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Economic Fallout from 9-11 and/or Katrina

This is number 3 in a series of how 9-11 and Katrina are radically different in their impact. Again, if someone says, “Like 9-11” to make a point, ignore everything he or she says after that. They are full of poop.

I have asked very smart people to offer their views on this. The only comments I have received is, “I don’t know if I feel qualified to make a comment on this”.
That’s never stopped me before, it won’t now. I could be wrong, Or right. Ignore my viewpoint at your own risk.

So, here goes:

Money stopped. You may have forgotten. People quit paying their bills. People lived in fear that the next day could be their last. Liquidity dried up. The government didn’t get it. Millions went bust.

Then several months later things loosened up. Too late for many, including yours truly. The damage was done. The happy talk didn’t help much from the government. Resources were taken to put in place policies which did nothing but inhibit the free flow of commerce (air travel).

Eventually after stock market free fall from fear the economy began to recover. For most of 2002 it sagged, surged, sagged. Unemployment was tremendous.

The economic shock rooted as much in fear and loathing as reality. People gave but it had no effect. The government paid off litigants. Money was used in place of compassion and impact. It was badly executed. The war on terror, Iraq and all has done little to really change the financial landscape. Only by the sheer determination of the American economy have we come this far.

Katrina and Money
There is no negative impact from the disaster in New Orleans. It’s all a zero sum game. Money in, money out. The best thing the government can do is leave hands off as much as possible. There are short term impacts which will be discussed below but for the most part this is a non event in the gross economy. No one is living in fear in Chicago that a hurricane will drop in and destroy us.
All the giving, all the federal help, all of everything that will happen in the next years will be zero impact. It in fact is a positive. It frees up money in the economy that might not otherwise been set free. I know it sounds callous but think of Hurricane Andrew. Locally a catastrophe, nationally no impact, net effect probably positive. Restructured insurance reinsurance a little.

Limited net effect. Market jerked around. It always does. There is no shortage of oil. In 3 months the effect on people’s pocketbook was negligible. There was an underlying view that invading Iraq would free up lots of oil. Of course that never happened.

Oil will be short for a short time. Price will be high. It’s not crude. It refining and logistics. There is no global oil shortage. The good news is, the relaxation of boutique refining which will stay in place. It was a dumb idea to start with. Then there are refineries that will be brought on line to make up the shortfall. Several are sitting idle in the USA. Now the gates are open. Anwar. Drill. Offshore Mass. Drill. Drill. Every Russian is looking at the worldwide market and looking for a quick buck. All over Africa profiteers are looking for the quick buck before the market goes south. They are chasing the rabbit. There will be oil, it will be refined. A year from now, New Orleans will be open for business refining wise. Gas will be $2, crude $40 and all you want. This is the best thing to happen to oil since Regan took off controls in 1981. I’m taking bets for anyone who doubts this. This will fuel a great resurgence in the economy. Don’t sell that SUV yet.

A few other effects of Katrina that will you need to be aware of:

Shipping of grains and other commodities will be done by traditional ports. Duluth, Burns Harbor, (St. Lawrence Seaway) Seattle, and lots of other places. It will be inconvenient but grain will find a market. It will mean the elevator price will be lower than might have otherwise been but it will still be good. Crops are short. In a year or so New Orleans will open up for the 2006-shipping season.

Lumber will climb in price but supply will be OK. New building will push the inventories. Cement will be somewhat short. All building product will be harder to find than it was a year ago. This is a 2-year cycle after something like this. But in the end it will equalize.

Trucking and transportation (including airlines) will find fuel short and pricey. It will drive up prices and drive out weak competitors. This is a short-term effect and in 2 years after oil prices come down will back off some. But prices for transportation in general will never again be the bargain it was 2 years ago. This is a permanent price change.

Interest rates will hold or drop. There is a great deal of pressure from jitters about potential high priced oils effect on the economy to keep the rates down. I think we could see interest rates drop in all areas from here.

One area that will do well is trailer homes. Manufactured housing they call it. None the less, these evacuees will have to be housed somewhere. Some will be housed in trailers. This will be a 3 year exodus. I don’t expect more than 20% of the evacuees to return to New Orleans because I don’t expect New Orleans as we knew and loved her to be there other than as a symbol. Kind of like the business towers that are now 9-11. Get it?

