Saturday, September 22, 2012

How Obama Screwed up the Middle East

 With the Middle East now more hostile to U.S. interests than ever, the "Arab Spring" has become a major political liability for the president. Try as he may, he can't distance himself from it.
Betraying his frustration with Cairo's Muslim Brotherhood, which egged on U.S. embassy rioters, President Obama said, "I don't think we would consider them an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy."

But in a May 2011 speech at the State Department, Obama essentially took credit for Islamists' rise to power as part of his broader Mideast strategy to help free them from the "repression" of despots, while ending their "suspicion" and "mistrust" of America from the war on terror.
"That's why, two years ago in Cairo," the president expounded, "I began our engagement based upon mutual interests and mutual respect."

The main beneficiary of his "engagement" was the radical Muslim Brotherhood, which has called for jihad against America and the destruction of Israel. The main loser was steady U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak.

The following timeline reveals how Obama sided, tragically, with the enemy from day one:
2009: Obama travels to Cairo to deliver apologetic speech to Muslims, and infuriates the Mubarak regime by inviting banned Brotherhood leaders to attend. Obama deliberately snubs Mubarak, who was neither present nor mentioned.

He also snubs Israel during the Mideast trip (and still hasn't stepped foot inside the borders of America's closest Mideast ally).

2009: In the speech, Obama blames Mideast hostility toward Israel and the West on "colonialism that denied rights and opportunities to many Muslims." He also vows to withdraw U.S. troops from Muslim lands and push for creation of a Palestinian state, proclaiming:

"The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements. ... It is time for the settlements to stop." Music to the ears of the anti-Semitic Brothers, who applaud wildly.

2009: Obama appoints a Brotherhood-tied Islamist — Rashad Hussain — as U.S. envoy to the Saudi-based Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, which works closely with the Brotherhood.

2010: Hussain immediately travels to Egypt to meet with the Brotherhood's grand mufti, and is followed by Obama, who makes another trip to Egypt.

2010: Secretary of State Clinton lifts visa ban on Egyptian-born grandson of Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna. Tariq Ramadan, a suspected terrorist on the U.S. watchlist, is warmly received in Washington.

(Clinton's closest adviser, Huma Mahmood Abedin, happens to have extensive Brotherhood ties in the region.)

2011: The White House fails to back Mubarak in a coup organized by the Brotherhood.

2011: The White House sends intelligence czar James Clapper to Capitol Hill to whitewash the Brotherhood's extremism. Clapper testifies the group is a moderate, "largely secular" organization.
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Christian Mobs Riot, Loot, Rape, Murder … Not

 Gary DeMar makes an outstanding and timely comparison here. In hindsight, it seems a pretty obvious point. I’m frankly embarrassed to admit I didn’t make this connection myself. Thankfully, Gary DeMar did!

So … where are the “Christian” riots???
Dr. Karen L. King, a professor at Harvard Divinity School, has released what she claims may be a 4th century papyrus that depicts Jesus as being. Here’s how the “discovery” is being reported:
“A small fragment of faded papyrus contains a suggestion that Jesus may have been married.
“The fragment, with just eight lines of text on the front and six lines on the back, is from a fourth-century dialogue, written in the Coptic language, between Jesus and his disciples. In it, Jesus speaks of ‘my wife,’ according to Harvard professor Karen L. King, who discovered the fragment.
“‘The most exciting line in the whole fragment . . . is the sentence ‘Jesus said to them [his disciples], my wife.’”
Anyone familiar with the history of Christian doctrine knows that the church has always taught that Jesus never married. While Jesus holds up the sanctity of marriage (Matt. 19:1–12), it was not His designed purpose to marry.
To claim that Jesus was married in the usual sense of what constitutes marriage is an affront to everything Jesus is and what the Bible and the Christian church has taught for 2000 years. Many would call the “Jesus was married” claim blasphemy, and if not that, heresy. Will Christians storm the halls of academia and demand the blood of this Harvard professor who dares to publish such rubbish?

