Saturday, September 06, 2008

Should a Christian Vote?

Certainly, you say. Why? Shouldn't we just pray and trust God to raise one up and take another down? Wouldn't that be the spiritual thing to do? It's a valid question.

I'm not being cynical. There is a belief from some that we as Christians are not to take part in battling the cultural divide. I was at a meeting last night where that was the topic. Good people. The idea that the cultural divide was huge and it was the churches fault so we should work on the church and let the culture go to hell in a hand basket.

All high minded stuff. But we are citizens of the kingdom of heaven here on earth. We are also members of the human race on earth till we die. We try to keep little kids from playing out on the freeway in front of Mack Trucks. Do we owe anyone anything to keep disaster from happening?

As Christians we are to be salt and light. To the CHURCH? I don't think that's what is says.

I am a member of the kingdom of God and a member of the human race with citizenship in the USA. I love both. Both tug on me. To pretend that my membership in one or the other is unimportant or that I should somehow apply principles that work in the Kingdom to the world is not only naive but foolhardy. The Mack Truck will kill that kid on the freeway even if I pray all day long.

I am a part of the Body of Christ. Jesus has no arms or hands other than us. If we don't do what we must to be salt and light and stop the Mack truck or get the kid out of the way disaster will happen.

If we do nothing the world will grow worse.

So, I ask the question once more. Should a Christian Vote? If yes then should he or she support a candidate that reflects values and culture that is righteous as the values and culture are revealed? If support is correct, should Christians attempt to influence others to avoid standing in front of the Mack Truck?

Here's where it gets dicey. The concept of Prayer is critical. We MUST pray. But we are the hands and feet, we are a part of the answer to every prayer we pray or we shouldn't pray. James 2 says that if we see someone in need and say "let me pray for you" and do nothing we are worse than a heretic and our religion is useless.
15Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. 16If one of you says to him, "Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed," but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it? 17In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.18But someone will say, "You have faith; I have deeds."Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.

So, should a Christian Vote? Of course. And a Christian must contend for the culture, values and principles that are righteous.

Open thy mouth for the dumb, for those condemned to die.
Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy. Proverbs 31:8-9

Like a roaring lion or a charging bear is a wicked man ruling over a helpless people. Proverbs 28:15

Of course sometimes we are fooled. That's where discernment comes in. I know that many well meaning Christians point to the current President as exhibit A of why support for a political position can be wrong. Sorry, I don't buy it. George W Bush was ordained to be President at this critical time and he did the right thing by his action in Iraq. This is and will be borne out as true.

The Bible says that when righteousness rules the people rejoice. Or to put it another way:
When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. Proverbs 29:2
I have news. People will mourn if the liberal establishment comes into power. They are mockers of God. Not all of them. But many. You don't have to read or watch very long to see the truth.

I suggest that in fact it is a sin to do nothing but pray in an election year. That is a sin of omission.

Now one more thing. There is a struggle between the world and the kingdom of God. We can choose NOT to live in the Kingdom of God but we are not able to option out of living in the world. We don't have to be of it but we are in it till we die. We then must decide if we are going to be victims and passive or take dominion over it as was ordained in Eden.

It manifests in my life all the time as a whisper. I become very angry and volatile regarding political things. I will rail about liberals. Then I hear a whisper in my ear. It's the Kingdom saying, Hey, you live here, deal with it in this kingdom. I go for sanctuary, I live in peace, I love the presence of God and then suddenly I hear a whisper from the world, Hey, you live here too, things are drifting into oblivion, we need your voice, speak up, the world depends on you and all your brethren. Then I want to love what God loves and hate what God hates:

"These six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him: a proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren" (Proverbs 6:16-19).

It's at that time I realize I am not my own, I am like Jesus in the sense that I live in both worlds and like he dealt with unrighteous leadership I must call them out for the evil they are trying to impose. At the same time I must do so with a broken heart as he did.

It's both and, not either or.

Pray and Fight. That is the balance Christians are called to. Aaron and Hur. The fight mixed with prayer.

1 Kings 8:44-45
44 "When your people go to war against their enemies, wherever you send them, and when they pray to the LORD toward the city you have chosen and the temple I have built for your Name, 45 then hear from heaven their prayer and their plea, and uphold their cause.

The enemy is unrighteous judges (rulers) that might be elected, it's time to pray
and fight.

Friday, September 05, 2008

How to win this thing - my advice for Palin McCain

Ok, you are all done with the conventions. Your son is going off to war on September 11. Have a great weekend with him, kiss him goodbye and then prepare for battle. The MSM and liberal establishment (pretty much the same people) are out to destroy you.

Nothing new there. You are used to this. Here is my advice for the next 60 days:

Forget about trying appease or appeal the 35% that are hard core lefties. Code pink ain't coming around. They are the enemy. You must crush them in this election. Don't play nice. Let John do that. He needs to appear to make nice, move to the middle, reach across the aisle, act all independent. It will tick the core off but so what. We have Sarah.