Overall, I’m optimistic. This will have less effect than New Orleanites hoped it would have. In the big picture New Orleans and it's population just aren't that big a part of the national economy.

What gives me the right or edge to make such bold predicitons? I use a wide angle lense called 60 years. I've seen this all before.

Cheer up, give to the Salvation Army. It'll be OK.

Political Debris from Katrina vs 9-11

Nothing happens in a vacuum. Particularly in Politics. The differences between 9-11 and Katrina are significant for those in power.

President Bush became a spokesman for the heart of the county. Approval ratings thru the roof. Standing on the wreckage a few days after 9-11 was symbolic of our national resolve. “”We hear you, the whole world hears you””. This was the high point of his young presidency. Not that this was desired by President Bush but it was the best of times and worst of times for him. Never again has he ridden that high in the public’s estimation.

President Bush said nothing. He didn’t know what to say for a bit. His approval was lax to start with. This has caused the public and press to pummel him painfully. He can do nothing right in their estimation. Too slow, too inattentive, too distracted. Oil prices, Iraq, and a dozen other things on his plate have put him off base so much he might not recover. This is the lowest point in his presidency. I feel sorry for him, I like the man, I voted for him, I’m glad Kerry’s not President in all this, as I was glad Gore wasn’t President during 9-11. Bush may find his sure hand but I think it might be too late. Were I in the White House I don’t know if I would have done any better.

There were no liberals or conservatives, no Republicans or Democrats in the weeks and months directly following 9-11. Unity prevailed. I emailed Tom Dashle to congratulate him on his solid leadership. The press was measured and supportive. The country responded in unity.

The wind hadn’t yet subsided and Bozo’s on the left, most notably Robert Kennedy Jr were blaming the Republicans for Katrina and it’s impact. The liberal press NPR and CNN have gone out of their way to harp on failed policies. How Iraq exacerbated the problem. The gale of hot air following the Hurricane is worse than the blow itself.

I’m ashamed of the people on both sides of the aisle who can’t be centered for the good of the people and not on their own political power grab. Where are the Revs? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They love a photo op. Show up with a semi load of water downtown Orleans why didn’t ya boys? Jesse’s boy owns a big beer distributorship that also sells bottled water in Chicago. I’ll bet they could get a truck. That’s what I hate about the left, all big talk, writing checks with their mouth their rear ends have no intention of cashing. Power is all they want. Get off your butts and do something other than jawbone about the situation. The congressional black caucus has been outspoken critical of Bush. I’ll bet they didn’t put in a phone call to see how they might help to any of the agencies in New Orleans. Any of the cable news channels would gladly carry their offer of help live. They could do that. Don’t hold your breath. Hypocrisy thy name is politics. Sometimes I hate democracy. It’s the worst form of government in the world except for all the others.

There was some profit taking. There were people scamming the system. Mostly they got caught. Some steel was stolen. Some companies cheated. But by and large the deal went off pretty well. It’s still an unfinished tome of course. But it was pretty corruption free.

I won’t even mention the looting. That’s lawlessness. There is a deeper problem. Have you ever wondered why New Orleans is called the big easy? Ask the contractors who were hired to do work on the levees that burst. Payoffs, skimming, hands in their pockets in exchange for “Permission” to do work. I live in Chicago, one of the more corrupt places you can do business. New Orleans makes Chicago look like a peanut gallery. It goes up and down the power structure from the top to the Police. Everyone is on the take. There has been a spirit of corruption that keeps the poorest poor. This is what makes this so tragic. Once this is all sorted out and they truth starts to come out what a black hole money sent to New Orleans has been all these years we will discover why it has become the city that doesn’t work. It parties hearty. It just doesn’t work. It’s not what you can do, it’s who can you pay off and how much to get it all done.
If you really want the root of the problem look at these links and ponder why the situation is as it is.
The Current Mayor came in to wipe out corruption
Someone asks how come corruption is part of New Orleans
Futility in fighting corruption
How gambling has corrupted corruption further
How the Democrats hide thier head in the sand at New Orleans corruption because it fits their needs

There was established infrastructure after 9-11. Power, access, equipment, labor, and there was a reason to build New York back to make that area look like the rest of the city. New York needed rebuilding and it has for the most part. It was a thing of pride.

