Saturday, January 06, 2007

What Other Prophetic Voices are Saying

I am publishing several links from several prophetic people around the USA. I have looked at their prophetic utterances and compared them with what the Lord gave me for 2007.

I suggest if you have time to read them all. They are published independent of each other, no consultation goes on, they all try to publish on or about the last day of the year or the first of the next. All of these people get these words after seeking God for a revelation.

I know some of this can seem strange to my more denominational friends. But, the Prophetic has been raised up for just such a time. It's about your immediate future, you need to hear what the Spirit Says if you have ears to hear.

Here are the words you need to look at (Many compiled from the Elijah List):
Ken Copeland's Mailer Came yesterday. He published this prophecy from November of 06.
Pat Robertson's recent much lambasted Prophecy
Katie Walters.
Jill Austin
Matt Sorger
Danny Steyne
Wes and Stacey Campbell
Patricia King
Rick Joyner
Steve Schultz
Bob Craine
Kim Clement
Lee Grady

And one from a Secular Analyst

Here are the Key Points I read over and over again as I ponder what is being said:

  • God is moving in new and larger ways than ever before
  • His people will be covered with peace in trouble
  • Trouble, big trouble, perhaps terror, something catastrophic, bigger than 9-11 is coming.
  • Fear will cause men's hearts to fail. Only Faith will prevail in trouble.
  • The Church and organized religion as we knew it is dead and gone.
  • Only that which matters and is relevant will survive in these times.
  • God's best is still ahead of us, and his finest hours are about to be shown in the body of Christ

All in all, wonderful Glorious Peace in the center of the storm.

Come Lord Jesus

Come to Chicago

I have several YOUNG people who read this blog. I want to invite them to visit Chicago.

They don't have to stay with Uncle Gene. There is a fine Hostel in Chicago.

It's right in the center of Downtown, near all the Art Museums and everything, and a wonderful place to stay.

All for less than $40 per night.

Visiting Chicago is cheap. And, no matter what form of Public Transport you decide to take, Both airports have trains that go right by the Hostel. And the Amtrak comes right into the center of town 4 blocks from the Hostel.

This is just like the program many European cities have. I'm happy to be living in such a hospitible place. Chicago is fun, interesting and just a great place to visit.

Come on in. The waters fine.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Accepting the Sinner, Hating the SIN

I was in an interesting discussion with my sister over Christmas. It was about some friends of hers. The argument was in spite of the fact that the people were social deviants; these people were the nicest people she knew; they aren't at all as you would imagine them. They are contributing members of society who are just misunderstood, persecuted, and unhappy because of it. They go to Church, fall in love, pay their taxes, work hard, and celebrate Christmas, the whole catastrophe. What is worse the deviance they exhibit they can't help, they were born that way. So for that reason, in spite of the fact they are aberrant in society we should accept and even embrace them in all their deviance. That was the core of her argument.

But, lets expand that just a tad. I like to extend argument to illustrated it’s lack of soundness.

I know of a really nice man who worked in a church who was considered a really decent person. One little social sin he had, he tortured and murdered people. You would know him as the BTK killer.

Or that nice man who played a clown in all the children's homes around Chicago some years ago. Everyone agreed he was a good man, a decent man, a giving man, One little problem, one day they found his house stinking of decaying human flesh and found the bodies of 33 People he had murdered. You might know him as John Wayne Gacy.

Or how about a great humble Christian who loved every one. Every day went to Church, was good in every way, looked up to, trusted by all those around him; except he sexually molested little boys. That person was a composite of several Catholic Priests.

Or that family man the press can't say enough good about. He loved his kids, he took care of them, they are all set for life and those that knew him said he was a caring and loving man. It's just that he murdered a hundred thousand people. Saddam Hussein.

What about one of the most charming and kind man many say they ever met in Florida. He dated some of the most beautiful women. Everyone who knew him said he was the most mannerly person you would ever want to meet. In fact he was real husband material to some Moms. . Nice enough but before he was executed murdered 25 women. You might remember Ted Bundy

I had an embezzler work for me once. He was our parts man, Scott. He was a family man, kept a nice home, mowed his lawn, went to church, invited us over to dinner, it's just that he had this little problem of stealing $80,000 from the company.

Every person who goes postal is always a surprise to their neighbors. Some are even eagle scouts. They are just decent misunderstood people with a problem. They go nuts. Out of control.

