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Clear Thinking

Thank you, SCOTUS. This Obamacare ruling fires up the troops as America’s eyes are opened! Thank God.

This proves to be such an unsettling time in America as we undergo the fundamental transformation that Barack Obama promised he would do to us if elected. Obamacare was dealt in deception and confusion by flooding the public with an overwhelming amount of conflicting “rationale” via thousands of pages of unread legislative detail, which is the radical left’s M.O. Obama promised the American people this wasn’t a tax and that he’d never raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. We now see that this is the largest tax increase in history. It will slam every business owner and every one of the 50% of Americans who currently pay their taxes. The other 50% are being deceived if they think they’re going to get a free ride – because Medicaid is broke. Recipients of Obama’s “free health care” will have fewer choices and less accessibility. Trust me – this much more expensive health care WILL be rationed; to claim otherwise defies all economic and common sense.

We will not retreat on this. A newly elected legislative branch is key to defending our Republic and fundamentally restoring all that is good in America.

SCOTUS now rules this is a tax? Well, Congress has the ability to create taxes – and also has the ability to rescind them. Upon their return from the July recess, Congress should act immediately to repeal this terrible new tax on the American people, and indeed they must repeal all of Obamacare. This is the most brazen and sweeping new tax and government overreach imposed on us. We the People did not ask for this tax, we do not want this tax, and we can’t afford this tax. This is not an answer to America’s health care challenges.

It’s time, again, for patriotic Americans to rise up to protest this obvious infringement on our economic and personal freedom. November is just around the corner. Today, the Supreme Court issued their ruling on Obamacare. In November, We the People will issue ours.

- Sarah Palin
This is what a Liberal Law Professor thinks of today's SCOTUS ruling:

“They can’t make you eat broccoli, but they can tax you for not eating it,” Friedman joked, by way of summarizing the meaning of the decision.

Buy a Chevy Volt or we'll tax you
Put in Solar Panels or we'll tax you
Have a windmill or we'll tax you
Have an abortion or we'll tax you
Buy Swirly bulbs or we'll tax you

This is not a good thing. A Pandora's box of taxing non compliance with "the rules" is tyranny. This has to be reversed somehow...Has to. Your freedom is at risk.
Maybe Abe was on to something...
The men were amazed and asked, "What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!" Matt 8:27 SMH
Why Obamacare is .... because they want it
‎...where your health dollars go, instead of for health care...

Why College Loans are a Bad Idea

Taking out a loan for a college education is one of the great rip offs of our generation

Free Healthcare

Need a Heathcare plan that cost you nothing? Its already been paid for.

The Top Five Reasons Why John Roberts’ Decision in the Obamacare Case May Not Be All Bad,

Ever since the shocking ruling by the Supreme Court today that labeled Obamacare’s highly controversial individual mandate a “tax” was handed down, conservatives have been reacting with a mixture of depression and cold fury, especially toward the man who made it possible, Chief Justice John Roberts. Branded a “coward” in some corners, and a traitor by many, Roberts has been relentlessly criticized for a decision which many see as eroding the last obstacle to an overpowered government, and which certainly has the potential to do just that if the political philosophy that has so dominated the current administration continues unabated.
However, sympathetic though we are to these admittedly weighty fears of increased state power, we think one fact may have been a bit obscured by this response – this is still a decision by John Roberts. And John Roberts is still a Bush appointee, with a judicial philosophy that makes hardcore judicial liberals cringe, albeit a little less now. As such, since the decision was released, a steady drumbeat of commentary has gone up from everyone from Reason Magazine to Charles Krauthammer to Erick Erickson to George Will to even Ken Cuccinelli, one of the people who lost in the case, claiming the decision might be a sleeper victory. With a list of people like that believing they’ve secretly won, we figure we owe it to them to at least try to sum up the case for the Obamacare case being a success. Here are the top five reasons we can see why the Obamacare case might come back to haunt the Left and make the Right cheer:

The Top Five Reasons Why John Roberts’ Decision in the Obamacare Case May Not Be All Bad, With Help From Charles Krauthammer, Erick Erickson, Reason Magazine, George Will and Ken Cuccinelli | Video |