John should complement Obama, say nice things about his friend Joe Biden. He needs to campaign with Democrat friends like Joe Leiberman. His job for the next 60 days is to woo the center. The moderates. The semi decided.

Next weekend Sarah needs to get in front of the press core and disrespect them. Humiliate them. Anger them. Tell them they are out of line. Eviscerate them like a moose. Start with Andrea Mitchell. Then Chris Matthews and finally Olbermaniac. Never let up. Crush them. The country saw what they did to you. It's payback time. You are smart Sarah. You can do this. The middle and the right will swoon. They would love to see you beat them to a pulp.

Forget Joe Biden. He's not important. And he's not your opponent. Oh Sure, Sarah has to do well in the one debate, but the real opponent, the real vulnerable one is Obama. Sarah needs to go on the offense against Obama. Make him look silly. Amplify his many weaknesses. Contrast Him against John. Make it seem like anyone who even considered voting for him needs to think carefully once more. Sarah can say things about Obama that John dare not. They should not campaign together. Sarah will draw larger crowds. John can soften Sarah when he needs to.

John will still go about his business and be the centrist reformer. Washington is broken. He can tell the middle about all the times he went against the establishment. The middle loves that idea of compromise.

Sarah needs to publicly meet with Bob Barr. Photo Op. Hug him. Say nice things about him. Tell him he is needed in this battle. Ditto with Ron Paul. Agree where you can. Get the meetings on You Tube. News. The blogs. Make it clear that we can win this thing; we can defeat the common enemy if we stick together. They probably won't back away, but the appearance will be worth it. It will siphon off support and put a magnifying glass on how these hopeless causes could lead to the worst liberal administration in history. Get the Paulites and Bar supporters to think about how they are enabling an Obama administration.

Sarah needs to go to every mega church in America. Pentecostal or Otherwise. She needs to go to meetings set up for her. She needs to speak to the conservative base. She needs to stand and say, "We need your help. We need foot soldiers". She needs to do what the black pastors are doing anyway. Mobilize the base to hand out literature, bumper stickers, yard signs, do interviews, get people to get out and vote and raise money. Register those who will vote for John and Sarah. For those who won't explain to them that they don't need to register and that the vote for those voting for Obama is held on Wednesday the 5th. They can wait till then. Or offer to take their vote for Obama on the back of a napkin and you will see to it that the vote is properly administered.

The base solidly behind the Palin McCain ticket is ready to roll up sleeves and get to work. This has become a cause. To not use them is a crime. Look at what Ron Paul did. How anxious people were for overturning the mess in Washington. Let's tap into that sentiment.

I'm glad John and Sarah have a great deal of money, but money alone won't get it. Don't get comfortable.

It's time for war. Every soldier will be needed.

John needs to help those supporting Obama make the jump from supporting him much less of a leap and more of a step. A small step. That means John needs to say things that might make us all hold our noses a little. Forget it. This election is about the next 12 years. The Palin administration will rival Margaret Thatcher for reestablishing conservative values. Let's tell ourselves the truth. These kind of people come along very seldom. We will never have a better chance than we do now.

The Palin Clinton standoff in 2012 will be a tough battle, but we can win this thing.

I have just given my best advice. Any other ideas?

By the way, I had published this advice in an email to a friend and then heard Rush Limbaugh rehearse the same thing as if he had read my strategy. I forgive him, but I didn't steal this. It's everything I know about winning an election. It will work.

Why Liberals Hate Accomplished Conservatives so Much, Particularly WOMEN

The left really hates Sarah Palin and all that she stands for.

HOWCOME? Read Mr Hawkins' Article in full. The last 3 paragraphs are below.

From John Hawkins:

First off, liberals believe that by virtue of being liberal, they can't be sexist, even when they say sexist things. Combine that with the feminists' willingess to turn a blind eye to misogynistic attacks on women who don't share their views and liberals feel like they have a free pass to say absolutely anything about conservative women. If you are a liberal, you can call Condi Rice "Mammy," say Sarah Palin can't love her children and be Vice-President, and post the home address of a conservative woman on your blog -- and you won't have to pay any price for it whatsoever on the Left. In fact, attacking conservative women based on the fact that they are conservative women will earn you nothing but plaudits and plugs from other liberals for "fighting back" against those bleeping conservatives.

Next up, the Left has a creepy, Stalinesque approach to individualism and politics. Unless you are a straight, white male, the Left does not seem to believe you have a right to hold an independent political opinion. Whether you're talking about blacks, Hispanics, Jews, women, gays, you name it -- if you're not a liberal, they're going to try to intimidate and browbeat you back into line or drive you out of the public arena altogether. If you're black, you're a "race traitor," if you're a Jew, you're a "neocon" who's loyal to Israel first, if you're a woman, then you're a sexually repressed Stepford wife who's not qualified to hold office, etc., etc.

