Wednesday, July 12, 2006

On the Road Again

Me and Mrs Gleaner are off to Columbus for a few days of Pastoral Pep Rally. It's a requirement of keeping my ministerial credentials. It's not so bad. I actually get something out of it.

But, we'll be back Sunday. I do have one very interesting visit with a man who is a proponant of Butanol. Google it up. He'll come up first.

So, See ya'll on Sunday. Check back for more radical right wing rantings then.

By the way, Sunday is 40 Short/Long years of marriage marked for the Peggy and me. It's been great/tough.

So, we'll uncork the bottle Sunday and toast our wedded bliss.

Here's to 40 more. Heck we're only halfway there.

And she still claims she loves me. What a con man I am. HEH!

WHO WINS - You better hope we do!

Let's see, if we have a direct confrontation of a religion that espouses Kill all the Jews and Christians and one that the Liberals think means Turn the Other Cheek no matter what then who will prevail in a worldwide conflict?
I rest that particular case.  They don't care who they kill, Indians, Russians, Indonesians, Americans, other Muslims.  They are in the business of stealing killing and destroying.  That's the mission statement of the Devil.
We suffer from an image of Christians and of Jesus that is distorted by  liberal theology that denies Jesus' humanity and deity.  As God he wants us to love our enemies when they abuse us for His sake and as Jesus he rails against injustice and evil.  Examples: Tables overturned in the Temple and The Pharisee encounters.  Where's the love?
So what are we to do?  Go the extra mile, Turn the other cheek.  But, if an evil direct from Satan himself comes against us, we must raise up the standard of God and push back until the very gates of Hell cannot prevail against us.
Ruthlessness in the face of evil. That's the call on the body of Christ in this day.  We must get the uneducated left to see what this really means.
I am hopeful that even the most hardened liberal will come to an awareness of the evil that is the nazi fascist islamist force in this world and stand with us against them.  They must be crushed completely.  There is no compromise to be made with pure evil.  The face of evil smiles as it beheads innocents, bombs marketplaces, plants ied's and flies planes into buildings.
Manifested evil unrecognized by the left in America.   That's what we have. Maybe someday they'll get it. 
This is war even if you don't know it.
I can only hope someday you will.

I never do this

I can't say that because now I will.  Post on comments.
Below is a post about my Father-in-Law Ben.  His drift from the conservative fold. 
Nature of comments I hear and receive although I may not agree. 
...He may have grown
...He has the right to an opinion
            YES  He does, even if he's wrong.
The nature I don't agree with:
...And you call yourself a Christian.  Or that's not a very Christian thing to say or do.  ETC
          This nearly always emanates from a person who wouldn't know what it takes to be a Christian or what it means even if it bit them on the leg.  Sorry, but you have to earn the right to question any part of my "Christianity".  Show me your depth I might listen.   Give me chapter and verse, give me the word of God as applied to this then you will have my attention.  But, your perception of what it means or takes to live and be a Christian isn't even on the same planet.  You have bought some lie of the devil on what a "real" Christian is. Read my essay below (Click on the month of June archives and follow the yellow brick road), let me read yours, then let's talk.  So, don't bother preaching to me what it means to be a Christian I won't preach to you on how to be a good liberal.
....Maybe when you're 86 etc etc
Boy, talk about missing the point.  You would have to know Ben. He was a man of some influence at one time.  Republican Committeeman for the County.  A delegate.  VFW.  American Legion. WWII. When Bennie spoke folks had to listen even if they didn't always want to.  We went golfing with Ben (he drove the cart and we golfed) and at the 19th hole he entertained all with his wit and wisdom.    I even got an Oakes Golf Club hat.
Now his day is made up of: Get up, read the paper, watch the news, watch the ball game, take a nap, watch the news and go to bed.  86 will do that for you.  Having a triple bypass and not being able to walk well does that to you.  Occasionally he does play a game of cards.
His capacity for influence is much diminished and not that critical anymore.
No audience. 
Do I respect him?  As much as I ever did.  I honor him as my Father in Law.  He is my wife's dad.  Believe me, I honor him and I thank him often for his daughter.
So, with all due respect to the commenters.  You don't know.  You jumped way further to conclusions than was needed.  But, liberals do that.  Look at how they believe human caused global warming, WMD's not found, Hybrid Car Folly, etc.   Now Ben starts to believe the lies.  Liberal media.
If it wasn't for liberals and the greenpeace nuts today we would have nuclear power in abundance, coal converted to cheap gasoline virtually without end, more refinery capacity than we knew what to do with and if we ever let the liberals lose this war like that crackpot Murtha wants to do, our grandkids will all be reciting the Koran in school.
Thanks for the input, but Ben is wrong on the war.  I respect him in his ignorance.  No, his years doesn't make him smarter.  Just older.
Some people get 25 years experience in 25 years.  Some people have one year's experience 25 times.  And all permutations in between.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Danger of TV News

