Saturday, October 03, 2015

People are Busy Dying

I read this post on a Blog. 

It struck me, I hope you read it.  In the Christmas Carol there is a line after Scrooge is Dead, "He died a rich man and never enjoyed his money.  He never so much as traveled, stayed warm or ate well".

This is tragic but it's still going on.  People have a money script.  They believe things about money that puts them in bondage.  Here's a good Article on the Money Scripts that keep us poor in life.  

Scrooge had a money script:

• You can't trust anyone with your money.
• People only want you for your money.
• You must work hard for money.
• You can never have enough money.
• Don't spend money on yourself or others.
• Money will give you meaning in life.
• The more money you have, the happier you will be.
• You can never be happy if you are poor.
• Giving to the poor encourages laziness.
• If you had more money, things would be better.

The person who has money but won't use it to enjoy himself is just as poor as the person who doesn't have money and still is unable to enjoy the benifits of it.

You are a long time dead.  You could be dead in a year.  Find a way to enjoy life before the day this becomes your view of the world.  Your last look up before the dirt starts to fall.  There is much to see in the world.  GO.  NOW!!

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