Sunday, July 12, 2015

America has an African VooDoo Witchdoctor

Obama's government has opened the Borders for Illegals to pour in, unopposed.
Somali Muslims are coming in through visas like a stream of ants....
But Obama is blocking Visas for Middle East Christians who are being slaughtered by ISIS and Muslim Jihadists.
Obama is evil.
He has passed the Spiritual Rubicon of no return.
He is the most Demonic Politician in America's history.
He makes Wilson look like Tinker Bell.
America has an African VooDoo Witchdoctor as it's leader..... same spirit.
Get rid of him, God.
Although, more than 100,000 visas have already been granted to Muslims this year by, Carrie Dedrick | Christian Headlines The U.S. State Department...

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Fallout said...

Lord, liberate us from the evil that has overtaken this nation.