Saturday, January 25, 2014

Excellen article that raises some fantastic points:

How people of different political persuasions view wealth

With 10's of thousands on this page, let's deal with misconception #1 as noted by Mr. Douglas :

>> White people are rich Republicans <<

This insane notion that all Republicans are rich is an asinine as the statement that "Republicans are only FOR the rich." Do you realize how idiotic you make yourself sound when you type/say that?

#1 - If only rich people were Republicans, Republicans could never win any elections. You libs are always pounding away on "the top 10%" - you're talking about a miniscule % of the overall population of the country. If only the "top 1%" voted Republican, then instead of winning with 50.6% of the popular vote, as B.O. did in 2012, he would've won with 99% of it.

61 MILLION people voted for the Republican candidate for president. Do you sincerely believe that all 61 million are "rich"? Really? Or that somehow all 61 million are squeezed into the top 10% of income earners? If you do then I'd like to see your math b/c in order for that to be factual, we'd need to have a national population of more like a billion people versus the 300 million we've got.

#2 - If Republicans are only "for the rich", then whats wrong with the overwhelming majority of that 61 million people? They *want* to harm THEMSELVES?? We've established that very few of the 61 million in question are "rich". So if they aren't rich, but the Republican party only "looks out for the rich", that means you have around 59 million people who are voting against their own better interests! These people are voting for a party that is actively trying to harm them? Do you really believe that this many of your fellow citizens are that stupid, hoodwinked, or bent on self-destruction that they're actively trying to empower a political party that only wants to be in power so it can turn around & harm the very voters from whom it derives its power & ability to continue winning? This defies logic and common sense.

So with the thousands of eyeballs on this page, let's run a little experiment. If a) you are currently a registered Republican or you have voted for a Republican candidate in the past, and, b) you are not rich - kindly add a post to this thread and in it state "NOT RICH", & lets just see how many of you there are. On this page do we actually have any "non-rich Republicans"? Let's find out.

(I'll define 'rich' that the way the B.O. admin does; married filing jointly, annual income > $249,000; single, annual income > $200,000)

Friday, January 24, 2014

He is just short a few bricks of a load when it comes to governance.

Most people like him, might like to hang out with him, have a beer with him, but not have him in charge.

That's not a sin. I don't think I could do it either.. but he seems to lean into the punch by surrounding himself with people who are less able then he is.

Perhaps the old adage is true. First class people hire first class people, second class people hire third class people. This seems to be his pattern. But if you just wanna hang out...he's your guy. IF you thought you wanted a great president.. not so much

I hope they win.

 I thought these girls made forty - fifty grand a year. Nope... OK, time to fess up boys... a tiny bit off each of the big pay players would take care of this real easy

Not even Stalin was this bold.

This is how profoundly corrupt and evil Eric Holder and the Obama "Justice" department is. This is beyond belief.

We are at war.... soon you WILL have to decide which side you are on...

This organization, this mission, this vision - isn't because its profitable,

isn't because its easy, and Lord knows isn't because its popular. We are focused on bridging the gap between black & conservative America because its the RIGHT THING TO DO.

If you have never truly been in & seen an inner-city ghetto in one of America's urban/metropolitan areas, you really should. These districts, heavily populated by ethnic-minorities, are blights. Above average crime rates, joblessness, drug trafficing, teen pregnancy rates, failing schools with high drop-out rates, high unemployment, people living with bars on their windows, etc., many ways sealed off from "the American dream."

How can you & I, as conservatives, see these living conditions of our fellow man and *NOT* want to do all within our power to help? If you are not moved with compassion & desire to help break the shackles that people in such situations live in, something is wrong with your heart and I'd question the true depth of your conservatism. MLK nailed it, decades ago. Supporting this organization and cause and/or others like it is righteous.

Thank you to all of our partners & sponsors. You are the reason we were able to do MLK earlier this week and continue to make waves and headway into reversing this 50-year slide that has virtually ALL of our urban, inner-cities voting one way & feeling the pain of doing so. We can, we must, and we WILL turn this around.


Police Brutality

If you don't believe angels appear today... you are missing a great deal of real life

we are being run by a thugocracy.

This is the thug I am most concerned about, not some football player. He was just doing his job. This is right out of a Sopranos plot. "Nice country you got there, It'd be a shame now if somethin' bad happened to it now wouldn't it?" This woman is the epitome of the "Chicago way". We no longer have a democracy, we are being run by a thugocracy.

