Wednesday, November 04, 2015

What We No Longer Have:

We no longer have marriage. People can marry anything or anyone or as many as they like.  Marriage is no longer honored nor respected.  It has been depreciated to the point where people say, "Why Bother".

We no longer have Gender.  Anyone can decide to be whatever they are. Bruce Jenner is an example.  It has been the case, but today is in spades with boys wanting to shower with the girls.

We no longer honor life.  With a government that blesses Planned Parenthood as they butcher baby bodies for fun and profit (yes one said it was kinda fun), life has lost it's value. That translates to the streets where 9 year old children are executed in Chicago.  Life has lost meaning.

We no longer warn people that drugs are dangerous.  In fact we legalized them in many places.  And more people are on prescription drugs, particularly addictive pain killers and psychotropic drugs.  Weed vending machines are here.

We no longer have shame.  People glorify every perversion imaginable and even have parades.  Homosex is celebrated by the White House and openly accepted in the military.  What used to be something only done behind closed doors is now openly on display and you better not say anything about it... OR ELSE

We no longer have respect on the National Stage.  Our enemies laugh at our current leadership.  Think he is a weak fool.

We no longer have people working productively.  The health care law and the lowest labor participation percentage in several decades has destroyed the employment landscape.  The unemployment % are a sick joke.

We no longer recognize the grace of Provenance in America.  God has been stripped out of the schools, public square and culture.  Being a person of faith is now grounds for ridicule.

We no longer have openness about race and class issues.  Once you could talk about these things without fear of retaliation from left wing social warriors. Now people sit in their echo chambers spewing whatever lies they want to believe.  Truth has been lost.

We no longer have upward mobility.  As jobs are destroyed by an incompetent government, the chance to get ahead is being lost.  Sure you can still work for a few bucks an hour at a hot dog stand, but real employment is gone for many. Demands for a higher minimum wage by stupid people only exacerbates the situation and destroys even more jobs for those who want to enter the work force.

We no longer have a national identity. Once in a late great USA there was a sense of unity.  The last time it was seen or heard was on September 12, 2001.  People were as one, in unity, focused and seeking God.  Now Islam has invaded the USA, we are not one.  And large portions of the population no longer see it as part of their responsibility to defend the USA in the Armed Forces.    The lack of signing up by these populations is stripping the nation of it's military might.

We no longer win anything.  We lost Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and with the numbing and fiddling are losing any credible authority with Russia or China.  Russia takes the Crimea and we sit quietly by.  Islam invades Europe and nothing is said.  We are losers because we have a loser in charge.

What is the commonality of all this?  You know.  But it has to be said.  Destruction is in one man who has released demons globally.  Many prophets warned of this when it happened.. and how we have seen the manifestation of this demonic attack. 

I am optimistic that we can restore the USA once again, but it is going to take much longer to repair and replace than it took to destroy.  It's quick tearing down a building.  Building it back better takes sometimes years.

Let's pray that the lost things can be restored.

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