Even religious people, people of faith fall off the edge of the earth. Think about the guy who killed those little girls in Lancaster PA in the schoolhouse. Nice man, went to church, hard worker, quiet, family man. Before he committed suicide called his wife and said goodbye. No one ever suspected a thing. It's just he had a hidden sin he couldn't deal with.

Or those from my branch in the woods, Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggart, men of God, men who preach, men who have everything to offer the world who are good family men who are religious married fathers who have a problem with Whores male and female.

Even Politicians live lives of sin. Representative Tom Foley comes to mind. I'll bet he hated the fact that he was trapped and couldn't get out.

A guy who worked for me is in prison for killing his wife and girlfriend. He was a good guy, hard worker; fun, loved his kids, but he had this uncontrolled violent streak. He just couldn't leave it all alone. He was angery and his anger controlled him until it landed him in prison for the rest of his life. Gary and I knew each other well. He was a great guy. Just uncontrollably violent.

Then there was Skip. A wonderful guy, Christian, when he got out of Jail I invited him to live with me. But, he just couldn't stay away from getting involved with the wrong people. He ended up raping a woman (which is what he was in jail for the time before). Skip probably won't be out again soon. Skip was born with a desire for violent sex. No self control.

On MSNBC they have this sting program, they go online as a horny teenage girl and men show up to have sex. They are videotaped and arrested. These men for the most part are teachers, pastors, bank execs, truck drivers, many married. They are all humiliated. But, the alledged little girl wanted sex, these devients were naturally drawn to respond. What could be more NORMAL than that? They were out of control. That's what.

None of these people listed above were happy in their sin, aberrance, antisocial behavior or deviance. All wish they didn't have to live like that. All felt like they were born this way. All feel like they can't help it. All feel like if someone would only understand. They all feel like if only they could stop they would be happy. They feel out of control.

Sin causes us to be unhappy. Tortured and tempted we foist our behavior on others in society. OR we excuse ourselves by saying we come from a long line of kleptomaniacs. So, it’s normal for us.

They would to a person tell you they were born with these tendencies. I believe them. I was born with some odd tendencies that if I acted on would land me in jail or get me killed.

So, when I hear the argument that Homosexuals are born that way, that I should understand them, that they should be accepted, that the desires they carry isn't their fault I wonder how many of those I have listed above would say the same thing?

Believe me, I know several homosexuals. Some are good friends. They are unsettled. They wish they didn't have to live like this. They feel trapped by the sin tendencies in their lives.

Here's the difference. Homosexuals I know who have learned to control the urges live decent happy lives. If they give into them uncontrolled they live in total despair. Multiple partners. Disease. Rejection by society and each other. The lie is that they can find fulfillment in committed relationships. They never really do. That's why I'm against Gay marriage. It codifies and culturally endorses aberrant behavior.

Like the murderer the pedophile, the embezzler, the torturer, the rapist, the violent, the whoremonger, they were all born with these tendencies, the issue is, can they or do they control them? We have punishment for people who violate most laws against humanity like above. Why are we supposed to stuff cultural and even biblical condemnation of homosexual behavior because people are “Born that Way”. We are all born deviant in one area or another. We just must learn to control and deal with it. That’s called being an adult.

So should homosexuals. Control it or face social consequence. You should see the Gay Pride Parade held each year in Chicago. It’s the “look I have my penis out” parade. It’s so over the top and disgusting I shouldn’t be forced to watch (I don’t) or even have it in my community to deaden our sensitivity to this deviance. I don’t want to be forced to accept them any more than the social deviance I listed at the beginning of this piece.

I suspect some people will throw up the Levitical restrains (Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13) about this and use it as a Bible Bullet against me. They will say that I base my homophobe beliefs soley on these passages in Leviticus. It’s not true. If I ONLY used the New Testament I have enough warning against this aberrant behavior to justify my position. I won't do a Bible study for you, but if you were interested, I would point you to the Book of Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Hebrews, and Revelation. You will find enough here to keep you busy for a while.

What’s the solution? As Archie Bunker said to Edith often, STIFLE! And as a Christian what’s the solution? I know people who have overcome this demon of homosex and found happiness. Jesus is the answer. I will love them, not accept the sin, Heck I still love the murderer and the rapist I know in prison. I just don’t want them back out walking the streets unless they get right with God and under control.

So, now that you know the truth, are you still in favor of Gay Marriage? I know I probably didn’t change any minds. I just wish they would all keep it in their pants and go back in the closet. I shouldn’t have to see this mess. Neither should my Grandkids. When I was a teenager of perhaps 16 and heard that there was such a thing as homosexuality I was shocked. I couldn’t imagine one man doing that to another.