Last but not least, because liberals don't think that anyone other than straight, white males should be able to get away with having political opinions that differ from Ted Kennedy or Howard Dean, they do everything within their power to absolutely destroy any prominent examples, that blast their stereotypical view of the world, to tatters. That's why the Left reserves their blackest hatred for people like Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and now Sarah Palin; it's because they're living, breathing, inspirational examples of people the Left is supposed to "own," who don't want or need liberalism to be a success. That, most of all, is why liberals hate and fear successful conservative women.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Spiritual Sister

I don't know her, I have only been reading her website for a couple weeks. But, she is an exceptional woman.

If you are
NOT a sold out pentecostal Christian you might be offended or baffled by her. She speaks the same language of the Spirit I do. She writes precious prophetic posts. She also keeps us all up on what's going on in the revivals around the world. She has kept me up on Lakeland and what is coming out of all this.

If you are a believer in the supernatural and sold out for Jesus I think you will find her writings right up your alley.

Let me Introduce Kelly. She is an artist among other things. And she likes Heather Clark (as do I).

Her post of a couple days ago that touched me deeply.

And one from today.

Both say what I want to be able to say sometimes but I can't find words. Read them and sense the touch of the Holy Spirit. You're welcome.

Two Cultures, Two Worlds, Two Peoples

I wonder if we have ever been more divided as political parties. I heard Chris Matthews on MSNBC say at one point that the culture of the people at the RNC is completely different from the culture at the DNC.

I agree. I am not in sync at all with the candidates nor the ideas of those espoused by the platform, delegates and most of the speakers at the DNC.

I am a cultural conservative.

I have friends I grew up with who are cultural liberals. I am of the opinion there is no middle ground. We cannot agree and only get angry if we discuss these core cultural differences. I can't for the life of me figure out how people who grew up in the same town I did ended up so far out on a limb.

We may be seeing a fundamental ideological split. But, maybe John McCain can heal us. I know this I haven't been able to convince my friends on the other side to change their views of the world. They certainly haven't changed mine or most of the people who identify themselves with the people and ideas at the RNC.

McCain is a good guy but a little liberal for me. Palin is the salvation.

I don't see civil war, but somehow we have to come to a point where we aren't talkless. This is catastrophe. Frankly THEY will have to change. See there's the problem. They believe the same about me.

How do we fix this. Compromise isn't the answer. How? Take life. Do I agree that it's OK to abort every other baby? Do I agree to sanction boys to marry boys but I'll just not look? Should I agree to let teachers abuse children with harmful anti Christian concepts in School, ok, but just those who's names end in a-j on even numbered days and then k-z on odd numbered days?

See? There is NO COMPROMISE.

If you figure this out you let me know.

What a Community Organizer (OBAMA) actually does

I think it's important we figure this out. Obama has as the lead item on his half page resume 8 years as a community organizer. Good title. Kind of like maintenance engineer became a pseudotitle for Janitor.

SO, what is or what does a Community Organizer do?

Let's have one of my fellow Chicagoland citizens explain. He supports Obama. He says in part:
Since Obama became the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, he has been accused of moving to the center and flip-flopping on positions he adopted during the primary. This criticism misses the point. In his recent moves, Obama, the community organizer, is simply trying to build new alliances as he neutralizes threats to his power. It is what any Chicago-trained community organizer worth his salt would do.

In other words, A Community Organizer is a Chicago Style Machine Politics operative. Coming soon to a country near you. I'll bet you can hardly wait to see the USA turned into the kind of "smooth running machine" the Chicago Political Mob have made of the state of Illinois. Vote for Obama and you'll get that in spades.

No Surprise From Palin - A MORE Excellent Way

Sarah got up and blew it over the big green monster at the back of Fenway last night.

I wasn't surprised. When you believe and live something every day you don't have to worry about what to say or how to say it. You just do.

Oh, and one other thing, most of last night's speech was given without the aid of a TelePrompter. The better part. She had to wing it from her notes in front of her. She did fine.

She wouldn't have needed notes.

I wasn't surprised. Knowing who you are makes up for a lot.

What does surprise me is the deep level of Ignorance people who have no idea what they are talking about show about all things spiritual. I have faced this for a long time. People who decide that if you are Pentecostal you have a few snakes you keep in a box under the bed to handle from time to time. Or that you are in some ecstasy that keeps you from common sense.

No, you want to see the face of what it means to have your spirit, soul and body centered on Jesus? Sarah Palin. No surprise.

I think its time for those of us who name the name of Jesus and who have the Holy Ghost overflowing from our inner most beings to stand up and say, here is a more excellent way. Not that the other way doesn't have some goodness in it, it's just not the more excellent way.

