Saturday, July 11, 2015

You are the sum total of every book you have read, every movie you have seen, every play, every experience. You can be better

A friend of mine asked the question, What books, not spiritual have you read that you would recoomend.  I did a little library look and review and came up with several I offered him to read.  IF you were to be a well rounded person, these are the books I would read... 

Collapse by Jared Diamond, 
Atlas Shrugged. Rand
Road To Serfdom, Hyack
How to win friends and influence people, How to stop worrying and start living, Carnegie
I'm OK you're OK, 
Games People Play, 
Why Nations Fail,
Men in Black, Mark Levin
The Creature from Jekyll Island, 
Think and Grow Rick
Thriving in Chaos, Peters
Tom Sowell's Basic Economics, 
Gladwell's Blink and Tipping Point, 
The Sun Also Rises (Hemmingway), 
Extraordinary Popular Delusions by McKay, 
Hawking's Brief History of Time, 
Catch 22, 
Fahrenheit 451, 
All of Edgar Alan Poe, 
All of Conan Doyle, 
12 Angry Men, 
Animal Farm, 
Brave New World, 
The Great Gatsby, 
Dickens Full Catalog.. in particular Tale of Two Cities, 
Lord of Flies, 
Heart of Darkness. 
Call of the wild, 
Slaughterhouse 5, 

There are more, but if you would be well rounded... these are things you need to read. I would recommend Shakespeare (Of which I have read or heard all) but it's hard to read such.

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