Couldn’t we put some shock potential back into our culture?

Come on there - STIFLE!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shutting the Door

I have a friend who is an expert in herbaceous perennial native plants. He knows so much more than I do about them. When I express an opinion or viewpoint about the application or culture of those plants he gives me a strained smile of tolerance.

I have 2 college degrees. One in
Botany. One in Horticulture. 4 year university, not a two year community college. He has none. He does have experience. I defer to him because although I learned stuff 40 years ago in university I am rustier now than I wish I were about herbaceous perennials.

On the other hand HE went to
Sunday school as a kid. Once he became an adult 45 years ago he quit church. But, he seems to have no difficulty in telling me all about his "opine" on all things spiritual. How I'm right or wrong on this or that theology. How I'm blinded or not in this or that area.

I'm supposed to take him seriously. In fact, I get lots of this. I just was engaged in a couple conversations with some people on another
blogsite. People who's only real knowledge of the Bible is what they read someone say in an article or on TV. And I'm supposed to take them seriously or as any kind of competent argument whatsoever.

Sorry folks. Won't fly. If you haven't paid the price to know what the heck you're
talking about, if you haven't studied verse by verse the word of God, if you haven't had the experience of knowing it and Him then your opinion which you value so much is just so much bull poop.

I have decided that as of this day I will no longer entertain conversation which is of a nature of you're right and I'm wrong. He isn't going to be convinced and I certainly am not. I am more and more convinced that what we consider to be
evangelism is just argumentation. The only one that can call someone in is the Holy Spirit. If they don't come in that motivation you or I are not going to talk them thru reason into faith.

So, consider that door closed my friend. Want to talk
herbaceous perennials, I'm all for it. Your opinions on things Spiritual are spurious and like Paul at Athens, pretty much a waste of time and energy.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Prophecy for the Year 2007

A little explanation first, read the whole thing or you will miss it.

Prologue: Ministry as a Teacher:
Several years ago I became aware that God was using me in a new way as a minister. I had always been a competent teacher of the Word of God. Even when I wasn’t saved, I taught in the Lutheran Church we attended. Some of that came from my public speaking experience and training. I knew how to turn a phrase in front of a group, how to use language to instruct and inspire. It wasn’t anointed, it was just good teaching.

As a public speaker I was paid to do this. At one time I considered a career change to become a professional speaker on the circuit. I did a fair bit of it but didn't develop it as I might have. I knew that the key to doing it well was a "Have Speech will Travel" portfolio. Then promoting myself with that speech, having an agent and taking bookings. It works. I knew several people who did this. Even to this day I have a few champions that will plug me in here and there. But, for now my public speaker portfolio and booking is light. It’s as it should be.

On the other hand, I have always taught the word of God. I like teaching. I like it because concepts and precepts that matter to me and to God are being passed on to another generation.

People I taught in Sunday school classes years ago pay me the high complement of saying, "I use your stuff in my preaching" or "Your words come from my mouth all the time". That is a high complement. It's better than having them say, "You are/were the best Sunday School teacher I ever had". I would rather see a sermon on someone well discipled than hear one.

I am going to recommit myself to teaching again. It's what I do best. It's an area of rich anointing for me. God has placed this in me and not using the gift is wasting them.

Ministry as a Prophet:
So, what about this Prophet thing? Why do I, should I or would I identify myself a Prophet? Let me explain. This is a badly understood area and as a teacher I need to do a little teaching.

Recently a man I know described me as, "A self declared prophet". I puzzled over that description of the Gift of God placed in me. Is anyone a self-declared anything? Or are they defined with or without declaration by what they do and the fruit they produce? Is an apple tree one because someone hangs a tag on it declaring it an apple tree or because it produces apples? In fact some trees sold as apple trees turn out to be pear or peach trees because of poor labeling.

The same is true with ministry gifts. If I teach under an anointing over and above what I am able otherwise to do I demonstrate a gift of teaching. So if I am a teacher because I teach well or as I have the ministry gift of teaching am I self-declaring? Or am I, as the apostle Paul did, just declaring what God has already demonstrated by fruit. He declared himself an Apostle based on his acts of apostleship. Few argued with him.

