Friday, June 10, 2016

Even though doing so will be painful.. there are reasons why I will have to vote for Donald Trump.

1. The Supreme Court. The left is getting positively giddy at the
prospect of a Supreme Court with a solid block of five liberal justices
who will reliably oppose conservatives on issues they consider vital,
from gun rights to religious liberty to abortion. Mark Tushnet, an
influential figure on the legal left, is already essentially advocating a
total judicial war on conservative policies, particularly those involving social conservatives.

The regulatory disputes surrounding everything from birth control to
transgender teens make a lot of religious groups feel -- not entirely
unreasonably -- that they are facing an existential threat, as their
rights of free association and conscience are trimmed back to “You can
say it in the privacy of your own home, or at church, but don’t you dare
act upon what you believe.”

2. Immigration. Trump supporters
are not wrong to say that elites of both parties have basically
conspired to keep both immigration and trade off the agenda. Nor are
they wrong to be annoyed when any opposition to increased immigration,
or to legalizing people who are here illegally, is immediately dismissed
as racist. No one who wrings their hands about gentrification can
reasonably dismiss “I like my community the way it is” as an inherently
racist and illegitimate sentiment.

Moreover, in a country
with birthright voters, immigration means importing your future
electorate; this, of course, sounds splendid to people on the left who
think that this electorate will be more friendly to social democratic
programs, but it is perfectly reasonable for people who prefer a more
conservative government to oppose greater immigration for the same
reason. Opposition to immigration can be racist, but it isn’t
necessarily so.

3. Elites need a rebuke. For all my criticisms
of Trump and his supporters -- and they have been many -- I find myself
quite sympathetic with the folks who are angry at the establishment.
Elites are smug. They are obnoxiously condescending. They have colluded
to keep legitimate issues off the table.

This sort of elite
collusion can certainly work, but if it becomes too disconnected from
the electorate, a political reaction is inevitable. We are in the middle
of that reaction. And I have to say that if I were out there in flyover
country, I’d probably be pretty mad too.

4. Economics. We are
on a long slide and even though I am skeptical of his actual prowess in
business and his ethical issues, we need someone who has actually HAD
business experience. The level of ignorance among the current
administration about economics and the level of corruption of Hillary
Clinton forces me to vote for Trump.

Sometimes by not voting for the lesser of two evils means the greater of two evils becomes the President.

Five Reasons Decent People May Want to Back Trump - Bloomberg View

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Fallout said...

Finally :) To me most elections are about choosing the lesser of two evils... Because the reasons that you listed are so fundamental and necessary for this country to even exist, one must vote for Trump or risk losing this Republic. (If Trump wins, the left will cause chaos in the streets.)

BTW, Mitt Romney makes me sick...His "trickle down racism" speech given just yesterday, completely changed my mind about him. What a SOB. To run a third party candidate would hand the election to Hillary.