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This kind of sound thinking in the community is why I have hope that the delusions will cease having the effect is has had for decades. Time to take off the chains forged by the lies of the left.
A record crowd estimated at 850,000 by the city's Office of Emergency Management and Communications turned out to watch the parade. Can we get a Memorial Day Parade with even 50,000??? I am saddened by this.
Insider trading and such is only illegal if you're NOT in congress.
Not a big shock, but truth is no obstacle to those who insist on vengeance based on lies.
Sorry to see this.... I like him
It must take a lot of faith to be an atheist.... The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1
IF you are an Obama supporter, time to get your checkbook out. He's broke. Isn't paying his staff. So, send money now, don't buy wedding gifts, send the money instead. I'm sure it will go for a good cause. I'll refrain ...but you knew that. Schadenfreude is a German pleasure I indulge in from time to time. This is one of those times. :>/
The real story behind this is the unlmited voting themselves pensions, health care and raises to public employees. Nothing else even comes close. We are on the verge of this as a nation.

Needs to go on my fridge

Tu dove stai? ;-)
What country are we in ANYWAY??

Approaching 75-years of age?

I got suckered

Sunday, June 24, 2012

53 years ago today, June 24, 1959

I won't relive that painful day. It was a day that for my brother Steven and my Sister Susan changed our lives forever. The day our parents were killed in a traffic accident in Duluth MN.

I am thankful to those who stood in the gap and raised us.

Yet the gap was there and in our hearts still is.

Rest in Peace Ralph and Ruby Redlin.

Cut off before their time. My mother in law Virginia is the same age my Mom would have been. Born 1925 and she would probably be still alive.

Jim Rogers: European Bailouts May Lead to Another World War

A continuation of bailouts in Europe could ultimately spark another world war, says international investor Jim Rogers.

As an alternative, he recommends a combination of capitalism and socialism to weed out weak European banks and companies and to support the strong.

“This is how we got into World War II,” Rogers tells Yahoo, referring to Europe’s handling of its financial crisis.

Editor's Note: Google Banned This Video But You Can Watch it Here

“Add debt, the situation gets worse, and eventually it just collapses. Then everybody is looking for scapegoats. Politicians blame foreigners, and we’re in World War II or World War whatever.”

The Rogers solution: “Let the people who have failed, go bankrupt,” he says. “The banks and bondholders would lose money, but then you start over.”

That’s classic capitalism, Rogers says. “Bailing out zombie companies and banks has never worked. Look at Japan."

But free markets alone can’t solve the problem, Rogers says. Governments must help choose the winners and losers – and quickly.

“If you wait two years from now, five years from now, when no government has any credibility and nobody will give you any more money, then it's finished. You better get yourself a rifle and head to Asia."

But the prospect for Europe doing more than kicking the can down the road now looks bleak.

Countries in the eurozone are split, with creditors like Germany continuing to focus on the need for austerity, while borrowers seek more assistance and want to focus on growth.

Rogers isn't alone in predicting such a dire scenario.

Bailouts and loose monetary policy won't create lasting economic improvements but will push up inflation rates that will send the economy tanking and wealthy investors seeing half of their investments wiped out, says Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Boom and Doom report.

The Federal Reserve has pumped trillions of dollars into the economy to stimulate it, while the White House has spent heavily to fuel growth as well.

The government, however, won't be able to prop up the economy forever, and all that borrowing will come due. When that support fades, the economy and markets will retreat and retreat hard, creating massive losses for investors, especially when inflation rates rise due to the sheer volumes of liquidity in the system.

"I think somewhere down the line we will have a massive wealth destruction. That usually happens either through very high inflation or through social unrest or through war or credit-market collapse," Faber recently told CNBC.

Editor's Note: Google Banned This Video But You Can Watch it Here

Why would this be outrageous??

I just had to.What if?

Tales from the Front Lines of the race wars


Black mob violence hits Nordstrom's

Hoodie-wearing suspects loot and flee upscale shopping mecca

author-image by Colin Flaherty
Colin Flaherty is a talk-show host

Black mob violence has taken on a new note in Portland, Ore. It’s not the unsuspecting passersby or the corner convenience store that’s the target here.

It’s Nordstrom’s.

Just weeks ago, a group of 10-15 hoodie-wearing blacks allegedly stole clothing and raced out of the store. Their actions were captured on video.

So far, the evidence makes it looks like just one more of the hundreds of episodes of racial lawlessness that have taken place in more than 60 cities over the last three years.

