Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Why are there no BLACK BRICKLAYERS? Where is LLOYD?


We bemoan the fact that there is high unemployment in the city among African Americans. The cry is if there were more good paying jobs that would solve many problems.  I got to thinking, there are but there aren't people available to take them. Here's the example, I will a name, LLOYD. It's a fictitious name, but it represents a black male of about 35 years old. I use this to illustrate the point. 

(By the way, there are almost no black bricklayers. Why?)

We will know we will have made the grade when you hear people say things like:

You need new granite counter-tops? get LLOYD to put them in, no one can form a piece of granite like he can.

Your car's engine blew up? LLOYD can build an engine from scratch and when he does it will last twice as long as the one from the factory. He's the best.

You had a fender bender? Take it to LLOYD. You'll never know it was in an accident.. and it will look like new. His prices are not cheap, but in line.

You need to get your rooms painted? LLOYD is so careful and perfect you never need to paint again for years. You will love the job he does.

You need new cabinets? Let LLOYD do it. He builds them from scratch and each one he puts in is perfect. I have some. WOW.

You need some work done on your yard? Let me recommend LLOYD. He planted my bushes and trimmed my trees. My yard has never looked better.

You say your plumbing has sprung a leak? Call LLOYD, he knows everything about plumbing and is quick, efficient and you don't have to call him a second time.

You need some new lights installed? LLOYD is my guy to do wiring in my house. I never worry because LLOYD does it right.

You get the drift. I speak as a white guy. This is how we talk about each other in our neigborhoods. Everybody knows a guy who is just exceptional at his skill and craft. When you ask, a name comes up. It just works. "I got a guy"

Now what can we do to have this kind of thing in the neighborhoods of Chicago? It's not enough to play good music, do good art and cook well. We need skilled LLOYDs to train new LLOYDs and take back the trades.

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