Friday, August 19, 2016

A call to WAR

Please know my heart. I want to see Donald Trump win over Hillary Clinton with emphasis on the last. Yet I have a lifetime of experience that tells me how hard this is going to be. Here is part of my personal history that informs what I know and how hard this will be.

- have been a part of 3 church plants 2 of which failed. One of which morphed into something else. No matter how much we believed, no matter how much we tried.. it didn't come together. Faith isn't enough. Never before and in particular in this election, faith without works is dead.

- have formed from scratch 5 corporations in my life time. Two of which failed. Not bankrupt, just Kaput. 3 that became very successful and produced lucrative return. I know what it means to believe with all your heart that things are going to work out.. but without the right amount of vision there is no hope. That vision must be mixed with work as well. All the faith in the world won't substitute for hard work and a plan.

- married to the same woman for half a century. It didn't just happen, it took vision, perseverance and staying the course when it could have collapsed.

- now work in a business that requires me to work harder than I have worked in years. Even when I was CEO of two international corporations (not my own) I was aware of how close to disaster we were. All the happy talk in the world couldn't replace sticking to the knitting and focus on action not talk.

Now we are engaged in what in my view is the most important political campaign in my lifetime. Barack Obama was scary, Hillary Clinton is terrifying. Donald Trump is trying and he is a hard worker, but he needs to stay steady. More important his supporters and even those who are not enthusiastic about him must concentrate on getting him elected more important defeating Hillary Clinton. This takes money, time, talking to everyone you know, encouraging people to face reality. This is going to be VERY HARD. Happy talk words of prophecy confidence and fearlessness in thinking Trump is going to win by a landslide when everything I know says this is close, very very close.

As a business owner, CEO and entrepreneur I have to look at hard numbers on an operating statement, on a balance sheet and make hard decisions. That's what winners do. Find all the facts, face them and come up with a way to succeed in spite of the situation.

I will ask an arrogant question, what have you done in your life that amounts to enough to qualify you to make wild and empty claims that the numbers mean nothing. I don't want to discourage you. I need you to double down on your support for defeating Hillary Clinton at any cost. For saving the supreme court, for getting rid of corrupt government. There is no other choice than TRUMP.. everything and everyone else is fantasy. Look at the balance sheet and adjust your strategy. It's time.

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