Paul at the end of Chapter 12 of first Corinthians, having clearly laid out all the importance of operating in all of the spirituals (charismata), embracing and encouraging believers to enter in, sanctioning the full on operation of all of these, and without reservation saying that the gifts are for today, then says, "All these gifts are for you now and you will be effective for the Kingdom as you operate in them". Then he says, "But, I want to show you a better, more excellent, the key to operating in these gifts in a more excellent way" (gene version of the Bible). IF I Speak....

That is the context of that excellent way admonition. It has been badly watered down by Priest and Pastor alike to say that Love (alone) is the more excellent way. NOPE. Love operating in the gifts is the more excellent way. Love alone without the gifts has no discernment, has no wisdom, has no knowledge, has no ability to offer ministry in the miraculous, heals nothing, speaks nothing supernatural to God, and cannot offer insightful prophetic encouragement.

That's the more excellent way. In Chapter 14 he gives a blueprint for operating in this model in the church meeting. One I wish we followed.

So watching Sarah Palin give her speech last night it was done in a more excellent way because that's who she is.

And the world and most of the church doesn't grasp it. Read this article reviewing an AP report on the christian History of Sarah Palin. The AP report says in part:

Her current church, Wasilla Bible Church, stresses the inerrancy of Scripture.

Imagine! A Church that thinks it's most sacred text is "inerrant"? Who da thunk it?

What people aren't up on they are down on. I have been reading and rereading Psalm 82. Peggy and I spent an hour trying to grasp exactly what it was saying.

I think we are now at the point in history where God is about to judge those who pass judgement.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Biblical Example I need Help On

If I wrote the verse it would go something like this, "when the righteous anointed of God are exalted the devil and all his demons turn up the heat and attempt to destroy them".

I don't think such a verse exists but if the canon is ever revised to include the book of Gene it will be.

The Sarah Palin brouhahas are way out of line. This is the devil and all his demons screaming at the top of their lungs to destroy her. This reveals the spirit behind much of the media (as if you ever had a doubt, and the far left). They are demon possessed.

So, if you have some biblical versology to help I would appreciate it. Or wait till the new Bible version comes out with 67 books instead of 66. That would then include the epistle of Gene right after Jude and before Revelation.

How we see and respond to the world is our World View

Watching the drama unfold with Sarah Palin and the Republican party has brought home to me how important a secure and centered worldview really is. She has one.

We are in the middle of a cultural divide. It has been going on for some time. The last gasp of western civilization will be slaughtered on the altar of tolerance. We will compromise and modify how we see the world until we won't recognize it any more and it comes to get us.

In Romans Paul advises that we not let the world press us, conform us, shape us into it's mold. In other words, don't let the world so modify your world view until it is no longer recognizable.

I'm concerned here about the Church, but I'm more concerned about well meaning Christians who want to have peaceful interactions with worldly people and not actually take a stand. Milquetoasts.

What rankles the world system so much about the unwavering stand Ms Palin has and is taking is it seems to be without compromise. I believe she is right.

Oh, that we had more of that. That we wouldn't be afraid to say what we mean and mean what we say. I wish more pastors and spiritual leaders would have the courage to stand up to those who seem to want or endorse compromises.

I'm not talking about compromise on non essentials like Baby vs Adult baptisms, gifts of the spirit, or the nature of the Eucharist. I'm talking about standing for purity in godly marriage relationships (male and female), life unborn and otherwise, faith and trust in God over Government and being a person who stands up to unrighteousness where he or she sees it.

I was recently in a heated argument with some people who I would consider friends. But our world views are polarizingly different. A person who doesn't know who he or she is might say, "well, all views are valid, you have your's, I have mine". To be fair, that's a nice thing to say but it's unkind to say so and it's not true. Some world views are simply wrong and it should be said when they are.

Either you have the courage of your convictions and are willing to take the hateful slings and arrows or you aren't. It's OK if you are a coward; Or is it? I read somewhere that the fearful and cowardly will end up in the lake of Fire. Revelation 21:8. Maybe being a coward is a bad thing.

It's time for Christians to stand up and stand for the world view they have been given by the Holy Spirit of God. Just like Sarah Palin is standing strong.

We could take a clue. Standing for what is right according to what you have been revealed by the word of God might get your head cut off, but it will be worth it.

Be bold, be strong, for the Lord thy God is with THEE!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Understanding the Body of Christ in Communion

I was impressed as I pondered the scripture that the evidences of eating and drinking in a spiritual sense was all thru the word of God. Eating scrolls, eating the word of God, Joshua telling his people to meditate (Masticate) on the word day and night, Jeremiah. It was eating and it was a manifestation of the word of God. Beginning was the word, became flesh and dwelt among us.

It appears to me that eating the Body of Christ is a way to ingest a dimension of His being in a supernatural way. We don't actually EAT the Bible. We consume it. But we don't eat it. We eat the elements of communion, we don't read or hear them. Both are a part of the man who shall not live by bread alone. Both the communion table and the consumption of the living word of God are essential to fulfill the John 6 command.

