Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Style Versus Substance:

After 8 years of posturing, posing, prevaricating, pandering, and just plain lying, are We The People ready for plain Jane, unadulterated, a little rough around the edges and definitely not smooth? Can we handle the regular Joe versus, the actor in chief? Is it possible for us to have respect for someone who sounds more like us than Jean Luc Picard on his mission into the unknown?

So many questions but the answers are far less complex than we can imagine. There is a hunger within each of us that cries out for truth and we have been denied it for a long time by the news media and its commitment to an agenda/philosophy driven manipulation of the people. Mr. Trump may not be smooth, but we can trust and then verify what he says. The media folks want to lie to us in a fashion that shows that they are our moral superiors, those who should have the rule over us through their elite positions. I trust them as far as I can throw them.

We have a great responsibility now to not only trust, but verify as one of the better Presidents told us, but also to hold our leadership to a level of performance that would warrant our trust. That means that we need to tell them what we want at all times. When they stray from the path that we have placed them on and drift from their promises, we must loudly protest and with gusto demand that they get back to the basic principles that they told us guided them. Laziness on our part may have aided in the process of the marxification of the White House. Not taking care of our foundational responsibilities in the education arena might have led to the capture of the system by socialists and atheists and the drift to the left that is captivating our children. Again, time to stand up and grab hold of the rudder of that ship and get it back on course. If that means private schools, then sacrifice for it, if it means home schooling, then do as God directs.

You want America to be great again? The its up to you to "make it so". This is work for the committed, not the coddled. Time for the worker in all of us to get to work, righting the wrongs, tearing down the strongholds, and being an example of what is important in this life and the life to come for our children and future generations. Wouldn't it be great to know that history may record our time on the planet as the "great resurgence of first principles". A time remembered fondly and proudly as the time when America restored its roots and found its focus again. May God help us to make it so.

- Dr. Jim Garrow -

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