Friday, September 22, 2006

Fearmongering Pays Off

Yesterday's big news. Branson of Virgin Airways gives 3 billion over 10 years (that's $300,000,000 per year) to fight man's influence on global warming. Never mind that lots of people, including me, doubt very seriously that man can influence climate change plus or minus a whit.

But you see, environmentalism is always about control, power and money. No one bothers funding or even interviewing Dr. William Gray who is a reputed climatologist and who doubts anthropogenic global warming.

Nope, the only way you get on the Branson Global Warming payroll is to pretend you are Al Gore; scream disaster, terror, fear, and (show me the money). If there wasn't big money behind this whole global warming caused by man idea it would die a suitable death.

I see that the oceans have cooled off a bit. I see that Greenland just harvested it's first barley crop in 600 years. You remember Greenland, Vikings moved there years ago and settled. Then the climate changed and they were frozen out.

And you aren't going to drown. If ALL the water in ALL the ice caps in ALL the world and All the glaciers were to melt precipitously TODAY the net rise in sea levels would be 12.5 inches. The oceans are a really big place, and there isn't as much ice as you think. So raising it several FEET as Gore says is tough to do. There was a brave countercultural Environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg PhD who was on Glen Beck recently who said this. Relax, you aren't going to drown (unless you decide to rebuild New Orleans underwater, then you will).

Now a foot of sea level rise is going to cause some havoc. There will be beachfront properties in FLA that will be impacted.

But life will go on. Climate Scientists have always sold out to the highest bidder. Remember Global Cooling? I do, that's one of the benefits of being really old. You get to look at life thru a wide angle lens.

On the other hand, this idea of a total meltdown of all the ice on the planet assumes it won't snow anymore, that there is no replenishment of the ice caps in arctic places. That's not going to happen.

I just wish I could get in on that Branson $300,000,000 per year for the next 10 years. Unfortunately I have ethics unlike the junk science whores who will take the money and buy beachfront property in Florida and then complain when it drifts out to sea. They'll be looking for government handout to save them.

As for me, I'm looking into some Oceanside property in Greenland. I hear the summers there are cool and fresh and getting nicer. Winters? There's always Florida.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This Could Ruin Everything

So, we’re in the middle of all kinds of Papal Conflict, Evil, Hatred, Anti-Bush Spewing. Normal stuff.

Well, listening to Rush the other day he told of a fellow by the name of Greg Easterbrook who writes or works for ESPN (I personally never heard of him but I’m not a huge sports fan) had written an editorial about a gamma ray emission from 470 BILLION light years away.

His conclusions are this.

This gamma ray emission came from a huge supernova. This happens often. The galaxy (not solar system) galaxy within which this supernova took place, if there was any life, it has now been exterminated.

That all this happened at the speed of light. There is no warning. If there was life in the galaxy where this supernova happend 470 billion years ago it was snuffed out in a second. No warning, no hiding, no nothing. Just blink and you were gone.

That we have had supernova’s from time in time in our galaxy. Not often. It’s postulated that the extermination of life that killed all the dinosaurs could have been from just such a supernova.

So, in case you need something to worry about, your extermination may well be hurtling at you at the speed of light. You will never know. You will just cease to be.

But it’s always been that way. You aren’t granted another second of breath except by the grace of God.

You can read the whole article here. I lifted it from his ESPN page. He rambled on and on about sports and other such meaningless things in the actual article which you can read if you want to google him up.

So, you might ask, what’s a person to do. Huh? Well, stay right and stay ready. We could all die in the next 10 seconds.

Or not.

Your future is coming at you at the speed of light and that’s pretty darn quick.

Stop Breathing

I wish people would just stop breathing around me.

That way I wouldn't have to go thru the irritation I'm in right now. Cough Cough Cough. Sniffle, I need a nap.

You get the drift.

So, in the future, when you are in my presence, please suspend all breathing.


Thank YOU!

Update: I know a rebuke when I get one. I am rebuked. So I have now modified my request to be more loving and compassionate. There, I feel so much better now.