In the John 6 passage Jesus says that unless we eat his flesh and drink his blood we can have no part in him we must ask what that means. I think I understand it better.

Obviously Jesus wasn't kidding. There must be something to this more than representation or remembrance. Catholics use this passage to demonstrate some kind of transformation of the elements into flesh and blood. Lutherans do it a little different but same net result. Both are right, and in some ways wrongly focused.

I reflect on the Sacrificial lamb at the first passover. The one that the Passover supper (SEDER) remembered. That lamb after being cooked was eaten completely. Entrails and all. It was important to leave nothing behind. Before butchering there was a cleansing of the animal. And only disease free unblemished animals were used. The blood was placed above the doorpost for protection. It was not drunk. Drinking blood is forbidden by Jewish Law. I'll describe more on that later.

Eating the whole lamb was important after his blood was shed and poured out for a purpose.

There may be more to this than meets the eye.

When Jesus took the bread and broke it he said, this IS my Body. He is the lamb of God who's blood was about to be shed. So in the way Jesus took that bread and broke it and gave to them he was saying this is me, what I am. In that moment when Jesus took the bread and gave it and said this IS my body he was present with them. He didn't become the bread, he was however fully present.

Here's a part of the revelation I received as I sought God. Jesus is fully present in the Element of the Bread, as present as he was on that last Seder. He gave to them as he gives to us and in that way he sends his presence to us. Those that administer the elements to us in the bread are the hands of the body of Christ and they are handing us the elements as Jesus. I receive Jesus and his presence in the fullness as if he were there doing it himself.

However the elements are only Body and Blood as Jesus gives them or as we receive them in the Eucharist. After Jesus and the Disciples left the upper room the innkeeper came in and cleaned up. No special ceremony or honor was given the left over elements of that supper. They were recovered or disposed of. They were bread, then became the body of Christ as HE pronounced it, and then returned to bread. Only the act of the distribution and institution made them something more than a food product.

So, is Jesus present in the elements? Yes, exactly as he was present at that Seder Meal. Manifest. God in Flesh. But it's not the elements themselves, it's the act of Taking them that creates the manifestation and the tangibility. It's the elements that provide a point of contact with Jesus. Here is something I received from the Lord as a Word from God that seems to explain this connundrum:
I intended this to be a point of contact continuity with me. The division caused over this in my church has caused great pain and separation. It has never been my intention to cause those who are precious to me to be at odds arguing over this gift. I said "come to me all you who are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest". Rest in me was my intention in this connection to me that I ordained. Not just remembering but over millennium that we at once can enter into communion once again and I can give you the rest I promised. I live in eternity, you live in time. While you see communion as something you do now, from my vantage point of the eternal God who sees all as now I am handing you the elements and am present with you just as if I were there doing it in your sight. You receive when you act by faith and not by sight.

I am with you always, even to the end of the world. And I am with you in a supernatural miraculous way when you eat my Body consuming my word and when you eat my Body as a piece of bread handed you and as the words of institution are spoken over them. I then in that act of Faith am present with you flesh on flesh. Touch me, taste me, see.... I am GOOD.

Deeper Understanding on the Lords Supper among Pentecostal Believers

I have been a Pentecostal for a long long time. 30 plus years. I have opportunity to spend a great deal of time with leaders from the Assembly of God, Independent Pentecostal Churches, from my own Denomination (the IPHC), Apostolic (oneness) and others who are in practice Pentecostal. Some of these good men are gone now. I learned to discern truth from them.

In Pentecost there is a division going on. There are those who believe in the miraculous and the supernatural without reservation. Many of them embraced the move of God in Lakeland. Many are part of the God TV followers. They are the Blues. Like me.

Then there is the other end of the Pentecostal spectrum. The term used for them is Grays. They are more like the Methodists and other good (but not charismatic) movements. Seeker friendly is part of the focus for this group to build churches. It’s like the Lutheran Church I was part of back in Fargo for so many years. Tolerant and open on the outside with a few charismatics in back room praying. Spiritually neither fish nor fowl.

Among the BLUES there is a theology that could be considered new but is actually very very old. Many blue type charismatics and Pentecostals who are believers in the supernatural have embraced a doctrine known historically as true presence of God in the Eucharist (Lords Supper). They believe that somehow Jesus is present manifested in the elements.

Now, in fairness to all who might read this, this is not the official doctrinal statement of any Pentecostal group or denomination that I am aware of (yet). It is however a widely held belief on a personal level by many. It has come in because of a belief in the power of God to move thru the elements in the Lords Supper to activate efficaciously for healing and restoration.

Some years ago Perry Stone wrote a book and had a teaching with Paula White called the Meal that Heals. I have read it. It’s not quite all the way to true presence but nearly. That opened the door to examine this doctrine once again for many pentecostals.

