Monday, August 29, 2016

Why should a White Boy from the Lily White Suburbs Give a Rats Behind What Happens to Blacks or the Inner City??

I have been vocal and concerned about all things racial, political, injustice, cultural and everything that has to do with the Black Community.  True Confession.  I am European American.  Lily white.  YET.. I know with all my heart that this cannot continue.  To quote a man who lost a cousin a few days ago.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I won't list all the problems the black community has.  You know what they are.  MOST are not caused by white folks despite what the race baiters try to tell you. I'll let Donald Trump tell you so you can be mad at him.

Here's why it matters to ME, PERSONALLY. Why I want to see it stop.  Why I fight for solutions:
  • This is a drag on our economic future to keep this separation going
  • There are talented and capable men and women who never get a chance to contribute to curing cancer, aids, or tooth decay. The solutions are out there.
  • There is a cultural decline directly connected to the decline in the culture of the black community.  50 years ago a child out of wedlock was considered a tragedy.  Now.. it's the norm.
  • The violence we see in all of our culture is rooted in lawlessness and enough is enough
  • The willingness to accept corruption at a high level is polluting our society. 
  • The level of trust inside the culture and the community is very low. 
  • The destruction and decay of neighborhoods drive taxes up for everyone and puts a burden on everyone
  • The police state tactics required to keep even a moderate level of safety impacts my civil rights too
  • The decline of the family has spread into the wider culture and now household formation is the lowest it has been in a half century.
  • The constant drain on resources to keep the illusion we are "Helping" is making life difficult for us all.
  • The lack of competent schools teaching black kids is dumbing down the whole education system and that's bad for my kids and grand kids and great grand kids.

The list can go on and on.  You can provide your own additions.  It is in my best self interest to enter into and try to discover ways to help the black community get out of the hole.   My solutions are not going to be easily adapted.  The truth is to transform this community into a functional productive part of the national footprint will not take MONEY, it will take commitment.  It starts with schools, homes, churches, television, movies, music, government and NGO leaders that can represent the best interests of the people who need to see a way up and a way out.

I am sick of otherwise good people destroyed by a system and a culture that is designed to pull them back down into the cesspool when they try to get out.   It's really hard to get out.  You will be called all sorts of names. You have to be strong.  You have to be counter cultural.

Here's the reality.   Blaming others for what is a horrid situation is no solution.  Racism exists, that much is sure, but racism isn't the problem.  Lack of vision to escape the corrupt culture is.  This is true of barrio Hispanics, American Indians and poor white thrash as well.

It is in my best interest to try to find a higher vision, an better life, a way up and out.  Not to continue to fight a battle that isn't the real battle.  We have to get past the blame game and grasp what it means to us all if we don't solve the problems.  Government can't and won't solve it.  It's not in Government's interest to do so.  Government exists because cultural solutions do not.

Someday IF those of us who believe for better succeed we will see highly successful black business hiring people of all races.  We will see well run states and cities led by black people being operated at a high level of confidence and without corruption. We will see neighborhoods safe no matter where you go. There will be no "Bad Side of Town".  We will see neighbors of all shades living and working together ... in other words it will become like many towns and cities many live in today that are mostly populated by others ... safe, clean, productive, low tax, good services, ample opportunity, good roads, good schools, tax paying not tax taking and producing more and more of it's best citizens to carry on the next generation.   That should not be a white black red brown or yellow thing.  That should be human.

It is much like Robert Theobald said 40 years ago in a Speech I heard:  "Women will come into business and industry and they will succeed... and then one day we will say, they are just like a man".

I want some diversity, but not to adapt it as a national model.  We must be first and foremost Americans, USA... then whatever your heritage is a far distant second.

Our world depends on it.  We have bigger fish to fry.. let's get at it. 

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