Feel the Love.

Oh, you don't feel it? I'll keep looking, I have some here somewhere.

Still looking. Some people think being depressed is intercession, some think being loving is acceptance of all people everywhere, and some people think being prophetic is angry and cold.

But some interecession is depressed, some love is overacepting, and some prophetic is angry and cold.

Guilty as charged.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Critical Mocking Spirit Results in Barrenness in Ministry

There is a story from 2 Samuel 6.

King David is bringing back the Ark of the Covenant after a failed attempt and after the Philistines had captured it but released it because they all got a bad case of hemorrhoids. Some even died.

This was a day of great excitement and joy. David leads the parade. He begins dancing before the ark. He takes off most of his clothes. He leaps and spins.

But, his wife, Michael sees him and despises him. She ridicules David when he gets home. "Look how the King acts, uncovering himself and making himself the fool".

David isn'’t deferred. He says, "I will be even more undignified than this".

This criticism results in Michael being rendered barren for the rest of her days.

There is another story from 2 Kings 2:23-25

Elisha (Double Anointed Prophet of God) is going up to mount Carmel, a holy place of victory. 42 young men, we don’t know how old (most think late teens or early 20’s) come out and make fun of him, using and the fact that he has a bald head (not something common among Jews) and that he doesn't go up in a flaming chariot as Elijah did. Elisha turns and curses them in the name of the Lord, and then 2 female bears come out of the woods and kill all 42 boys.

Tough Story.

So what does all this have to do with the price of Gasoline or bread? I walk in the office of Prophet. That doesn’t mean I tell the future, I reveal what God says or how he sees others. Mostly that’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s not exactly what people wanted to hear or see.

The reaction should be for the person receiving the word to hear it, sit on it, judge it, and act on it accordingly. If it contains a promise to keep recalling it and reminding God of it. That is the right way.

Unfortunately in many Churches there are those who choose rather to make light of the word brought by the prophet, to demean it, to leave it alone without action.

If they make criticize the prophet or the word they run the risk of being rendered barren. Unable to multiply or reproduce. The ministry dies a quiet death. Repentance is the only cure. It would be far better to say nothing rather than be critical.

If they mock the Prophet or the word the run the risk of being destroyed or devoured by the spiritual bears of lack and destruction.

And when the bears consume them they grow and feed the cubs they are nurturing (more lack and destruction).

I’'m here to say that among Godly leadership there are those who treat the role of the prophet in just such a way and as a result suffer the consequences. Among Believers we must be careful to, "Touch Not My Anointed".

Many unbelievers make fun or ridicule the prophets of God and they end up having the Dagons of their lives thrown down and/or developing a bad case of hemorrhoids. God holds unbelievers accountable, but far less than he holds the house of the Lord accountable. Jesus said that Judgment will begin in the house of the Lord. Be careful in making fun. Judgment is at the door.

Remember in the 2 Samuel 6 passage, a man (Uzzah) reached up to steady the ark and it killed him. But you know for certain the Philistines handled the Ark all day long and nothing happened.

Sometimes ignorance can be bliss. God judges those who place themselves in leadership roles in the Church or are placed there by others.

To church leaders who read this, if you make fun, belittle or discount the spiritual gifts among you, you run the risk of being rendered barren or worse destroyed. God is not happy about someone throwing away the gift he has given out.

Don'’t be an Indian giver and don’t toss the gift in the corner if you want Gods favor on your ministry.

One last comment, the Church I work as a prophet in does NOT do these things. If you are from Lord of Life and you read this, be confident in this, the Prophetic is honored and upheld. The blessings that result from that are manifesting.

The same goes for you who Read this from IHOP. The prophetic is a prime engine that drives that place. So the blessing of God is on them as well.

I got a call last week from a friend of mine who works as a Prophet in a church in Bismarck. He related some things his Pastor had said. I believe as one of the Blue Collar Boys always says, “I’ve Got Your Sign”. It says Ichabod (unless you repent at once).