Monday, May 26, 2014

When women emotionally castrate their husband...

I witnessed something today that is so painful.  It's one of the reasons so many women have trained their men to be unresponsive and indecisive.  This couple was outside the grocery store where I was enjoying a sandwich.  He says to her, "Do you want to go get something to eat".  It was noon.  She says, "Where?"  He now says, "I don't care, you got any ideas?".  She says, "I don't care either... pick somewhere".  He mentioned a sub shop.  NO... I don't want to go there.  Then he mentioned a burger joint (Steak and Shake).  She demeaned him saying "why do you want to go there"?  So his two ideas both shot down and with meanness i might say.  He then decided that unless she came up with something they were going no where. 

I am confident that when she is complaining about her husband to her girlfriends one of the things she complains about is he doesn't take me anywhere.  And that he is so wishy washy incisiveness.  Guess what girl. You trained him that way.  Any idea he comes up with you shoot down. He has given up.  And taking you somewhere so you can complain about his choice?  Forget it.

I don't know how to overcome these power games.  I know this... this is an ungodly marriage... even if they are Christians.  Women about get the husbands they deserve and if they have a bum... they most likely DID make that.

It made me very sad to see this emotional castration in front of my eyes.    Shape up ladies... give that man some moral support.. and choke down a bad sandwich from time to time.  He'll get better.

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