Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Trump is not like anyone you have seen in office perhaps since LBJ or FDR. Neither of those men feared the press. Neither does Trump. Why should he? They can’t touch him. Oh, they can stir up phony outrage, but in the end he wins. He did today.

CNN really stepped in it by releasing or causing to be released a totally fabricated story of whores peeing on a bed. Even if you hate Trump, you gotta love truth. Loving truth means that when someone comes up with a fake story with no substantiation whatsoever you may not be required to defend the man, but you must defend the truth.

Trump does not reward incompetence. It’s how he became wealthy. How he gained and now holds power. If you oppose him, he will strike back, twice as hard. President Obama said that but he never was able to wield the authority to get the job done. He never learned to strike hard. What you are seeing now is the kind of authority in office we have been missing for a long time. Not even with Bush 2.

I wonder if CNN will even be given white house credentials. Trump has the ability to withhold them and in my opinion should.

Next time someone comes up with another fake accusation about Trump it will bounce off him like a pea shooter from a battle ship. The press if they are smart will have learned their lesson from this. That they need to be more careful.

I do wish the press including CNN were populated with smart people. They aren’t. When Trumps Lawyer outlined they structure for distance in Trumps business, the press tried to shoot it down. Their lack of understanding and knowledge became instantly apparent. You don’t need to know anything to be a reporter. Brian Williams demonstrated that. You just gotta look good doing it.

It’s also the reason President Trump must NEVER release his tax returns….ever. No one could understand them and even if they tried they would misinterpret them. It’s a lost cause.

My Fellow Christian Brothers and Sisters who are upset that President Trump exists, I know it’s a painful time for you. Your Beloved President is stepping down for someone who doesn’t share your view of how the world should work. Let me tell you, I understand. When President Obama became POTUS in 2009 I had the same emotions. George W Bush who despite some screw ups, I liked as a human being immensely. My concern with Pres Obama was his lack of experience. He had never actually held a real job. I’m not one who would say as some have that he came into office without any experience and is leaving the same way. He leaves with experience. I don’t believe him to have been a very good or successful President. I DO think he leaves a great role model of a moral man who loves his family and demonstrates all that is good. I am however glad his term is over. When he did right or made good decisions which did happen from time to time I applauded him. Supported him. When he got it wrong I did not.

I have lived thru the last 8 years. It’s been painful. I am of the firm position that his Presidency has had a negative effect on the Church of Jesus. Moral certitude that in 2008 regarding marriage, abortion, gays in the military, acceptance of Islam and sloth has become a part of the canon and that’s not good. Too much of his leaven has invaded the church of Jesus particularly in the community and it’s time to come back to righteousness. Start standing for truth once again. There is a lot to repent of from being polluted by the democrat party.

You probably won’t agree with me.. I get that. You will survive this for the next 8 years. If after 8 years of Trump Pence or Perhaps Pence somebody. I survived Obama. The nation will go on. He’s not the antichrist and I never thought Obama was. Just relax, give the man a chance. See if he might surprise you and be prepared to say, “I might just have been wrong about him”. I know that seems impossible right now.. but it’s time for peace. Don’t get all upset about every little thing he does. You’ll go nuts. I know many say being a liberal democrat is mental illness.. it may not be, but getting all verklempt over everything Trump says or does and taking offense to it is spiritual Trump Derangement Syndrome. Stop being led around by everything you see and hear. Stand for truth.


Anonymous said...

Well said and AMEN! I think liberals are afraid that everything Obama and the Democrats did will be reversed because they lost "power". Im praying a lot will, but not because of the Republicans or anyone else can, but because we get BACK to what we were founded on: being a republic based on biblical principles and a firm foundation in God.

How can we as the USA have the favor of God if we're the ones promoting so much sin? Abortion made easy, divorce and the decline of the family at an all-time high, purposeful and blatant division between all races and cultures by the government itself, when we compromise our souls in order to have acceptance of everything right or wrong...?

'When things ain't workin', go back to the basics' is what Ive always said as a leader. Our Nation needs to do that. It begins in the heart and the real KEY is the Church as a catalyst to be the light, for we have the REAL Light. The Church, and Im saying this as a church Pastor, needs to stop looking at what the world is doing and try to copy it, even when it means we re-write the Bible in doing so. Sin is sin is sin. Period. The Bible is abundantly clear on what sin is, and when we FINALLY stand up as the people of the Living God and boldly proclaim that JESUS IS LORD, repent and confess, the Church will be HEALED to the point where we won't be able to contain REAL TRUTH.

Someone will read this and spin this into "we need to meet people where they're at" and quotes like that. Absolutly! BUT, we need to be CLEAR on what God's standard is, without compromise, and STAND UP and STAND OUT in this world, declaring the Word of God. We don't ever change people - God does. Let's help lead the way to Him, where the only real Truth is.

We could have so much as a nation. We could do so much. God's desire for us is to have His Best, for each and everyone of us. It all begins with absolute Truth.

In my entire journey I've realized one complete and clear Truth. When you do things your way, you get your results. When you do things God's way, you get God's results. Every single Bible figure had a weakness or was broken. Even Jesus was on the Cross. But God used every single one for HIS Glory, and they all were able to do amazing things (Eph. 3:20 stuff). God can use every one of us, no matter what we've done or where we've been. It begins with mercy and grace. Remember: people don't decide your destiny, only God does. Don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise.

btw - I NEVER comment on news things or political issues or things like that. But we're at the point in time where EVERYTHING is in the line. What will YOU do?

2 Chronicles 7:14 - If My people,....


Gene said...

You would be shocked at the people who cannot stand to hear or read the things I say. I had someone take such offense that they virtually threatened me. It's time to call it what it is, the bait of satan. Bless you my brother.