Monday, April 04, 2016

Racism is not just White

By Vaughn Allen Clark

I want to expose something that I do not want to raise a firestorm of comments and reactions....I am at odds with what "elite liberalism" is doing to our colleges and universities. Besides being pro-Moslem, there is a stunning "teaching" that it is impossible for minorities to be racist since they have been the victims of the oppressive white race, and that hatred, violence, etc against whites is not racism, but a natural and valid response to the racism and racists acts of white people.

I am absolutely heartbroken over the history of how people of color have been treated in this country in the past. I did not do it, nor do any white people I know living. I discovered that my original ancestor here, an Irishman, refused to own slaves, probably due to his personal exposure to the Irish slaves England trafficked.

I also am appalled beyond my ability to express it in words at the unfathomable hatred that young white and black people seem to ENJOY.

If this is all the Civil Rights Movement has come to after all this time, then Satan has had his way.

Marxism often rides on the back of valid social concerns and is thinly veiled behind "social action" and "community planning" . One needs to ask questions about the "communication" and money that has been passed through chains of command of organizations, groups, and gangs affilated with the Nation of Islam and George Soros.

The word on the streets, in the prisons, even in the public schools, and in many other arenas one would think would be respectable, that white men and boys, and old white people are to be targeted.

To quote the president, in the last election "Vote for vengeance!"

I presume then in the social and demonic thought of influential people there is an ancient blood debt of blacks against whites which can be "legally" exacted, or without full prosecution.

I do not for a moment believe that this is the majority of the Black Americans I know. My life has been enormously enriched by Black people from my earliest days. They have been my surrogate parents, caretakers, protectors, and friends. I rejected my own family whose racist words and actions were disgusting to me.

I am asking white and black Christians to pray and to walk and ride the streets of your towns and cities and ask God to prevent racial bloodshed.

I am asking white and black Christians to be Christians and Americans.

I am weary of what I see and feel in my spirit man.

For the record I am a Christian whose vote is determined by whoever will spare the lives of the unborn and will work to preserve the family.

That does not make me a "racist" or a "cracker".

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