Sunday, March 26, 2017


Since the failed vote potential on Friday here's what has happened and what it means:

Democrats celebrated and called Trump names (Pelosi). Reality is beginning to set in. No matter how they try to hang it on Trump.. this mess is still their mess... Obamacare. He was Hitler last week, now he's a loser idiot. Can't have it both ways.. but they'll try.

Republicans and conservatives have declared war on each other. This isn't good but it is essential. I'm not republican, I'm conservative and believe no bill is better than a bad bill. We have a three party system in this country. The coalition known as republican at least has people of conviction and courage in it. The democrats are a joke.

Trump has to find where they put his rear end they handed to him. This might turn out for good (ever a Romans 8-28 believer). Not just humility but knowing that your friends aren't always your friends.
Lots of tisk tisk tisk media will have advice for Trump. IGNORE THEM. They are only interested in neutering you sir.

Democrats have lost their way. They are being led by the most insane among us. They have no center, no core, no focus. They ALL voted for the mess known as Obamacare.. they are sheep. Ignore them, they have once again marginalized themselves. Move ahead.

Time to get the train going. Get the cars lined up and get it moving. TAX REFORM NOW, IF we are going to do some infrastructure rebuilding let's go, Lets get about restoring constitutional rights like second amendment with universal conceal carry nationally, lets turn back the attacks on free speech that have caused this country to live in fear of offending someone.

There is much to do. Obamacare is going to have to die. Let the hotshots that came up with this mess come to the table.

The wall? OK.. something something something but get moving on the other big priorities we have on the table. A corporate tax rate of 12% will bring huge amounts of cash back into the economy.

Remember Mr Trump, most of those you trusted to do right by you didn't and won't. Start preparing that nice going away party for Former Speaker Ryan. Let's see Dave Brat from VA in that post. He's right up your alley and would be a great Speaker.


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