But on a local forum, the reaction gave the situation a truly unique flavor:

“As an employee of a Portland area Nordstrom I have to wonder why you think that we care?” said Jason Handleman. “Things like this make work interesting and I hold no ill-will toward anyone in this group. Our security personnel spend more time concerned with employees than clientele, and honestly most employees, at my store, would not help them if they were in an altercation.”

A Nordstrom manager did not respond to a request for comment.

But other Portland commenters joined in the forum. From an anonymous participant, “Rich white high school students wait, and grow up to flash mob our economy and legally manipulate our Congress with unregulated lobbying. They are taught by their rich white parents that they are helping grow the economy through deregulation and small government.

“Funny, the Oregonian does not report on the rich old white guys who flash mob and are hijacking our economy and schools. It’s well reported in many respected and less corporate newspapers: Guardian, BBC, Aljazeera, Le Monde, and Democracy Now.”

Nordstrom is located in the Lloyd Center mall, the site of two violent episodes over the last two years.

In April of 2011, two black men were arrested for murder after shooting into a gang of black teenagers who had just left the mall, leaving one dead.

The year before, 20 black men harassed the customer of a shoe store in the mall before shots rang out. No one was hit.

“The past two weeks have seen four shootings tied to the African American gangs, the most recent an alleged attempted murder in an athletic shoe store at the mall Wednesday evening,” said the Oregonian, in a rare admission of the race of the alleged criminals.

The Nordstrom theft was one of at least four recent “flash robs.”

In April, a mob of 20 black people chased a white couple into a convenience store. The local papers described the ensuing assault and robbery as a “fight.” The mob left when one of the employees sprayed them with “bear spray.”

All on video – almost identical to a crime from a few days before.

In June, a bigger crowd attacked an Albertson’s grocery store, following the same play book: Theft, destruction, intimidation. And no arrests, despite the video.

National Federation of Retailers says flash robs attacked one in 10 stores last year – half were hit several times.

Even so, local defenders abound: “Come on folks, they are not thugs, they are students of YOUR Public Education System,” said Rich of the Albertson’s mob in the comments section of the Oregonian.

Portland has also seen its share of public racial violence on the city’s MAX public transit system.

In January of this year, a 14-year old white girl was beaten down by three black women while about a dozen other black people took videos, shouted racial epithets, and encouraged the assault.

Four people were arrested, including a mother of two of the assailants. The mother was convicted of giving police false information while trying to hide her daughters.

Despite the video evidence, the district attorney declined to file hate-crime charges.

When a local TV station went to a community college to do a news story featuring a class discussing hate crimes, at least one of the students said the decision was fine with her because all involved were “brats” and besides, she did not see what happened before the video was taken. The white girl may have provoked it, said the student.

In June, four black people were arrested for assaulting a police office at a MAX station.

The most recent attacks are also the largest – and to some the most troubling.

It was just three months ago the Oregonian, reporting on a police shooting in Laurelhurst Park, assured their readers the park was otherwise safe.

“Laurelhurst, a neighborhood of stately homes surrounding one of Portland’s loveliest park lakes, is better know for its seasonal tree colors than for violent crime,” said the paper.

“Fern Wilgus, Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association’s public safety chairwoman, said the tennis court area has attracted sporadic fights and robberies over the years.”

But never mind about that. The paper’s willingness to minimize the racial violence seemed similar to how a social work characterized dozens of violent episodes in Philadelphia, some involving more than 1,000 black people: “That’s just kids blowing off some steam.”

And of course there was the homosexual rape in Laurelhurst park following a carjacking that began after a Latino man got lost near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Two of the three attackers were identified as black.

Still, people seemed surprised when in June, a group of 150 black people – described by the newspapers as drunken teenagers – assaulted several people in the park, robbing at least one of them.

The newspaper – and the TV broadcast – may have shied away from describing the attackers, but the Internet site of a local TV station was a little more revealing:

“Both fights involved groups of black teenagers randomly attacking people in the park.”

The following night, a group of 20 to 30 black people, came upon three people on a tennis courts at the park: “Some of the teens began throwing bottles onto the court and calling out to them. They said the teens then began fighting with them.”

Chicago’s unreported race war

Black Expo ‘inescapably tied’ to race violence

Black-on-white link in Minneapolis violence

Is it racist to say ‘blacks attacking whites’?

‘Boredom’ proves to be trigger for flash mobs’

Call for crackdown on black-on-white terror