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There is accountability in the Prophetic Office! Things are happening - I can't avoid talking about it...

by Brad Hocutt on Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 12:03am

In an unusual prophetic experience, the first thing a number of us did as the new year came in was to - in real life, rescue a lady who CRASHED & WAS TRAPPED UPSIDE DOWN in her car. She was completely unable to help herself & we had to rescue her from her predicament! You can read about it in the 2011 Shepherds Rod.

On Monday God re-routed me through an actual city called BATTLE GROUND. The second I saw the sign I knew something serious was going on prophetically. Tuesday He routed me through two unincorporated towns. One was called Sea way & the other was called Clear View. This is no joke - That actually happened!! SEA WAY - CLEAR VIEW!! Something serious is going on - WE HAVE TO PRAY FOR CLEAR VISION & FORESIGHT to SEE what is in front of us. We need a clear View!!

God has been speaking to me about disasters for some time. Wednesday God confirmed the Words Upper West to me as I was thinking about & wondering if there was going be an earthquake in the U.S. as a result of the Japanese earthquake setting things off!! *Today, no kidding... after thinking about it & feeling prompted for several weeks, I went by the Salvation Army office in Alabaster to see how to join forces with them in order to help out if something were to happen in the U.S.. We openly discussed the possibility of what has happened in Japan - happening here. *Tonight, after going by the Salvation Army Office earlier, I opened my Email & saw a Video from Rick Joiner talking about a previously predicted Earth Quake hitting Japan & being the warning sign of another earthquake that was going to hit the West Coast of America. Rick talked about a prediction of a Japanese earthquake causing an economic meltdown all across the world & that things were going to get worse.**I don't have any books to sell & typically downplay this kind of stuff. Day one of the new year we had a prophetic encounter with rescuing this upside down lady, have been getting warnings about disaster relief, saw literal signs: Battle Ground, Sea Way, Clear View & then had the Words Upper West confirmed to me before knowing about Any of these Prophecies concerning a second earthquake hitting America.

Guy's, I am the peace & love guy... I don't do this!! I really think that we need to take this warning from Rick Joiner seriously & build up some supplies as well as figure out how to grow a back yard Garden. God has been talking to me about a coming food shortage & about helping others by growing some extra vegetables etc. Here's the deal, I stood up & told my home Church that Y-2-K was a non event & that nothing was going to happen!! I told them to go home & to go to sleep! I could have been humiliated & never have been trusted again - Nothing happened...

This current situation does not look, taste or feel anything like that!!

Joni Ames a Confirmed Prophet with Morning Star Ministries came to the Advocate Center (Bridge) in 2006. Ever since then I have been having Visions, seeing pictures & dreaming dreams about things that God has shown me were about to happen. I have been terrified, humbled & dumbfounded by the accuracy of the things that God has allowed me to see. It has truly been scary & causes me to step back in wonder & amazement. I am NOT the man... I have downplayed things & have not promoted myself or tried to profit from anything that God has shown me. I view the Prophetic Office as a weighty & fearful responsibility to help the body of Christ see its way through coming danger & to help confirm the things that God is saying to Individuals, Churches & Nations.

If you truly know me: I am not a fear monger or a showboat!! I am currently telling my friends, family & associates that I & many other Prophetic Voices think things are about to get very serious in the not so distant future! I am thinking Christian people & others need to start taking serious & calculated steps to secure a fair amount of extra provisions for your family, your friends & your communities if you have a heart to do so. I am going to put back three months worth of extra food stuffs & Basics. It will not go unused & will not be wasted if nothing ever happens. I will just pull from it & keep filling the shelves back up as time goes on instead of only keeping a few weeks worth of groceries on hand. It is better to be prepared than to be caught by surprise if we ever need something or need to help others out. I think its time to think about others & plan for them as well because they are not aware enough of what could happen in not planing for themselves or their families.

The good news is that while all of this has been going on lately God has made it a point to keep sending me by & through the town of Goshen (Al.)! Every single time I pass through or by Goshen (See Egypt/Moses in the Bible) He says: My people are different - I view them differently than the World (Biblical Egypt) & I am with them!! That is very encouraging to me & it should be to you as well!

At this point: There are just to many Prophetic Voices saying the same things to ignore the warnings - Chuck Pierce sent out an email earlier in the week about needing to garden in the future & be more self sufficient which confirmed the word that God talked to me about that I posted in the 2011 shepherds Rod @ *I don't have anything to sell... I just care about you guys & think that God is setting up: Christ in You... to be the answer to the worlds problems. Here are the links to Ricks & Chucks words:

As a practical note* In college, I studied Horticulture & Green House mngmt - I am currently researching YEAR ROUND back yard gardening using small 4 x 8 raised beds, drip irrigation & small greenhouse structures (PVC or fence post frames) with shade cloth & thin clear plastic coverings. The Alabama Extension service is a valuable resource to learn from as well as The Farmers Co-Op web site. As a one time expense, You can buy almost everything that you need to back yard (raised bed hobby) garden from Lowes or Home Depot. It is much less expensive to buy vegetable seeds in a 1lb, 5lb or larger container from a wholesale seed supplier. You can divide a large seed order up & seal it in (air tight) baggies or small containers to keep for future long term use. The farmers Co-Op has large Plastic Water Tanks that you can store some extra water in or you could get a few chemical free 55 gallon plastic drums to use. There are several inexpensive drip irrigation kits at Lowes & Home Depot - It is better to prepare & its a really cool Hobby = the money you spend will be a good investment & will offset itself because of rising food cost.