Katrina (New Orleans)
In a previous post I questioned the wisdom of restoring something so fundamentally flawed structurally. It’s not going to get better. There is no more infrastructure. It’s gone. There is no power access, equipment, labor. Does anyone really want to rebuild the “red zone” of New Orleans that represents the bulk of the flooded out poor people? There is nothing left to make anything from. Now if the purpose is to make a Disneyland-like main street (Bourbon Street), convention center and hotels in the areas that didn’t flood too badly perhaps. It will now be all faux. Faux balconies, faux old buildings, faux colorful old bars. It will look old, look real but be hollow like the Magic Castle is in Disneyland. Great for tourists but without andy soul. When you rap on it it’s all hollow. The soul of New Orleans is dead. Any rebirth will be a commercial effort like Vegas trying to look like Venice.

It’s over, it’s done. There’s no reason to rebuild except as an adult playground if that’s what you want. Who wants the squalor back that was much of New Orleans anyhow? I know the question has been asked, where will all the debris left from this storm be landfilled. Do you want me to really tell you the truth?

My crystal ball is fuzzy on this one. I don’t think either political party shines in this. I don’t think 2008 rests on what happens in New Orleans. I do think this weakens any potential Republican candidacy no matter whom and strengthens Madam President and first husband Bill. Think I’m kidding? I got a hundred bucks says I’m right. Any takers out there?

2006 congressional. No huge shift to the left. The left is totally impotent to make hay out of anything. They just yell and point and accuse. As long as they do this I can live in confidence for the future. Conservatives will stay in power (except in the White House).

Last, there has been a long history of ignoring the problems regarding the levees and their funding. This is not Democrat or Republican. It's a fear of putting more money into a corrupt black hole. Neither Pres Clinton or Bush ever did what might have been done. They did what they thought was prudent.

An Excellent Perspective on Katrina

The person who's blog and encouragement placed me on your screen right now is Julie Neidlinger. She has recently changed her Website / Blog.

For a while she was AWOL from blogland. She's back again. Her new policy is to do less better.

Her brilliant perspective on Katrina is here. Check back with her from time to time. I updated the link on the right. Thanks Julie. I would like to hear about the squirrel however.

She is publishing some of her old writings in book form. I'm looking forward to the J letters. I smell movie rights.

PS: The word Katrina means Pure in German. If you verb the adjective with a ver (which all german can be) it would be to purify. Is that a coincidence? I don't think so.

Friday, September 02, 2005

9-11 and Katrina BIG DIFFERENCES Part 1.

Some of the news talking heads are trying to draw parallels between 9-11 and Katrina. Sorry guys, that dog ain'’t huntin. If one of them says, "like 9-11" to start a sentence, turn him or her off. This is NOT like 9-11!

9-11 was the result of aggression on the part of an ideology against the USA. People were unified by the act not the result. Hero'’s were easy to find. Firemen, police, Giulianini, Bush, and ordinary people.

Katrina was natural, random, and without cause against whom people could unite in their anger. Hero'’s are hard to find. Many there are who are there are not visible. Oh, there are heroes. We will see them eventually. But the ones who rose so quickly in 9-11 are absent in this event. Meanwhile the villain count is tremendous.

9-11 changed the way the USA saw itself. Needing security. Needing to stop the evildoers. Mostly unified in its efforts. We saw ourselves as victims who would strike back at whomever were victimizing us. We saw ourselves as good people who did good things attacked by bad people who did bad things. Good and evil was easy to identify.

Katrina is also changing the way the USA sees itself. Not for good. Yes, there are good people doing good things. I won'’t mention them all here, you know who they are, Doctors, Red Cross, Salvation Army etc etc etc. But the ugly underbelly of humanity has been exposed for what it is. The looting, anarchy, violence, lawlessness of New Orleans has shocked everyone. The impotence of government, local, state and national to do anything has been dazzling. The lack of leadership has left people astounded. We are much more vulnerable to anything than we thought we are. Half the police in the New Orleans area have just quit. Our military is helpless. Oh we'’ll get it under control at some point but the damage is done. What we have seen on our TV screens is indelible.

Every state, every large city has these cesspools of human debris who at the drop of a metaphorical disaster hat will now replicate what we have seen in New Orleans. Permission has now been granted. Go ahead, they can'’t stop you. I am more than a little concerned that the fallout from this will be increased anarchy and lawlessness. Up until now at least they believed there could be consequences. There isn't. Barney Fife has left the building.

