Friday, March 04, 2016

Why Romney Fell on his Sword

In the old times of war a leader would many times commit suicide rather than be captured by a hostile force. It was called falling on one's sword. 

King Saul did this:  1 Samuel 31:4-5

Then Saul said to his armor-bearer, “Draw your sword, and thrust me through with it, lest these uncircumcised come and thrust me through, and mistreat me.” But his armor-bearer would not, for he feared greatly. Therefore Saul took his own sword and fell upon it. And when his armor-bearer saw that Saul was dead, he also fell upon his sword and died with him.

He has been roundly criticized, called a loser, despised and rejected.  It's what happens when you commit open political suicide.  He will never again be held in any esteem. Yet it was far more important to him, because he loves this country, to bring what he sees as truth.  While what he said was stinging and may not make any difference to anyone, it was what he believed he had to do.  To remain silent was not possible.

He is dead to most of the Republican party and to many even that oppose Donald Trump.  Dead by suicide politically.

Yet he was the only one who could practically bring this message.  He earned the right by having once carried the Republican nomination.  McCain is the other.  Bush might have but he didn't.  I wish he had. 

So while many are angry, the message needed to be given. That Trump is a con man.  That he is ignorant of much that matters to be President.  That he is not that good at what he does.  That he is crude and abusive.  If he is crude and abusive as a candidate, what happens if he ends up on the national stage.  He does not have the temperament to be President.

SO for that I thank Governor Romney for his sacrifice. I thank God there is courage left. I know it has and will cost him dearly.  Yet he was the right man to do the right thing.  To stay silent in the face of insipid evil is worse than treason.

 “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.
Not to speak is to speak.
Not to act is to act.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Fallout said...

If you take it on face value, then Romney took one for the Gipper and did the right thing to help save the country.

But, who is his Gipper? Is it the Republican Party of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee or the party that is run by the Elites? Did the Elites put him out there in an attempt to save their power structure?

If you believe as Ted Cruz that Washington DC is a cartel then who is that cartel...the people that Romney represents?

Fallout said...

I wrote this about our government back I July 2015 in response to:

This is more disturbing than you can imagine


Our federal government is nothing more than a criminal enterprise. Power, money and sex has corrupted congress causing a majority to be NWO sympathizers. They're bought and paid for and in return they follow the instructions of their controllers. Ultimately it's the New World Order Elites who are calling the shots.

The NWO has their tentacles into everything including the media and CIA. We complain that the MSM is too liberal and does not treat conservatives fairly...there are too many liberals in the media tainting the news. The issue is much more complicated than that. The NWO has been setting up and organizing the control of the media (and politicians) for decades.

Using the media to feed us stories that build an agenda and ignoring those stories hurt that agenda is a form of mind control. The CIA is in the information business and they feed stories to the media that help build the NWO agenda and others that tear down its enemies. The story linked by Gene, “The Trails of All Modern Social Activism Lead Back To The White House….” uncovers a piece of the NWO agenda to tear apart this nation. But, you noticed that the MSM did not and will not report this story. They report on the so-called racism and injustice that is taking place in the country, reciting lines that were hand fed to them by the controllers of the NWO. Information control is mind control.

Earlier this year there was a story about Bill Clinton visiting “orgy island” in the Caribbean owned by a convicted pedophile, Jeffery Epstein. The island is frequented by the rich and famous and is said to include Britain's Prince Andrew and well known attorney Alan Dershowitz who defended Jeffery Epstein in his pedophile case years ago. The island is reported to have under aged girls running around naked. (Do you think that they do that on their own free will?)

Have you ever wondered why this story is no longer being talked about here in the U.S.? Could it be that the main stream media is covering up the story? Headlines read “Lawyer Blasts Claim That Bill Clinton...” and that lawyer is none other than Alan Dershowitz. The media are accomplices with the NWO Elites to fundamentally transform America.

Ever wonder why we've had a war on drugs for decades but still there are as many drugs available today as when it started? Ever wonder why there are still as many poppy fields in Afghanistan today as there was before we entered the country? The CIA has taken over the drug business. They use that money to finance “black operations” and to payoff government officials and to build their own power base. The leadership of the CIA is working toward a NWO while the underlings work in the dark to better the country.

The NWO Elite have infiltrated our entire government and have been accelerating their agenda. Their time has come. Why would the republicans hand over fast track trade authority to Obama? They complained that Obama has abused his authority and has taken power from them and yet vote to give him additional authority? That makes no sense.

The Capitol has become The Hotel California.*

The NWO Elites have a grip on our nation that will be nearly impossible to get out of.


Fallout said...

Last night Bill O interviewed Newt Gingrich and asked him why the republican establishment is scared of Trump. Newt said: they are faced with the prospect of Donald Trump becoming the leader of the party...and it absolutely drives them crazy.” Bill O, Why? “Well because he's an outsider. He's not them. He's not part of the club. He's uncontrollable. Ah, he hasn't been through the initiation rights. He didn't belong to the secrete society. They have no idea how to relate to him.”

Fallout said...

If Hillary becomes President she will advance the NWO agenda by using a cooperative congress to hand over many of our rights to the UN. Oh, the Republicans will put on a show for TV but will let it happen. Our borders will still be porous and our sovereignty will be diminished. Special rights for all who supported her and a heavy hand on those who stand up for the Constitution. The bottom line is that she will invite higher levels of Baal to rule in the country.

If Donald Trump wins the election he will disrupt the plans of the establishment who will probably use race wars and division to prove their point that Trump is trouble. But, should he survive the 4 year term Trump will have caused much harm to the NWO agenda. Investigating 9/11, Benghazi, and other events will cause a firestorm in the governmental systems destroying the works and goals of the establishment...

The pain the country will feel as the nation becomes disconnected from the elite establishment is it not better than handing our liberties over to the UN causing a slow death to our Constitution and American culture?