUT IN 2010
Republicans introduced a new argument against Elena Kagan's nomination today, suggesting she believes in banning books. In an interview on NBC's

Behave Yourself

Scripture… As We Live It“:

And when they [Paul and Barnabas] arrived [in Antioch] and gathered the church together they went to church, they declared they listened to the pastor declare all that God had done with them, and how he had opened a door of faith to the Gentiles, but they were allowed to give a testimony on “Missions Sunday.” (Acts 14:27 re-mix)

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain....

For the 1st time since the creation of the modern budget in 1974, the congress libs refuse to pass a budget fearing that Americans will see more clearly that the libs have been doing irresponsible deficit spending. As a result, the 2011 discretionary spending won't be capped. THE LIBS USE THIS GIMMICK TO SPEND EVEN MORE. VOTE THE LIBS OUT OF OFFICE IN 2010
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