9-11 spiritual spurt. For a few weeks after 9-11 there was some modicum of spiritual activity. People went to church other then on Easter or Christmas. It didn'’t last. In 6 month the pews were back to their less then capacity occupancy.

Katrina has demonstrated the total fallen nature of man. We sin because we are sinners in need of saving. Jobs won'’t solve this, welfare doesn'’t solve this. CHURCH --- The whistle has blown. The game is ON. The line is drawn. You are either going to get in the game or be sidelined as useless. This is the day you prayed for. ""Lord, give us the chance to be your arm, to reach out to the world"". Well, guess what, it just happened. I am heartened to see and hear of many small, medium and large churches in LA, MS, MO, AR and TX taking on the task of sponsoring these refugees in their Church buildings, taking them under their wings, educating their kids, helping them find places to live and talking to them about a better life in Jesus. CHURCH --- Don'’t just pray, you are a part of the answer to every prayer you pray. If all you plan to do is pray and sit on your blessed assurance, please don'’t BOTHER, it'’s taking the Lord'’s name in vain. If all you can do is pray (by reason of infirmity) then please do. God'’s arm moves in response to prayer but his hand is US. This line in the sand will result in tremendous victory for those bold enough to take it. Every Church can do SOMETHING. We have a responsibility to our culture and to our God to restore the fallen spiritually and physically so this kind of descent into chaos never happens again. Church, you have prayed for God to send you sinners in need of a savior. You will never have this chance again. This is Romans 8:28 alive and well. He wants to take this evil and make it for good. There are hundreds of thousands ready to see the gospel lived out in your actions. Hut Hut Hut, You'’ve got the ball, now what you gonna do with it?

Wal-Mart steps up

This may shock you, but I am not a big fan of Wal-Mart. In fact I have taken them to task for their corporate hypocrisy in this blog often. However: they are contributing $15,000,000 to the New Orleans disaster relief fund. I must begrugingly say, Good for you Wal-Mart.

You are still the anti-Christ. But if you want to rule the world you have to throw some help to the serfs from time to time. Oh, by the way, to put this in it's proper perspective, for the average earner (like me) this is equivalent to throwing a hundred bucks in the pot next Sunday. Not a radical sacrifice but not too bad either.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I Honestly Couldn't say it Better

If you know, (Knew) me you know that the opinon I respect most is my own. Except--------

I must offer up a brilliant editorial from a writer I respect as much.
Peggy Noonan.
Her analysis of Katrina and aftermath is stunning.
I wish I could write as well as she does. Maybe Someday?

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

False and Real Charity in Times of Crisis

I am intolerant of false charity. Writing big checks with your mouth that no one can ever cash. The New Orleans humanitarian crisis is one of these that brings out the best and worst in real and false charity.

The common man in America is very generous. They dig deep and give unselfishly. I wish I could say the same for much of governmental and corporate yokels who take big long bows for their fake charitable spirit.

We have a refugee crisis on our hands. I know something about refugees. I have brought them over from Sudan, Kurdistan, and Romania when it was communist. I have made employment for them. I have housed them. I have put my house and heart at their disposal.

Now we have a refugee crisis of tremendous magnitude. The southern states are busy absorbing these refugees for the year or two they will need to be taken care of. I think those of us in Rural American and the North need to step up to the plate. No free lunch, but there are schools in rural American who need students. These refugees have kids needing an education. There are jobs these refugees can do. They may be menial but they can pay something. I am guessing they will maintain residency in their home state and the support they will receive will help.

Now is the time for all those who have whined about depopulation in rural America to do something about it. Repopulate with refugees. Some may even stay. Don’t bring these folks to our overcrowded and expensive cities. Use this as a leapfrog to show off what rural America offers. Step up Buffalo Commons!

The press generated by the publicity machinery for Wal-Mart (and others) who gave the Salvation Army ONE MILLION DOLLARS frustrated me. Wow! Sorry, I’m not impressed. Let’s see, last year Wal-Mart made $8,861,000,000. So a Million is .012% Really big hairy deal big spender.