Holder gives assurances that Snowden would get a fair trail and then be hung.

From the link below
Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that prosecutors would hold talks with National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden if he were willing to plead guilty to criminal charges.

“If Mr. Snowden wanted to come back to the United States and enter a plea, we would engage with his lawyers. We’d do that with any defendant who wanted to enter a plea of guilty,” Holder said during an appearance at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center.

Read more:

This is how real heroes contribute to society, not the phony baloney coming out of Washington.

 These kids don't need a hand out, (with a corresponding boot on their neck) they need a hand up. And Dr Carson is making the difference. More of this and faster please. Lead on sir.

If you ask me, our government is already too big for it's britches!

There are some really toxic people who will bring you down... avoid them


How the end will come...

A paper currency system contains the seeds of its own destruction. The temptation for the monopolist money producer to increase the money supply is almost irresistible. In such a system with a constantly increasing money supply and, as a consequence, constantly increasing prices, it does not make much sense to save in cash to purchase assets later. A better strategy, given this senario, is to go into debt to purchase assets and pay back the debts later with a devalued currency. Moreover, it makes sense to purchase assets that can later be pledged as collateral to obtain further bank loans. A paper money system leads to excessive debt.

This is especially true of players that can expect that they will be bailed out with newly produced money such as big businesses, banks, and the government.

We are now in a situation that looks like a dead end for the paper money system. After the last cycle, governments have bailed out malinvestments in the private sector and boosted their public welfare spending. Deficits and debts skyrocketed. Central banks printed money to buy public debts (or accept them as collateral in loans to the banking system) in unprecedented amounts. Interest rates were cut close to zero. Deficits remain large. No substantial real growth is in sight. At the same time banking systems and other financial players sit on large piles of public debt. A public default would immediately trigger the bankruptcy of the banking sector. Raising interest rates to more realistic levels or selling the assets purchased by the central bank would put into jeopardy the solvency of the banking sector, highly indebted companies, and the government. It looks like even the slowing down of money printing (now called “QE tapering”) could trigger a bankruptcy spiral. A drastic reduction of government spending and deficits does not seem very likely either, given the incentives for politicians in democracies.

So will money printing be a constant with interest rates close to zero until people lose their confidence in the paper currencies? Can the paper money system be maintained or will we necessarily get a hyperinflation sooner or later?

Taking just a few minutes to absorb what this is telling us, and comparing it to the Obama Agenda.... doesn't take a genius to see that is the path down which he is taking this nation. The choice each of us to either allow it, or fight it. When we vote in November of this year.........that is the choice each of us will make. It's an issue that crosses all "PARTY" lines.......Democrat, Republican, Independent and Libertarian. We all either let this nation drift further and further towards a "Socialist State" or we don't.


There is a day coming when the economy will go thru a very hard reset. It's going to be painful. Our nation for the last decade has been moving towards this. I have tried to point out the drift. When it comes to a conclusion and the collapse happens, you should expect these things to happen. I wrote of these things when I posted the 2014 word of the Lord.
It's my purpose to let you know what it will be like so you can prepare the best you can:

From Rockwell
Travel Restrictions. This will begin with restrictions on foreign travel, including suspension/removal of passports. (This has begun in a small way in both the EU and US.) Later, travel restrictions will be extended within the boundaries of countries (highway checkpoints, etc.)

Confiscation of wealth. The EU has instituted the confiscation of bank accounts, which can be expected to become an international form of governmental theft. This does not automatically mean that other assets, such as precious metals and real estate will also be confiscated, but it does mean that the barrier for confiscation has been eliminated. There is therefore no reason to assume that any asset is safe from any government that approves theft through bail-ins.

Food Shortages. The food industry operates on very small profit margins and survives only as a result of quick payment of invoices. With dramatic inflation, marginal businesses (suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers) will fall by the wayside. The percentage of failing businesses will be dependent upon the duration and severity of the inflationary trend.

Squatters Rebellions. A dramatic increase in the number of home and business foreclosures will result in homelessness for anyone whose debt exceeds his ability to pay—even those who presently appear to be well-off. As numbers rise significantly, a new homeless class will be created amongst the former middle class. As they become more numerous, large scale ownership of property may give way to large scale “possession” of property.

Riots. These will likely happen spontaneously due to the above conditions, but if not, governments will create them to justify their desire for greater control of the masses.