I was asked by a good friend (a Lutheran Pastor of the LCMS) to give my understanding of this doctrine from a Pentecostal perspective. I inquired of a few friends who are of my ilk. Blues. They all embraced the idea of true presence. I then asked, what does that mean? The explanations were good but not complete.

I then spent a few hours inquiring of the Lord as to his mind on this and believe I have found it. So what I am about to release is based in small part on my inquiries of a few others in leadership and mostly based on revelation by the Holy Spirit. In case you are wondering, I have more confidence in God’s ability to reveal things to me than the devils ability to deceive me. This is the introduction. What follows will be a few entries that will detail this adventure. Let’s take a look and see if we can discover the mind of God instead of the doctrine of denominations.

Truth Buttons

I think we need to get some truth buttons

Hat Tip to The Anchoress

The Base Comes Home because of Palin

I was a lukewarm McCain supporter and was at a hold your nose and vote R point come this fall. Party not person.

Now with Sarah Palin, I like most of the base has come home. Even Tom Delay's wife who swore she would not vote McCain has come home. The Anchoress has more and more good stuff that you just HAVE to read.
Sarah Palin will make a great VP and a Greater President in 4 years. We are on the way to victory.

Look at what Tom Delay's wife said:

Tom DeLay: My Wife May Now Vote for McCain

By: Ronald Kessler

ST. PAUL — Last spring, Tom DeLay’s wife Christine announced publicly that she would not be voting for Republican presidential candidate John McCain. Instead, she said, she will be voting for Libertarian candidate Bob Barr.

But in his first interview about McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as the GOP’s vice presidential nominee, the former House majority leader tells Newsmax that his wife now says she may be voting for McCain.

“It’s not because Sarah Palin is a woman,” DeLay says when asked how McCain’s choice will affect the votes of women. “It’s because he chose someone with strong conservative principles and character.”

Since leaving Congress in 2006, DeLay has formed First Principles, a political consulting firm, and founded the Coalition for a Conservative Majority. DeLay says delegates and Republican leaders at the GOP convention in St. Paul are energized by McCain’s choice.

“Instead of making a political choice, McCain made a principled one,” DeLay says. “Palin has a world view and so much character.”

In contrast, DeLay says, Barack Obama made a politically expedient decision in choosing Joe Biden as his running mate.

McCain’s choice “illuminates the decision-making capacity of McCain,” DeLay says. “McCain chose principle over politics. If Obama had gone with principle, he would have chosen Hillary Clinton, but he let his personal animosity get in his way. It shows he is na├»ve and lacks judgment and objectivity.”

DeLay contrasted Palin’s comment about the news that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant and about to get married to Obama’s comment that he would consider it a “punishment” if his daughter became pregnant out of wedlock.

In her statement, Palin said she is “proud” of her daughter’s decision to have the baby and “even prouder” that she and her husband Todd will be grandparents.

“Palin said she considers a baby a blessing,” DeLay says. “They are going to accept responsibility for their actions and deal with it in a strong and meaningful way.”

By choosing a vice presidential candidate with administrative experience, McCain has “rounded out” the ticket, DeLay says. “I’ve been calling on him to choose a governor,” he adds.

What Palin lacks in years of experience she makes up for “ten times” with her principled world view and foundation for making decisions

“She has accomplished a lot through standing on her principles,” DeLay says.

Meanwhile, DeLay says, Biden reportedly wants to re-make Obama’s image so he comes across as more of a regular guy.

“Obama is trying to hide that he is a radical socialist,” DeLay says. “If you read between the lines of his speech at the Democratic National Convention, that is what he is. Yet he tried to hide it with clever words.”

Obama will probably outspend McCain five to one and has a much bigger organization, DeLay says. But he predicts, “The American people will see through him.”

Before the Palin pick, the race was all about Obama and whether you are for him or against him. Now, DeLay says, “It’s a race between the two of them.”

Oil Prices Fall - This time it's for real

This morning the oil price broke hard after Gustaf came home drunk and fell asleep.

There have been attempts to rally after Georgia Russia, couldn't hold, then hurricanes, couldn't hold. There are oceans of Oil looking for a home. Gasoline futures dropped almost 25 cents this morning, not that you'll see that at the pump today but you should.

This drop today does something in the oil market, it broke some key support that means Oil is headed even lower. I suspected there would be a 115-120 trading range for a while but that has been destroyed. If oil closes a buck either side of 107 today katie look for the door you were going to bar.

Next stop under 100. Oh, it will trade here for a bit but then after getting it's senses around itself will head south.

Last December inquiring of the Lord for 2008 I looked for a word regarding fear in the economy. This is what the Lord said:


The housing bubble that many feared will wash through the economy with far less effect than anyone thought would be possible. That's God's mercy on us all.

2008 will in large part be considered a Good Year with economic optimism by the end of the year .