The same thing is true regarding the ministry office of the Prophet. I am a Prophet not because I call myself a Prophet but because I prophesy with fruit. I operate consistently and with better accuracy than I could ever do in the flesh when I operate in the ministry gift. That is the office of prophet. Of course, just as in the ministry gift of Teaching which has been confirmed by many, and by people with the ministry gift of Prophecy years ago. It is not a gift that comes and goes, it is a gift that I carry by the grace of God. That reality carries me forward to prophecy with boldness. I am simply a Gift box of the gift God has placed in me. To deny or dismiss the office he has commissioned me for defames his ministry gifts. I have assurance of the gift because the gift flows without trying, other prophetic people recognize it in me, and I see the fruit of the gift in operation. Someone would have to kill me to silence it. The same is true of the Gift of Teaching. It will take a bullet to stop me from here on out.

Evidence of the Office of Prophet
If one can dismiss the office of Prophet in others how can any ministry gift stand? On the other hand if I did NOT prophecy or if I were consistently wrong because I didn’t hear from God I would be a false prophet and not a true carrier of the office of Prophet. It is only by fruit I judge the gift I carry.

As a Prophet God gives me insight into situations supernaturally, insight into people, insight into circumstances that is beyond my ability to know or see in the natural. Sometimes it is frightening. I offer what I see to others with fear and trepidation.

The part that is the best in operating in the gift are the personal encouragements and visions God gives me for others. Amazing things come from my mouth far beyond my human understanding. That is a manifestation of the Gift and Ministry Office of the Prophet.

I too am suspicious of people who self-title themselves in ministry gifts they may not manifest, carry or those they may or may not be. There are fewer bishops, prophets and apostles on the planet than have the business cards or titles on the door declaring themselves to be such.

On the other hand there are more Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists than carry the Business card to claim it. Part of the job of a prophet is to let them know they carry the gift of evangelist, pastor, teacher, prophet or apostle. I don’t believe that without the anointing of the prophet that any ministry gift is as valid. Those ministry gifts should be identified carefully and commissioned. Just as God sent Samuel to Anoint David for Kingship, he sends Prophets to do the same today.

How do I know I am called an empowered to teach the word of god as a Teacher? Because he uses me as one. How do I know God has called and empowered me to be a Prophet? Because he uses me as one. I have not demonstrated Evangelistic giftings or Pastoral giftings, and I don't know what to think about myself regarding the apostolic. What realm would I be an apostle over? How does God use me? An apostle is a king over the part of THE kingdom deeded him by Jesus who is King of Kings.

The Prophet Carries a Burden:
There are parts of being a prophet that are difficult. Many people HATE prophets. They despise them. They wish they would go away. Throughout history Prophets have been rejected, persecuted, stoned, killed, made fun of, or thrown into a pit. Sometimes the calling for a prophet is a reluctant calling as it was for Jonah.

This is for certain, the devil’s main goal is to silence the prophetic voice. That’s why Paul warned in his epistle, “Do not Despise Prophecy”, and in another place, “I wish above all that you prophesy”. The angel in the book of Revelation said, “The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy”. If you take that to its logical extension, if you despise, reject, or silence the prophetic you silence the voice of Jesus. People, particularly those who are in ministry who have something to hide are the most anti-prophetic. They don’t want the truth about who they really are discovered. If Jesus himself showed up bodily they would try to hide from him. That’s what it says in the book of Revelation. They looked for caves and rocks to hide them.

Why I do This.
I offer this detailed explanation with the full knowledge that most people who read this will not comprehend what it means. That’s OK. I only want you to be aware of what God is saying, warning and encouraging for 2007. I want you to treat it as a sign and a wonder. If it makes you wonder that’s a sign.

Therefore, I am publishing what God has revealed for 2007. It's a hard word. It's one I would just as soon NOT bring. I wish it were all goodness and joy. It's not for some who will read this. To those who are overcomers this is great news. To the rest this will be a disturbing vision. Unfortunately I know it's true. Just as the prophecy for 2006 turned out to have over an 80% accuracy (the other 20% was my flesh or when I misheard from God), I believe what God has revealed for 2007.

I am NOT going to publish it on this blog. Below is a link to the Word of the Lord for 2007. You will have to intentionally go to it. I am going to tell you what God says. That's what Prophets do. What you do with it is your choice.

Read the whole Word for 2007 HERE. Read the circumstances under which the word was given for 2006 last January, and read the Word for 2006 in review (link above). You can then get an understanding and confidence for what is about to happen.

God never does anything unless he tells his prophets first. The Prophets job is to say what God said.

I just did.