Monday, December 28, 2015

Speaking of cultural appropriation, keep your mitts off mine

Multicultural diversity succeeded in watering down American culture. We
have to accept thug music (rap) alongside Beethoven. Now the left is
embracing cultural appropriation, a guilt trip laid on gullible white

OK, fair is fair. As a white Christian, I won't eat halal. I won't eat
Thai. I'll even give up General Tso, which is something I actually do

Now give me back the polio vaccine. It is part of the Judeo-Christian
tradition. It was developed by Jews (there are two vaccines).

Also, give back pasteurized milk.

The automobile.

The airplane.

The train.

Electricity, the Internet, skyscrapers, radio, television, and the cellphone -- or any other kind of phone. Transistors, too.

Jews and Christians have done more positive good for the world than any other group.

Don Surber: Speaking of cultural appropriation, keep your mitts off mine

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Anonymous said...

Nice list. It's not so subtle in its implicit juxtaposition of multiculturalism/race (and "thug" rap music) on top of perceived religious divides. Gullible white people? Like the "slack-jawed dingus" (my colloquial equivalent to "thug") who doesn't realize there are black Christian churches too?

Back to this list. The majority of these are American inventions that were developed during slavery and the pre-civil rights era, and it doesn't take into account the fact that racism and oppression prevented minorities from receiving a decent public education and being hired in laboratories. When you are stripped of your basic human rights, it makes it pretty difficult to look past survival. Maybe the list would be twice as long if there weren't such an ugly truth behind it.

What about Egyptian inventions? Written Language. What good is the internet without that? The calendar. How would you know when to celebrate Jesus' birthday? Agricultural tools that paved the way for the modern horticulturist.

Sure, Beethoven is great. So is jazz. Where do you suppose that came from? Nobody is forcing you to listen to or "accept" rap. This is a purely subjective assessment based on personal taste. Modern pop-country is far more egregious than any form of rap, in my opinion, and unfortunately it continues to leak out of the bible belt like sewage into the public drainage system. Plumbing, an invention originating somewhere around 2500 BC, predates both Judaism and Christianity.

I hope you like shitting in the backyard.