The dollar will rebound in 2008. Money will flow into the economy from export sales and investments in the USA of those who hold dollars.

There will be a retrenchment in the value of the stock markets, a correction but less than thought. And it won't last long.

Oil will not hold at the prices it which it is selling today. In real dollars oil will remain a bargain.

Commodity prices retreat in 2008 as the dollar rebounds. The combination of lower commodity prices and a higher dollar will make for positive economic conditions in the USA and around the world.

Interest rates will remain below the average of the last decade. Artificial credit influences will be a dampener of the magnitude of economic recovery.

I no longer trade the market like I once did. The word of the Lord on the economy is not advice for trading but assurance that things will be OK or not.

One thing I know for sure, He already knows all there is to know and shares some of that with us. He does nothing unless he tells his prophets. His prophets are to share that information and then encourage the People of God regarding these things. The first encouragement is always, fear not!

Monday, September 01, 2008

I want to introduce you to Kelly

I've never met her, I don't know much about her. But as the word says, our spirits bear witness. She is a prophetess and carries a great anointing. Kind of Like my Friend Nancy Minor.

These are not people I have ever met. But in reading what they write and in grasping what they are saying in the spirit, I want to point you to Kelly.

If you want to see what a modern day prophet looks like, don't look at me, look at Jesus flowing thru her. That's a modern day prophet.

I am very happy to have met her blogwise.

I will be linking to things she has written and point you to her. We need all the prophetic in our lives we can get. She is one who flows in it. I look forward to more.

I love the prophetic gift and long for more and more in my life and others. Last night in Church the Pastor prayed for a realease of the prophetic gift to see the angels encamped around all of us. I want, like Paul, that everyone should prophesy.

When I read that she paints to Heather Clark, I knew I had found a person who is kindred. I'm sure she feels as I do Dark but Lovely, take me away, let's hurry. Winter is gone, springtime is here.

SO, go here, if you don't get it, you will. Just keep checking in on her.

The Anchoress says:

I’m sitting here right now with my jaw on the floor. I cannot believe what I am reading on the forums of the far-left.

I’m not going to link to them - you know where to find them - or even bother quoting their incredible, insane prattle.

They’re in trouble over there. They’re in serious trouble of the mind, and trouble of the heart and trouble of the soul. They are so paranoid, and so full of hate, at this point, that they are clinging to an insane idea - one that betrays a sort of soul-sickness that leaves me feeling both incredulous and chilled.

How much do you have to love your hate in order to surrender your reason, and your humanity, to it?

Sarah Palin has been in the race for what, three days, four? In that very short time she has so deranged the left that they are revealing something truly awful within them.

It’s not just the thrill of creating a stupid conjecture for these people - that’s just normal campaign garbage. But now that it has clearly been debunked these folks have a need - and in some of these people it seems to be a truly deep need - to cling to the fantasy so that they can keep hating, so that they can continue to believe the absolute worst thing they can; because that’s what they want to believe…the absolute very worst.

How sick is this? It is meant, I guess, to shield them from any possibility that their worldview might be altered, or penetrated.

This seems like massive insecurity, to me. And I wonder if they even know what their worldview is, since…these same people who say women’s children and family lives should not affect their careers are the ones who (at their mildest) are demanding that Palin go home and stay out of politics until absolutely nothing is happening in her family.

These people are afraid; and their fear is making them mad and reckless. They sound like wild, rabid creatures, out of their heads, and they’re starting to worry me. I begin to think they have surpassed the madness of the right at its Clinton-hating worst. Hell, I think they’re surpassing the left at its Bush-hating worst. And I didn’t think that could be surpassed!

And there is a difference, too. Clinton and Bush “hate” grew over time to the insane levels. These people admit they knew nothing about Palin before John McCain announced her, yet their hate for her was immediate and electric. It is not sane.

There is some sanity to be found on the issue of Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin - and we need to find it, to get the stink of madness off of us - so let’s go.

In Time Magazine, there is a very good piece which, if the sad, sick people on those forums are interested - makes it pretty clear that Bristol’s pregnancy was known in Wasilla, Alaska where the Palins live, and pretty much a non-issue.

I just got off the phone with a longtime Wasilla resident. She had urged me to find time today to go up to Hatcher Pass—”the most beautiful place in the valley!”—when I mentioned that the story on Bristol’s baby is now national news. Her voice slowed. “Oh,” she said. “I’m so sorry. That’s so unfair.”

Wasilla seems at times to be utterly without guile. It’s a large part of the town’s charm, and it’s exactly the quality that could make an unorthodox pick like Palin pay off. Don’t get me wrong — she’s a tough politician with sharp enough elbows on her own. But still, she appears to be more steeped in the values of her hometown than any politician I’ve ever come across.

If you haven’t guessed yet, the people here are genuinely friendly…All weekend they had the decency not to pretend that they didn’t know the governor’s eldest daughter was pregnant. But they also expected decency in return, that I wouldn’t be the kind of person to make sport out of a young girl’s slip.