We are living in the land of Goshen & God is definitely with us!!! As God's Joseph's in this time we need to consider others around us & wisely prepare for them as well. At this point in my life I have been through fourteen Hell's & am living with a grin on my face... I truly believe that this is about to be genuine Christianity's best days!! Many, many people are going to experience God's love & be saved as their world turns upside down!! Lets get in gear & help rescue them from destruction!!! Brad

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Agenda 21 will make half of the USA off limits to Americans who live here.....Coming from the UN

While everyone is focused on Obamacare, the economy and security, which by the way are very important issues, there is a much more sinister element working in the shadows that is slowly destroying our very way of life. It has been going on for so many decades but has been gaining speed since 1992.

In 1992 in Rio de Janeiro at the 1992 Earth Summit, George H. W. Bush signed, for the United States, the United Nations Substantial Development Agenda 21 program. This program is 288 pages long and spells out what needs to happen in order for there to be a “One World Government.”

The Secretary General of that Earth Summit said “current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

Since this was what is called “soft law” it does not have to be approved by Congress. In 1993 President Bill Clinton established by executive order the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. Since Clinton’s order every cabinet agency has undertaken its role in advancing Agenda 21/Sustainable Development policy in the U.S.

Let me make it clear, this program was generated by the most corrupt group in the world, the United Nations, and Agenda 21/Sustainable Development controls every major and probably most minor decisions that our government makes. That should give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling. This is not just federal government, it is also in state and local government.

In summary, Sustainable Development seeks:

• The step by step abolition of private property, primarily through the implementation of the Wildlands Project (think Wabash River Wetlands Project recently announced by Governor Daniels) and Smart Growth. Smart Growth pertains to limiting suburban development, making people live, work and play in one area. Then you don’t need cars to survive.

• Education of youth to prepare them for global citizenship.

• Control and ultimate reduction of human population.

The bottom line of Agenda 21 of the United States is to make at least one half of the U.S. off limits to humans. All of this probably sounds pretty crazy and some might say a conspiracy theory, but sadly it is all happening right now and every day. I have been reading and studying Agenda 21 for over two years and quite frankly it scares the h--- out of me. If anyone would like to find out more, and there is plenty more to learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 21 program, please fee free to contact me or Google Agenda 21.

— Ray Harney

Conflagration to come

"Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure". The war is on, we know who wins in the end...but there will be warfare in the interim. There is no Mason Dixon line this time, the line is now drawn in the hearts of men. You will have to choose, you cannot be neutral in this conflagration. Choose this day......

This isn't about unions, this is about what happened yesterday in London, unions are part of it, but it's much wider than that. The reports from there are Guy Fawkes in nature. Don't be blind to what this really is... The Koch brothers have nothing they can or will do about this. There is a solution but it will be very uncomfortable and the riots will not stop. It's a undeclared civil war in Britain. It's coming here and in this civil war there is no Mason Dixon line... except in the heart. I saw this before and so did you. Kent State is still vivid in my memory. There are merciless people behind the mindlessness of these riots, even if grievances are justified, these misleaders don't care who get's hurt. The trend-line of these events will either take us to the edge of oblivion as a nation or to a rebirth of the individual and community. The path these anarchists are taking is the pathway to oblivion. Where is that line in your heart? That is the question every American will need to answer. The nation your grandchildren's children will inherit is being formed right now. We have lived on another's legacy for a long that is being destroyed in our sight. Cue Buffalo Springfield.....
This is the hypocrisy of the liberals ---- Liberalism is a mental disorder
coworkers compare Libya and Iraq
The evil that IS Islam must me exposed....this does
Also, as long as you are talking about Islam, let met tell you that you are not allowed to set eyes on me in my present condition. You should be punished in public, because charity begins at home. Clerics may look at a woman once, but if they look at her a second time, they must be punished.
This is a real Gut Check....
Religion can be defined as man’s attempt to impress God. It is an attitude that says, “I can make something of myself, I can earn God’s favor.” Although it may lead to works that are charitable, this mindset is fatally opposed to grace of God. It causes a man to stand when he should bow and to strut
A Libyan woman who accused Moammar Gadhafi's vigilantes of raping her has vanished. Libyan authorities beat and hauled Iman al-Obeidi away after she told a gathering of foreign reporters at a Tripoli... World News Summaries.