Martial Law. The US has already prepared for this, with the passing of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which many interpret as declaring the US to be a “battlefield.” The NDAA allows the suspension of habeas corpus, indefinite detention, and the assumption that any resident may be considered an enemy combatant. Similar legislation may be expected in other countries that perceive martial law as a solution to civil unrest.

The US government, for the last decade, has been moving increasingly closer to what can only be described as a police state. With watch lists, militarized police departments, legislative actions, and executive orders the government has already set the stage for these secondary events.

When the system itself is no longer able to support the tens of millions of Americans receiving monthly government assistance, one hiccup could set the whole thing ablaze.

While it can’t be avoided on a national scale, there are advance preparations that individuals and their families can make to, at the very least, insulate themselves from the secondary event triggers. This includes storing essential physical goods and keeping them in your possession. Things like long-term food supplies, barterable goods, monetary goods, self defense armaments and having a well thought outpreparedness plan will, if nothing else, provide you with the means necessary to stay out of the way it all hits the fan.

My comment:

This is not an end time event. Don't be deceived. This is essential and is the mercy of God to demonstrate how futile the efforts of humanity are without HIM. It will lead to the greatest revival that has ever happened in history. This event will be global. There is no rapture to take out out of this. This is not the great tribulation, it will be difficult, it will be a time of great trouble. The result will be a new and better civilization. We will learn much from this. Trust in Government will collapse. Even though there will be despots attempting to grab power in this time, it will fail. There will be warfare but it will be sporadic.

Gods word is "Fear Not" ... however be prepared and face the end of this time and the beginning of the next with great courage. The worst that can happen is you could die, and if you are secure in Christ.... that's not so bad. Be bold be strong for the Lord thy God is with you.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

This is what I do when I am consulting.

 After looking over deep documentation, examining inventories, interviewing key management, poking around the whole operation, restructuring spreadsheet assumptions, I am then able to establish a value and analysis a customer can take to the bank. Or the bank can find comfort in. Or the lawyers can use to establish equity. The net result is a written report sometimes up 100 pages long. This one is. Having eyes to see behind the curtain is a marketable ability.

Ya gotta be a man to find this as funny as it is. No matter shape size or age, we all think we are hot stuff...

Sometimes what looks like a good deal on the outside ends up being an ever-loving bag of snakes.

 I had a potential customer order $20,000 worth of goods a few days ago. It had been a hard program to put it all together. My profit would have been $4000 for simply handling the paperwork. It seemed like a good deal...then a red light went off. Something wasn't right. I knew this was a situation that was going to become a problem. I stopped. I might have left $4000 on the table...but some deals are better walked away from than entering into and regretting it all later. I have had a few of those. I believe I did right by walking away. The best deals we make in life sometimes are those we don't do.

If you ain't democrat you ain't nothin..

I guess the only REAL QUALIFIED BLACK candidates are democrats according to the black leaders in this country. If you ain't democrat you ain't nothin... and that's what black voters get when they vote democrat...nothin. The plantation is well controlled, keep em in their place, keep em voting democrat.. keep giving them nothin. I frequent the loyal democrat voting precincts of Chicago and I can report with authority that being a good loyal democrat has got them nothing. NOTHING. I mind is a terrible thing to waste...but they are wasted.
NAACP Leader Shows True Colors

The NAACP’s attacks on Senator Tim Scott illustrate the anger and increased intolerance of the political left. Having falsely staked the claim of “embracing diversity” we see another example of the left’s “tolerant hug” excluding those who do not subscribe to their liberal agenda. It’s not personal. It’s not racist. It’s not mean spirited. It’s COMMON SENSE to NOT subscribe to their failed liberal policies that lead to dependence on an unstable and bankrupt government.

But here’s another example of how the supposedly tolerant left treats an African American conservative who doesn’t subscribe to their failed liberal agenda:

Tim Scott was raised by a single mother, started working at age 13, faced challenges through school, and then met a mentor – a local Chick-fil-A operator – who taught him how to “think your way out of poverty.” With that, and strong work ethic, Tim's commonsense conservative roots took hold. Tim became a successful small businessman, Congressman and U.S. Senator. He is an honorable man who judges people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, and seeks the same for himself.

With too many purposefully dividing America on the basis of race and gender, it’s imperative that we who strive for a truly United States, under God, take a stand! Don’t be afraid to call out hypocritical double standards applied to independent Americans who are continually falsely accused of discrimination and intolerance. Playing small and timid in this era of potentially great progress towards American solidarity helps no one.

