Sunday, July 03, 2016

Seven Things Worth Going Battle for this Independance Day

A few years ago there was a movie called "Independence day". There is a remake this year.  So what is it that we would fight for in the USA?  There are some I am ready at my limited capacity to go to war for.  They root out of my core vales.  When you hear people talk about restoring the USA.. this is what they mean:

7 Things Worth Going to Battle for this Independence Day.

1. The sanctity of Life before birth and after birth. Equality before the law, for all people, born and unborn.  Life must be the core value in health care, prisons, education and law enforcement.

2. The essential of strong families and traditional marriage must be held without creating artificial modes of cultural incursion into what is Marriage according to the Bible.  Special interests to impose cultural change must be eliminated.

3. The need to do good in the world thru Non Governmental Efforts (NGOs). Charity and Relief is best done by individuals and Churches.  A strong military must be used only for defense of our nation and it’s citizens abroad, never for humanitarian purposes.

4. The essential human right of Freedom of Speech for everyone. Basic human rights must not to be infringed by anyone-- (freedom of association, right to bear arms, right to privacy, freedom of religion, etc).  Political office must be possible for every citizen who has a desire to serve to protect these rights from special interests who might try to change them.  Special interests of all kinds must be exposed and eliminated. 

5. The elimination of all forms of racism.  This must be done while encouraging assimilation into society by people who speak a language other than English or come from a culture that is at high variance with the culture in the USA.  English being the international language of trade must be the dominant language taught in schools and used in commerce.  Those who do not or cannot speak English are handicapped in today’s marketplace and can become a burden on society.

6. Private liberty balanced with public decency and morality. Not imposed.  Liberty is reserved for people who are in this nation according to the rule of law.  If a person is in the USA without legal status, they can not be accorded the protections that citizens have.  They are here illegally and that must be first addressed.

7. Limited simplified government that promotes free market principles with minimal intervention from government or government-like bodies. Lower income taxes for people and business promotes commerce and must be the goal along with a reduction in spending towards a balanced budget.  Domestic employment will increase as government decreases. 

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