Sunday, August 06, 2017

You are Supposed to be the HEAD and not the TAIL - Choose Better

Labels on people are a way to try to bully others into silence. I'm not going to play. I am accused by some of being a white Supremacist. I am white. That doesn't make me a supremacist. It's because of what I know to be true that makes me a Supremacist. To put it clearly, there are things that I believe that are superior to, better and a full rank above others.

You may just be one too. This is not a comprehensive list, it is however a list of those things I KNOW without a doubt people who believe as I do are superior to those who do not. We in that way are Supremacists. It's not about skin color. You might be a Black Supremacist if you believe these things, a White, brown, red or yellow Supremacist. The opposite of Supreme according to a thesaurus is surrender, submit, yield, mismanage and subservience. You can decide you would rather be that if you like. It's God's will for us to be the Head and NOT the tail. I strive to remain a supremacist in my values and beliefs.

I am a Supremacist Because I believe these things:

I am a supremacist when it comes to values and culture: I believe that Western Values and Western Culture is Supremely better than any other. All cultures outside those core western moral values are inferior. Western culture is supreme because it roots in God's law. That moral compass defines what is right and wrong and when you stray from that you become inferior.

I am a supremacist when it comes to economics: I believe that Capitalism in it's purest form is supreme over any other system of economics. It's not perfect but there is nothing on the face of the earth that holds a candle to pure capitalism when practiced. The USA today is not that.. but was. It can be again.

I am a supremacist when it comes to world religions: I believe that there is only one Supreme Being, his Name is Yahweh.. and He is ever-present among us.. we know him as JESUS. He is the fullness of the Godhead, Father and Holy Ghost are all part of the trinity. All other belief systems are inferior.

I am a supremacist when it comes to the USA: I believe that USA is an idea supreme over any other nation on the earth. No one is dying to get into Angola for opportunity. They die every day trying to come here. It's not the country, it's the idea of America.

I am a supremacist when it comes to political philosophy: I believe that Conservatism with a libertarian bent as a political philosophy is far superior to anything resembling liberalism. The Republican party has little representation of this brand of conservatism and the Democrat party has almost none. I believe that a well armed and well informed electorate is essential to our freedom. I see the negative inferior example of it in Venezuela. Tyranny results when an inferior political philosophy is in power.

I am a supremacist when it comes to marriage and family: I believe the supreme plan is for men and women to be fruitful and populate the earth in marriage. All same sex, homosexual pride, trans something, bi something and whatever else you can think of is inferior to marriage and family. I hate divorce.. I know it happens, but marriage is sacred. This is a place where we struggle but having a moral compass unstained and unmoved by popular opinion and supreme court pronouncements is essential.

I am a supremacist when it comes to Mercy and Provision for the poor: I believe in the concept as taught in the Word of God of generosity giving into the storehouse so that there be food enough is God's plan. Many church groups do not practice this. All other methods of trying to administer charity and in particular government by stealing money thru taxes is inferior. Charity and mercy must be the role of the Body of Christ on earth. This goes for all mercy including welfare, health care, housing and employment. Everyone deserves a chance but no one deserves a free ride. If you will not work, neither will you eat. Take care of the widows and orphans (This includes single mothers). Welfare worked best when it was conducted in Christian Charity and not by any bureaucracy. The state is far inferior.

I am a supremacist when it comes to Christian Theology: I understand there are many expressions of Christianity and even some who call themselves Christian but aren't. They are not equal. Some are superior to others. Those that are are supreme and therefore embracing one of those makes me a supremacist. If I didn't think what I believe to be supreme, I would change my view. It's not a democracy, popular opinion doesn't reign. In the end we all must wrestle with issues and arrive where God brings us. There are superior and inferior destinations. Choose better.

I am a supremacist when it comes to life: This is not just about abortion, but about euthanasia, wanton killing in the streets and abuse in any form of others. Today to be solidly in favor of life and against any taking of it in any form is considered an aberration. The "life is supremely sacred" position is superior and any compromise is inferior. ALL life is sacred, before birth and to the natural end. Believing that makes me a supremacist.

I am a supremacist when it comes to racism. ALL racism, all racial oppression, all racial discrimination and abuse is wrong. There must never be any form of racism from any group anywhere ever. I do not believe there is any justification for racism. I tolerate no form of racism. I am a supremacist in this area. I believe you should be too. I am better than those black, white, red, yellow and brown who use race as a tool to divide people along color lines. I am better than the Social justice warriors who use race as an excuse for death and destruction in response to police brutality. These social justice warriors are racists. I despise what happened to Erik Grant, Tamir Rice and Walter Scott. There are bad episodes, like the pajama clad Australian woman shot dead in the alley in Minneapolis. No one is rioting, burning reeking death and destruction over such a stupid action by a black cop against a white woman. It's a superior response from a superior culture. The other response is inferior. What we saw in Ferguson, Baltimore and South Carolina is inferior. When I call it thus.. it's called racist. It's not. All racism is wrong and when racists use riot and destruction to support their cause that is the ultimate racism inflamed by the true racists in our country.

Some values are better than others. Some cultures are better than others. Some religions are better than others. In our upside down world if you embrace, support and believe them you are called extreme. They say if you believe them it makes you a supremacist.

Be one. Choose to be the head and not the tail. Choose this day who you will serve. It is the will of God concerning you.

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