The fact is, regardless of what you will hear over the next few days, Bristol’s pregnancy is not a legitimate political issue. Sarah Palin is a longterm member of a group called Feminists for Life, which is not opposed to birth control. So you probably can’t tag her for consigning young people to unwanted pregnancies.

Global Warming put off for a long time, get ready to freeze

Stock up on firewood, it's going to be a very cold winter just as it has been a cold summer.

Global warming doesn't work if the sun won't shine.

The Giant of Insignificance

Peggy and I are contemplating the The Dreamgiver by Bruce Wilkinson.

I am not going to recap it. It's too hard and its a very personal study.

I do however recommend it for anyone who wants to find significance on this side of the veil. Who wants to accomplish what God put them here for. To complete the task that they have been given.

I'll only say this, we all face giants, one of which is the giant of insignificance. "You can't do anything, you are too insignificant" he says as he rails against the dream in my heart.

If I believe him I will be beaten. So will you.

If you are wondering about all that, as a person who is following a dream, you need to get out your credit card and buy the DVD and the Book. Read the book first. Then look at the DVD. You'll be out about $40 bucks. It's only your destiny in God at stake. You have a choice, stay where you are and be frustrated or look into the wasteland you are walking in and find the way out.

Then go follow your dream. HE gave it to you.

Breathing Fresh Air

Since the surprise announcement and brilliant one fell swoop McCain made in picking Sarah Palin to be Vice President the blogosphere on the right has been all over itself with joy. I include myself in that group.

One such is Chicago Boyz.

A commenter said this:
The McCain-Palin campaign needs to address the experience question head-on, and they need to do so by working from Palin’s strengths, not by sweeping objections under the rug. This should be done by announcing several areas in which she would take the lead within the administration, areas where her existing strengths give her plausibility. Three areas suggest themselves immediately.

1. North American energy and trade policy. The most important substantive accomplishment of her administration has been the natural-gas pipeline deal with Canada, that she was a key figure in brokering and pushing. The Financial Times gave her credit for this accomplishment weeks ago, when nobody thought she had a chance for the VP slot. Have her make a speech as soon as possible before a major energy or trade meeting in Canada, where she will give a preview of the McCain-Palin policy for energy cooperation with Canada. Cite her pipeline experience frequently. Get in digs at Obama for playing the anti-NAFTA card in the primaries, and against Biden for having voted against the pipeline when it was first an issue decades ago. Play up her experience as an Arctic governor and show sympathy for Canada’s Arctic issues, including the undersea resource claims we and Canada will soon be disputing with Putin. Maybe follow that with a trip to Iqaluit, being sure to bring her husband. Up there, talk about America and Canada’s common Arctic and Inuit/Eskimo heritage.

Obama has done nothing as important or complex, or as international, as the pipeline deal. Not to mention Biden.

2. Middle-class/blue-collar issues. The Republicans need to hone their “Sam’s Club” agenda. She’s the person to do it. Adopt the Romney proposal for a realistic (at least 10K per kid) child credit, and be sure it’s deductible against payroll tax. And pledge to revisit and reform Joe Biden’s (D-MNBA) bankruptcy bill, making sure to repeat ten zillion times that it was Biden’s baby. She can take credit for convincing McCain to revisit his previous position and decide it needs reforming.

3. Native community issues. Not only are her husband (and kids) part-Eskimo, Palin had to deal constantly with the powerful “native corporations” as governor. The Bureau of Indian Affairs and its programs are an ongoing national disgrace. Let Palin head up a task force to entirely revamp [programs for native communities. This might sway enough votes in New Mexico to swing the state their way, and would count in several other Western states that are leaners.

These are three “mules” for Sister Sarah to ride - - to office.

She will make a great VP and most likely a great President. I have been breathing this breath of fresh air all weekend and feel so much better. She is a young and better qualified Margaret Thatcher to bring us back from the edge. Margaret Thatcher: “In politics if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” We needed her right about now and she shows up.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

This Looks a Little Like Third Street Geneva

In our area one of the prime shopping streets is Third in Geneva IL.

Very classy.

Now kinda empty.

Like this cartoon. Peggy and I took a long stroll up and down the street and noted the many stores standing empty or closed.

This is worse if you go to the largest indoor shopping mall in our area. Half (no exaggeration) of the stores in the mall are empty.

We went nuts during the early part of this decade in this country and in particular in this area with retail. Selling stuff to people who didn't need stuff made by people in china at less and less margin until the stores trying to live on nothing, died.

Maybe we can stop coming up with ways to take in each other's laundry and start enterprises that in fact have some net addition to the bottom line.

I don't know what all the empty retail space will end up as. I suspect there are some seriously underwater landlords wondering that themselves. It's not coming back any time soon folks.

Time to rethink the whole deal.