Take a stand! Help leaders like Tim Scott get re-elected in 2014. We need more strong leaders who, like Tim, are conservative because they’ve learned from life experiences, not poll driven messaging, what works for our great country.

Support Tim Scott today:

- Sarah Palin

OK, I'm taking up a collection to buy Mr and Mrs Kardashian a one way ticket for them to the country of their choice if they fulfill their promise. No deposit no return.

 Let's make sure they fully both revoke all citizenship before they run off. Buh Bye. Don't let that door hit you in the behind Mr K. I'm really tired of you and your antics.... and you aren't good for the culture. So do us all a favor...go away PLEASE. You aren't Jesus, I asked Him, you ain't.

I guess the Murderer Casey Anthony was busy.

 These two represent the lowest of the low...but that's Public Broadcasting. I support when they show opera, Sherlock and that show where the Wildebeast is chased down and eaten by a lion. Otherwise they are vermin.

If you are a Christian and support President Obama, I want to know if your support and allegiance to President Obama extends beyond your vote for him and includes his policies?

Do you support him in His:
  • -support for Gay Marriage
  • -allowing openly gay people in the military
  • -declaring weed and alcohol equal
  • -accommodation of Islam and the Muslim Religion
  • -foreign Policy as represented by the debacles in Syria and Libya
  • -stagnant economy and declining
  • -#20 in economic freedom (down from #4)
  • -high and persistent unemployment
  • -unequivocal support for abortion on demand
  • -centralized control of grade school education content (common core)
  • -bungled and bungling attempts to nationalize health care
  • -out of control EPA
  • -crony capitalism in failed green energy frauds
  • -takeover and huge losses from the nationalization of Chrysler and GM (we'll never get our money back)
  • -continued empowering of big banks by feeding them free money
  • -stimulus attempts that did nothing like cash for clunkers and shovel ready jobs
  • -doubling the debt that our nation owes in 5 years. Not increasing, DOUBLING
  • -trampling the Constitution in free speech, freedom of religion, second amendment rights
  • -changing laws duly passed by the congress (Obamacare) and changing they by fiat
  • -questionable social security number origin
  • -IRS abuse of power and no consequence to those in charge
  • -intentionally lying about the Benghazi affair and yet no consequence for those in charge
  • -gun running to gangs in Mexico, our men in uniform are killed, no consequence for those in charge
  • -using racism to help him get re-elected in 2012 (If I had a son he would look like Trayvon)

I would go on, but I am wondering if you buy into his program? He is president for 36 more months. I don't hate him, I hate all the things above that he stands for.... all his supporters praying for him has done no good at all as he takes us further down. When do we stand up and begin to oppose him IN THE SPIRIT?

That would include speaking against the demonic that is manifesting. IF you think it's OK to continue to support him and it's not OK to speak out against him, I would like chapter and verse.

Hollywood. Where all faiths are good, acceptable, tolerated, celebrated .....except one.

An Advance on the State of the Union Speech

the cops are out of control

If you see something say something....

One of the great Infanticide supporters of all time speaks!

President Barack Obama issued a statement Wednesday, saying the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision is a chance to "recommit ourselves to the decision's guiding principle: that every woman should be able to make her own choices about her body and her health."

Read more:

A solution to marriage problems

This is ostensibly about the unification church (rev Moon) but it's actually an article from the USA today about arranged marriages. I'm from a culture where it was normative for marriages to be arranged. We all love the Moravian culture (the roots of IHOP) but the Moravians arranged all marriages. What is interesting is the LOW divorce rate among those in arranged marriages. You just don't... and they are about as happy as any. I'm only a couple generations away from those who last had marriages arranged for them. When I see all the wonderful young women and lonely young men who would like to "meet someone"... I'm not sure that as spiritual leaders (not like Rev Moon) we do wrong by helping those who want to connect in this area. I know this goes against our current culture of love and romance (see the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows on TV) but how's that been working out with our national divorce rates? One other thing, the Spiritual Leader (Apostle, Pastor, Reverend, Bishop of whatever) who arranges this has a reputational investment in helping this work. I think we could use a little intervention. Just thinking out loud. TLD

The IRS... serving the Democrat Party since January 20, 2009...


I hesitated to show this. YET on the anniversary of ROE v Wade it was shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live (which I will never watch). It's crude blasphemy. Watch at your own risk. This is the kind of thing the pagans and godless among us believe and embrace (as funny and clever).

