Tuesday, August 18, 2015

MLM is for Suckers

I don't think much of Multilevel Marketing.  Here are some thought I shared recently:

In all my years of experience and business I have never known ONE person (before and after) who actually made any real money in network marketing. It doesn't work except for a few who are early in. It depends on recruiting not sales of product. It violates all the principles of being in business for yourself. IF it not YOU it won't succeed.. Sure like Kelvin you'll make a little money for a little while but soon it will peter out. PLEASE PLEASE read and consider what it takes to make it in business. Entrepreneurialism cannot be taught, it must be a mindset that means anything else is unacceptable. A paycheck is hell. Take it from a guy who has formed 5 corporations and has made a heck of a lot of money and lost a heck of a lot of money over the years on my own. I didn't create this matrix, but I describe it from the anvil of experience. Don't try to use network marketing as a substitute for who you are. http://northerngleaner.blogspot.com/.../self-employed.html

Please look at this graphic, there is a sweet spot that ALL of us can find. It is the great convergence. What you are good at, what you have an gift for, what the world will pay you for...and what you love... your experience and your passion converge.
 Too many don't have many things they are any good at, or things they love, or things the world needs or things which you can be paid for. Network Marketing seems like the easy answer except it is deception. When who you are is greater than what you do.. you can have it all and never work a day in your life.

My main problem with MLM is it promises that you can earn money on other people's efforts. That it is structured so you enjoy the multiplication of revenue as others do what you are supposed to be doing. I know people who look at other people not as friends or companions in life by how good they would be in the downline. The worst happens when a senior leader gets involved, every church member becomes a potential recruit. More than one church has been destroyed by such a thing. MLM promises easy passive money but always tomorrow, no one ever really makes money. They become prisoners of hope. Some people become MLM addicts, a friend of mine has been in 18 different schemes. It does attract a class of unsophisticated people who are at the core lazy and don't understand economics well. They are looking for a way to make extra money.. and never do.

 I will say it again, other than a very few who were at the beginning of the MLM no one I have ever known in my whole 70 years on this planet has ever made any serious money in MLM that I knew personally. OH sure I heard anecdotes about this one or that one who made money, but they weren't known to me. You would think for all the people I have ever known at least ONE would have hit it, right? NOPE.

And it's expensive, sure you sign up, it costs a few bucks, then there is the product you agree to buy as a member, and the meetings, and the recruitment events and the conventions and and and.. more people have gone bankrupt trying to get rich on MLM than many other things.

Find out who you are, what you love, what you know how to do that people will pay you for, what your unique factor is and follow your passion and you will never work a day in your life.. never and the money WILL follow.

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