Monday, December 26, 2016

What Women Want

I saw this on Facebook.  A woman posted this.  SHE IS SINGLE.  And daydreaming.

In any case.. read and be amused

20 things Women Want in and from a man. Here are the following things Women want or expect.
1. She is looking for a Spiritual man. One who loves God first
2. She is looking for a leader. Women actually want you to take the lead and be the priest that you are. Women are attracted to men that have power.
3. She's looking for a man with great qualities. Loving, caring, kind, respectful, integral and honest.
4. She is looking for a man that can give her something she cannot give or do for herself.
5 Women are looking for a man to be sensitive and in tune to her needs. she's looking for attention. If you don't give it to her, you put her at risk to seek it elsewhere.
6. She is looking for quality time. If you don't spend time with her you will lose her. No one wants to be in a relationship and still feel alone. Make time. Being too busy will destroy your relationship. Too busy means i dont have time for you and you are not a priority. This also tells her you may not be interested and she is not as important to you.
7. She is looking for Communication- This is MUST for a woman. Failure to do so can jepordize the relationship. Women like to communicate and for a man to listen.
8. She is looking for someone that is financially stable. If you don't have it together it suggest that you don't have your priorities in order. if you can't manage money how can you support her.
9. Women are looking for security. She loves to feel protected.
10. Women want to feel wanted and that she's the only woman that you want. any signs that you're a game player or you have options will easily push her away.
11. She's looking for a man that has management skills and can maintain a home.
12. Women want men that she's physically attracted and more so emotionally attracted. Women are whipped by words. Minister too her mind. Touch her without touching her
13.Women want men that are sexually skilled. You have appeal and you're creative.
14. Women want men that have a good personality. make her laugh
if you are dry, boring, bland predictable she'll lose interest. be spontaneous and full of surprises.
15. Women want men that are confident but not arrogant and prideful. if you are immature and stuck in your ways she will start to become disgusted.
16. Women want men to take them out on adventure. Go out and have fun. She wants balance.
17. She wants a man that's a hard worker, and motivated. If you are lazy she will not consider you.
18. Women want a man that will publicly display their love and affection
19. Women want men that will love her and her children.
20. Women want men that is willing to marry her

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