 My Poppalaw Ben has always been a conservative Republican.  I don't think he has ever voted for any Democrat.
But, he reads a couple newspapers and watches TV news.  No blog no talk radio.
I was surprised to hear him say that he thought the war was wrong.  That Bush shouldn't send men and women to die for a dirtbag of a country.
He doesn't get it.  But, where does he form his opinions?  TV news.
No wonder.  He has been subjected to the Chinese water torture of liberal opinion.  He has succumbed.  We used to call that brainwashing.
But he's 86 years old.  What he believes isn't that critical any more. 
I just wish we would understand how the liberal press brainwashes people into believing something without reason or question.
Ben Ben Ben, I hardly Knew YE.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Really Good Guys

This is one of a series of notes from my trip to the far north country fair Dakota. I had a chance to meet and re-meet some fine people. If you are keeping track, it's a series that starts here and ends when I run out of things to say. So.

Jack Sunday. No Relation to Billy that I know. (Jack you'll have to google that one up.) Jack and I have for a couple years become friends via getting acquainted on Julie N's blog. Wired friends. I don't know who started it. I don't care. But at Duffworld I met him. In the flesh.

What a decent guy. Kind. Gentle. Intelligent. I now understand his liberalism. It's born of nice. Unlike the mean Gene who is far less nice, it's understandable. He's just decent. I'm conservative.

And for reasons that have a tiny bit with his 55 years on the planet he has lost weight. A lot of weight. I had seen his promo pix. I went to Duffworld looking for him aka his pubpix. NO FLY. Instead this handsome slim much- better- looking- than- his- publicity- pix man was there. I wasn't sure it was him. Then he started talking about his dog. He has movies of his dog on his phone. I knew I had my man.

We had a nice conversation and I hope to do so again. Funny how a rightwingnut conservative meanie and a nice liberal like Jack can get along so well. I blame it on his niceness. I could take a lesson. NAAAA

The next night back to Duffworld. There for a 3 party meet. Larry Ristvedt, Jack and me. Unfortunately Jack got the message re the meetup THE NEXT DAY.

Larry and I had a wonderful time. I never appreciated his wisdom all the years we hung out together and all the years we were in biz together. I have to admit there were times he pulled me back from self destruction. I was capable of it. We were an interesting partnership. He was the cautious and conservative one. I was the dreamer and the one with passion. I would find a bridge to leap off and he would suggest getting a boat upstream to reach the same place. It worked.

I think that the one thing he taught me which I never forgot was the value of integrity. Never cheat, never lie, (except to Uncle Sam and then don't lie, tax avoidance isn't a crime, tax evasion is). It kept us clean and sober. More or less.

I miss Larry and next time I'm in the north we will have those tri-partite talks.

I reupped an acquaintance with John Boekelheide. John was a year younger than me in school. His Dad was a great guy. I knew the family my whole life. We spent some time Ken, John, Peggy and me till midnight attempting solutions at the worlds problems. None came forth. Darn liberals. Oh, well it was beautiful on Main Street Ellendale.

Then on the way home Peggy told me that there had been a spark between her and John at one time. I don't know about it all but it's interesting to think how her life and mine might have been different. Her's might have been better. Mine would have been worse. But I'm glad it all worked out. Our 40th anniversary is next Sunday the 16th. Who'da thunk it.

I got to ride in Jim Redlins VETTE. The Great Yellow Goose. Yikes, you shouldn't be able to go that fast that quickly in anything not driven by a rocket engine. Oh, and Jim, remember 25 years ago when I had become a Christian I told you I wanted to be a Minister Someday? I'm back in the saddle again officially. In a LUTHERAN CHURCH. It's been a few years. You don't have to call me Father or anything. Kissing my ring is ok however. HEH!

I got to meet Rob Port of Say Anything. The real highlight was meeting his little daughter Harley. What a cutie. My grandpa genes kicked right in. I wanted to buy her a trike.

He's a good guy who works harder than anyone I know. Very smart. Deluded on Wal-Mart. But a really good guy. I'm glad I met him. He is doing a good work and it deserves support. I do and I will.

But, crossing the Illinois border was like breathing again. I'm home here. Dakota is a visit now. I even know the Illinois state song. I don't know if I ever did know the North Dakota State Song. Too late to learn it now.

Sweet Home Chicago.