Maybe we should all follow Wal-Mart’s sterling example of fake munificence. On my net income if I gave at the same rate it would be about $7.20. Do you think the MSM will fall all over themselves to applaud me for my great generosity? Don’t hold your breath.

None the less, in spite of the fake charity of corporate America, give anyhow.

Let’s show real charity. We can’t count on anyone else other than ourselves and God anyway.

The Best Arguments for and Against Evolution

Argument for:

I watched the news channels late last night and early this morning. I saw all those looters in New Orleans including some that were supposed to be policing the streets shopping for shoes.

I submit those represent un-evolved apes just barely out of the trees
(sorry to all apes for the insult). I am not going to claim or allow them into the ranks of civilized mankind on my watch. Whatever happened to Marshall Law? Just send a couple dozen rednecks down there with 30-06’s and a belt full of ammo with a 4-power scope and say, “go ahead, loot, and make my day”. Believe me the gene pool wouldn’t miss them.

This is not a race-based comment. There were white un-evolved vermin there as well. They have to be lower on the evolutionary scale since no evolved human does what they were doing.

We were created to be a little lower than God (higher than the Angels). How far the race of man can fall is beyond me. I shouldn't be shocked but I am.

Argument against:

I don't deny Dinosaurs existed before the catastrophe whenever that happened and destroyed life on earth as we knew it, (Meteor) and disappeared Genesis 1:1a (first half of the verse) seems to support this.. I don't deny that the earth is very very old. Eternity has a habit of tricking us that way.

My question is, if man was not created as a divine being,


We can't help but trip over fossils of all kinds everywhere we dig. Bones of every ilk. Dinos, birds, fish. Bones bones bones.

But HUMAN bones, fossil or otherwise? Am I supposed to believe that all other bones of all other species were preserved except man? If man walked about the earth in some form or another evolving for millions of years as evolutionists say then there should be bones, lots of bones. Fossil and otherwise.

I'm puzzled.

That's the part about intelligent design that haunts open minded people.

And we are supposed to teach a thesis that intentionally doesn't ask the hard questions to the exclusion of all others. That's real "religion" and it takes a lot more faith than I'm willing to invest myself in blindly.

Where are the bones?

tip of the hat to Brad

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Past it's EXP date

A few years ago the Red River of the North which flows between North Dakota and Minnesota flooded badly. You might remember that Grand Forks was flooded under feet of water.

The federal Government came in and demanded that those people living in flood prone areas had to sell their homes to the government and move out. Those areas became parks, levees and such.

It made sense.

If you build on some of the Outer Banks on the east coast and a storm comes along destroying your property, collect your insurance and go home. Federal insurance agencies are refusing to allow you to rebuild.

So, for New Orleans, 20 feet below sea level here are some absolutes:

  • What just happened will happen again
  • The sea is rising
  • You can’t go up and up and up forever

I know this sounds cruel, but, would someone make a good argument for rebuilding the lowest parts of New Orleans. Or what about raising the whole city. First raze then raise.

I love New Orleans. I have been there often. It’s a rollicking place. It could be just as rollicking 30 feet higher.

This may be a city just reaching it’s expiration date.

Like Atlantis.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Something’s Fishy at the Bottom of the Sea

Remember Titan, moon of Saturn? The Cassini Spacecraft probee made a soft landing and took pictures. One of the pictures it took was of a petroleum lake on Titan. Petroleum lake. Is that from all the Dinosaurs from thousands of years ago on Titan? I don'’t think so. They were quick to say it was just a pool of very cold hydrocarbon compounds methane based. Ethane they said. Read about it here.

Ethane is a base for Gasoline. Yep.

So what? Read on.

Right now oil wells in Vietnam and Siberia are about 5 miles deep. 5 miles. Now, let me get this straight, that oil is trapped under 5 miles of sediment. No, oil geologists say, it'’s occurring in Granite cavities. So, Dino died, and his residue drifted thru 5 miles of various geology to a granite cavity 5 miles deep. Does that make sense? Is there something wrong here?

Some people believe that the core of the earth contains hydrocarbons which are generated by the molten reactions. These hydrocarbons drift UP and create petroleum which we now tap in to. They believe this is produced by abiogenic means. That means without plants or animals.

Are they crazy in the head? You decide after you read all about it.