Christian Mobs Riot, Loot, Rape, Murder … Not

Friday, September 21, 2012

I am a conservative charismatic Christian. I follow Jesus, the God/man who was born of a virgin and died for my sin to connect me with my loving Father in heaven. In the modern world my faith and moral commitments are often publicly mocked and ridiculed. When this happens I don't demonstrate violently in the streets. I don't throw rocks, burn embassies, issue death threats, kill innocent people in mass bombings or behead the infidel. I don't burn others' places of worship or abridge their rights as citizens to worship as they please. I don't blame and hate entire nations for the disrespect the few hurl at my beliefs and my Savior. My Jesus teaches me to love my enemies, to bless them and pray for them. This I do to the best of my ability. If you are one whose spiritual hunger is growing and you consider what faith to embrace, remember these things.
Once more: vote for those will set you free, will take off the bonds, will allow you to walk in liberty. I will. Remember who it was who placed you there and who it was who steered the breakthrough. Wisdom
Remember when BHO was touting how we needed redistribution in 1998 he ws critical that people were prospering and that people were making money. That was during the heyday of the Clinton presidency. Prosperity reigned. So he was criticizing Clinton. Wonder why no one has pointed this out...till now
Just received word that Ronald Carpenter Sr just passed away. I knew him, he was the Bishop over the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. The fellowship I am Ordained under. You know his son, Apostle Ron Carpenter jr of Redemption World Outreach Center. Peggy and I were fortunate to have spent significant time with Dr Carpenter and Nan, his wife. He was a kind and gentle man and spoke blessings over me often..when i entered the ministry. He leaves a long shadow. Blessings on his family...and his widow Nan.

Jesse Jackson Jr will soon be retiring...if the tea leaves say anything. The vultures are already circling..the Chicago democrat machine is picking his replacement. Same dirty politics. The space under the bus is getting really crowded.
Wouldn't it be refreshing to elect a person in Chicago because they are qualified and not just because the democrat machine anoints them. That would mean that Chicago Voters would have to demonstrate independent thinking. NAH...that'll never happen.
THIS is the result of the Chicago Teachers Strike. The goose that used to lay golden eggs is missing its head. I hope Karen Lewis is happy...because she singlehandedly killed the teachers union. This is one step the Republican President won't reverse but accelerate.
Improving our international reputation since January 20, 2009
I respect Mayor Nutter, This seems to be a case of an idiot in the city office who ran amok. I believe this could happen all over the city of Chicago. Beautiful places made from nasty filthy lots. If Mayor Rahm Emanuel backed this, we could see this revolution of clean take place. Mr Mayor??
This is the 47% that will never vote for the Not Obama. IF this was representative of the Not Obama vote the hands would say, FREE SPEECH, FREEDOM TO BEAR ARMS, NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, RETURN TO GODLY MORAL
What do you think about Obama asking his supporters to write on the back of their hand why they support him, place it over their heart, and post a photo of it to Facebook or Twitter pledging their allegiance to him #forall?
THIS IS IMPORTANT. No false witness bearing if possible
What this article seems to ignore is this basic truth, NO ONE IS CONSERVATIVE UNTIL THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO CONSERVE. Put anyone in the burbs with a dog, a picket fence, a nice lawn, a good job or business, a few kids, a loving wife and a g...See More
I remember this well. The trucks kept rolling.. mostly. The average consumer could only buy gas on alternate days and many times only ten gallons per buy. We are on the way to this again if we stay on the path we are on... not drilling we...See More
When Peggy and I got married 46 years ago we spent less then you would spend on 10 tanks of gas today. Yes, it was more money in today's terms. BUT, skip the HUGE wedding unless your last name is Clinton, Rockefeller or Gates. Just get married and spend your time and money becoming a good husband and wife. It's what really matters, not the open bar, electric slide, DeeJay and 10 bridesmaids. This has got out of hand.
On the Chicago Teacher's Strike Pyrrhic Victory

Blue policies simply can’t be made to work. Higher taxes won’t fix the problem of an overpriced, underperforming school system; indeed, they will just drive out even more of the city’s tax-generating economic base. The city is now on a course to make all its problems steadily worse. Chicago is slowly bankrupting itself to sustain a school system it can’t afford that doesn’t educate its kids very well.”

Something that can’t go on forever, won’t. That observation, from economist Herb Stein, is likely to be the sum-up aphorism of this decade.
Two years in jail for rape accusations....HMMMM
IF you have a copy of this tape...big money awaits. Details on who to contact on the website.
The largest tax hikes in the history of America will take effect on January 1 2013....

This is coming to a country near you...your right to speak out will be ended...for EVERYONE. Clone States of America