Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Some are just plain LOSERS

I was in Tennessee for a few days last week.  Went to see some suppliers and customers.  In the process I ran across a fellow who in any one's vernacular would be described as a loser.  In our half hour conversation (one I had to walk away from) I got this tirade from him:

Everybody in the county has done him wrong.  He felt abused.  He was convinced he would never get a break.

He told me things I know full well were lies... absolute fiction.  I know better.  I knew the people he was talking about.  When I tried to help him understand that the lies he bought into were just that, he became indignant.

He let me know in no uncertain terms that he knows better than anyone, but won't read a paper or watch or listen to news because it's all lies and conspiracy.  He is intentionally ignorant and he chose that path willingly.

He carries deeps seated resentment against those around him who have done well.  They didn't deserve it.  They cheated somehow.  It should all be taken from them.

He mentioned names of people who had "cheated" him somehow and how he will never ever talk to or do any business with them again.

He kept telling me how everything was so unfair to guys like him who "Work Hard" and don't get a break. 

He had some trouble with the law (DUI) and had spent some time in the local jail.  He is angry because there is no justice.  They were picking on him.

I knew in talking to him that if I went certain places or questioned him, that he would go off on me.. so I kept quiet.  He was very prickly.

He had all kinds of conspiracy theories about how the world is controlled by this or that entity.  He told me that it was unconstitutional to pay taxes. How the money system was controlled by the Rothschilds (are any still alive?).

He claims to be a Christian, goes to church, but in a short time based on how he talked he is harboring sin in his life.  He has great joy when harsh misfortune happens to other people. 

He lives a meager existence created by the words of his mouth.  He is about 50 years old and looks decades older.  He is always going to be unhappy and feeling put upon by those he sees as the real power.  He is a loser and loves his role as one.  Yes, I said it, this guy relishes the pedestal on which he placed himself as the arbiter of all that is good and honorable.  Except it's not.

I don't like him much, and I doubt many people do. 

We used to say in the word of faith movement, "you have what you say".. and boy does he.

He has created his loser world and will go to his grave a loser.

There is no hope for people like this, they even think they have Jesus.

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