Friday, August 07, 2015

Five Things I won't Miss About Jon Stewart...

He was quick, funny, sardonic, he could sell his humor,  but he was ignorant as a warthog.   Those who watched him regularly were drug down to his level.  He has reduced the net intelligence of the nation and has helped create the land of low information voters.  He created people who believe ridicule and smugness are actually intellectual arguments or a replacement for discussion.  People who believe they are cool because they bought into his ignorance. 

There are Five things that in his whole career he never got right:

Science.  WOW, did he even ever take a high school science class or was he the class clown. Whenever anything scientific came up, he was always on the stupid side.  Particularly about carbon, global warming cooling whatever.  If you don't know what you are talking about might it not be good to shut up?

Economics.  Another F.  He was a big believer that raising the minimum wage and increasing taxes would lead to economic increase.  He was fed bad information and forwarded it on to his viewers. I don't think he ever had an actual clue about how the economic system actually worked.

Obamacare.  Willful ignorance.  He bought into the lie that Obamacare was about healthcare, not taxes, socialism and control.  He couldn't see past the scam that it has become.  Expensive and broken.  He was incapable of ever examining anything at all with an eye other than toady.

Corruption and Scandals.  Here's where he was most ignorant.  All around him were incompetence, scandal, corruption, evil and graft.  Crony capitalism, IRS, VA, Benghazi, Money Laundering and people in government using power to oppress.  He just played all three monkeys at the same time.. See no evil, hear no evil and never actually speak of the evils of our corrupt government.  So the low information crowd thought things were great. 

BIG BROTHER:  This last is the area that demonstrates his bias.  He was hyper Critical of Bush, the NSA, Phone Call Collecting, Police State tactics, homeland security, the Patriot Act et all.  Then when Obama was elected and dialed all that UP, he LOVED big brother.  Only a very ignorant person is so blind.

I won't miss him at all.

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