Then, at the bottom of the deepest parts of the ocean they are discovering methane which combines with water and creates a liquid hydrocarbon petroleum substance. They are discovering a lot of this material. No one is thinking (yet) about harvesting this but it exists, it'’s in liquid state and it'’s lying there.

Something is fishy. Something smells wrong.

I don'’t think there'’s a conspiracy. I do think we haven'’t collectively connected all the dots.

If Titan, Deep Pool Oil and Naturally occurring petroleum like deposits are being created at the bottom of the ocean, I have a question..........

Perhaps crude oil is in fact a naturally re-occurring resource. That crude oil is always being created. That the whole deal about dinosours etc was only partially correct. That in fact oil is a byproduct of neverending processes and that new deposits are being created all the time. The low hanging fruit is off the tree. But at the base it's growing every day.

I don'’t think we should be stupid in using it. Trees are a natural occurring resource but cutting down all the trees would be stupid. Maybe if oil is regenerating itself we need to treat it like trees. Harvest some, leave some to grow.

I'’m only asking. What if? I think there'’s more here than meets the eye.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bad Religion and Global Warming

There is a volcano on the big island of Hawaii. If you take slag from it you will have bad luck. I took some; sure enough I had bad luck. So see there, it works.

In older times if there were a drought or other crop failures they would sacrifice virgins by throwing them alive into the Volcano. This was supposed to appease the gods of the earth and by this sacrifice made everyone feel better.

I can hear those priests at dinner after a particularly sacrificial day with lots of virgins, “” Boy, I hope that does some good. Maybe we’ll get a break and we won’t be next into the caldron””. That’s the way bad religion works.

This has ever been thus. The mantra is, ‘we must do something, even if it’s wrong or foolish’. Bad religion always depends on us doing something to appease the gods. They do nothing, you are responsible or you anger them.

It’s a little bit like homeopathy. I know lots of people who swear by it. They get better or worse because of a few drops taken which has a few drops per million of something. It’s a religion. It takes lots of faith.

I like good religion. It depends on me NOT AT ALL. I’m a receiver not a giver. For that I worship. I commend it to you, but that’s another story.

For lots of reasons, we no longer worship father God, but Mother earth as our provider.
So now the climate is changing. We aren’t sure why. Many postulate it’s a normal part of the global cycle. Many claim man has done this. I’m not here to argue that although I believe it is an incredibly egotistical self centered and self important individual to believe that man has the capacity to change the climate.

I don’t think man has done well. We cut down too many forests. We cultivate too much land foolishly. We are bad stewards of the earth. I’m for good stewardships.

I don’t believe we are, have or will change the climate. It’s like homeopathy. If you take all the influences that exist because of man which might influence global warming it is parts per billion.

The earth is warming because sometimes it does that. It did it in the past and will do it in the future. The sun is in a warm cycle. It will cool. Lots of this current arm waving will subside. But we are in a stupid cycle.

The other day a man from England pronounced that we should spray water up in the air to put moisture in the way of harmful sunshine. If you have ever created and maintained a closed terrarium (as I have) you will know that heat in the atmosphere makes clouds. It then cools, precipitates but the moisture comes from the earth. This is normal and cyclical.

There is already a mechanism in place which sprays mass quantities of water into the atmosphere creating clouds and a solar shield. They’re called monsoons and hurricanes and typhoons. Have you noticed they are intensifying in power and frequency? That’s normal in a warming cycle. This does what this joker from England wants to do.

What he is really saying is, I’m a priest of the earth, give me lots of money to create this altar of water and I’ll spray it so that the gods are mollified.

Worse, some government nut will do this.

Nearly as silly is a good man (Byron Dorgan) badly directed saying we should pump captured COD back into the empty oil wells in North Dakota to stop global warming. Yea, that’s the ticket, spend zillions of dollars, go thru lots of activity and nothing happens. This is so silly as to be ridiculous. Even scientists admit (who aren’t on the take with this deal) that this won’t work.

But, some of these priestly schemes will take effect, then the climate will shift a bit and they will take credit for the change just as the island priests of 200 years ago took credit when after the sacrifice of many virgins it rained. Don’t buy the lie that “we have to DO something”. Who said, where is it written?

The only virgin being sacrificed in this foolishness is your pocketbook.

If you want to sequester a few pounds of CO2, plant a tree. Otherwise give it a little more time. It’ll cool off. Then you will wonder what all the hubbub was about.