Monday, November 18, 2013

How to solve Homelessness

We have an epidemic of homeless in the USA.  Many people cannot find anywhere to live.  So they live on the streets, under bridges, in abandon buildings.  They are truly victims of an evil corrupt housing system that favors those who can afford nice homes and discriminates against those who cannot.

We need a fix.  I have an idea.  The AHA.  The affordable housing act.  An act that if you have a nice home we will take it from you and force you to live in one that is not nearly what your old one was, but we will insist it is better.  It will be uniform.  No one will have a better home than anyone else.  Universal home provision.

I know you won't get to keep that house you bought and paid for... but those who have no home will now be able to live free and clear.  Oh, you will be requied to pay more for your living expenses even though your house will be much less than you were used to.  It's just fair.  Think of those who can't afford a home.  It's for them.

I know that when I introduced this idea and you bought into it I told you that you could keep your home, I misspoke.  OK,  I lied.  But it's for the good of all.  We can all live in these nice boxes, equal, controlled, oppressed and.....hey it worked in East Germany for almost 40 years... Why not?

East Germany, East Berlin 1975. Mass housing for workers in Weissensee district (Plattenbau) with a demonstration of FDJ youth passing by

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