PBS has named Sarah Sliverman as one of the female leaders of our generation. That's who the world holds up as "Greatness". There is no middle ground. At one point the "jesus" character says, I'm Jesus christ. It turned my stomach. I heard about this on a news show and looked it up.

We have to know it's not enough to pray for the lost like Silverman, but to wage spiritual warfare against the blaspheming antichrist spirit being released in this that drags people to hell. Standing for righteousness means standing. Do all then STAND!!

Pet Abuse, teaching a dog to dance Gangnam Style

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No problem here. They haven't called it Global Warming for years. It's Climate Change. Cooler, Hotter?

Both are Climate Change, so they prepared. They have experience. They predicted more snow & less snow. More hurricanes & fewer hurricanes. Anything that happens, they have a model or can make one fast that predicts it. Their climate model temperature predictions are ready too. To predict warming all models included a positive feedback (without any proof of existence), the more positive the more warming. Change the sign to negative & the more negative the more cooling. AGW or AGC - they're on top of it. They already have their request written:

"Send money. As soon as cooling is measured, we'll predict it. Michael Mann is ready too. He has some tree ring data he left out last time that will work for cooling."

the Consensus Gang.
* * *
Consensus: "Then we are agreed 7 to 3 that we will say our previous vote was unanimous."
--Source unknown.

The spirit of poverty

  • Beside the fact that this reciept was found in a parking lot thrown on the ground as litter (because its someone elses job to clean up after you)...does anyone else see or have a problem with the reciept itself??? I had Prince spaghetti and a bottle of $1.79 jarred sauce last night, how about the other working class fools??

This is funny stuff - Comparing Putin to Obama in pictures

Given that presidential hopefuls are already gearing up for the 2016 election, we'd like to remind you to vote for Vladimir Putin in the Democratic primaries. Any way you look at it, Putin is still cooler than Obama and more experienced than Hillary. To this effect, we collected, edited, and formatted different versions of pictorial Putin-Obama comparisons that are being circulated on the Internet, bringing them to one easily accessible infographic:

Look at this.. it's good for a smile

Sunday, January 19, 2014

What does Jesus look like?

 More accurately what DID He look like when he was on earth? We have clues. Shroud of Turin. Some paintings that were painted within a hundred years of His life. We have renderings by people who have had a vision of Him. I have one such as the "Wallpaper" on my computer screen. Of course there's that blue eyed, blond haired German Jesus we have on our walls. LOL. I guess Luther must have painted that one.

So what does He look like NOW? John the Revelator had a vision of Him. Not much like the pictures we have. There are other reports of Him from scripture after the resurrection.

People keep trying to figure this deal out.

I have had a few glimpses myself. Here's what I will report and yes I am saying far less than I know. He looks to us as He would recognizable. When He is revealed there is no surprise. No one seeing Him says, WOW I didn't think He looked like THAT. He is revealed to us as we see him. Always in Love. Always with compassion. But if He were revealed to ten thousand different people today visibly, He would be different to many than to others. It's not that He changes, it's the revelation of His Beauty. And the more we come to know Him, the more beautiful He becomes and His revelation changes. It's an eye of beholder thing. YET to all people He will be as beautiful as you can stand... or comprehend.. and just as you grasp a bit of that He reveals a bit more and you fall and cry HOLY.

Where can I go to come back to the America, land of the free and brave I once cherished?

"---he (Obama) strongly defended those who work in the intelligence community, saying they do not abuse power. "After all," he said, "the folks at NSA and other intelligence agencies are our neighbors and our friends."

I worked in East Germany right after the wall went down. The big shock was that the Stasi (Ministry of State Security) used friends and neighbors to spy on others for them. We have become a despotic dictatorship... Just Like the ehemalige DDR. Read what it was like, it is exactly what Obama described yesterday in his speech.  More on the Stasi... exactly what is happening here:

RATS... Illinois is no longer number ONE...or Fifty if you want to count it that way.

 We used to be the least fisically solvent state in the whole union. We used to be the basket case of the nation. The poorest run state EVER. Well guess what. It's no longer true. The worst is now New Jersey. Kind of a bad year for Mr Christie. The worst run states in the whole of the united states are in order of BAD are
Number One New Jersey
Number Two Illinois
Number Three Connecticut
Number Four Massachusetts
Number Five California

and dishonorable mention, number Six...NEW YORK.

Isn't it interesting that ALL of these States are overwhelmingly BLUE states, Democrat Voting. The BEST states from a fiscal standpoint is NEBRASKA... BY A LONG SHOT.

14 year old girl killed for being raped