Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The worst president in history spits again

I don't get Jimmy Carter. He's the worst President there ever was and yet the left holds him up as some kind of saint. He's no saint. I don't care how many nails he has hammered for humanity, the damage he tries to do far outweighs his irrelevance.

One thing is clear, he despises Israel. In this he and the President of Iran are in Sync. Israel has to go.

Look at this interview he did with left wing whacko radio Democracy Now with Amy (I never wear makeup) Goodman a couple weeks ago. You read it and then, look back on exactly what he said.

Americans don't want to know and many Israelis don't want to know what is going on inside Palestine. It's a terrible human rights persecution that far transcends what any outsider would imagine. And there are powerful political forces in America that prevent any objective analysis of the problem in the Holy Land. I think it's accurate to say that not a single member of Congress with whom I'm familiar would possibly speak out and call for Israel to withdraw to their legal boundaries or to publicize the plight of the Palestinians or even to call publicly and repeatedly for good faith peace talks. There hasn't been a day of peace talks now in more than seven years. So this is a taboo subject. And I would say that if any member of Congress did speak out, as I've just described, they would probably not be back in the Congress the next term.

Amy Goodman never challenged him, never asked a probing question. Left wing journlaists don't ask unless they are talking over Right Wingers.

Then Carter said:

Well, there's an inherent commitment in America, which I share as a Christian, of a deep commitment to make sure that Israel is safe and that Israel is free and that they can seek for peace. So there's a strong inclination for all of us to support Israel's continued existence in peace. And that is added onto by the very effective work of the American Israeli group called AIPAC, which is performing its completely legitimate task of convincing Americans to support the policies of the Israeli government. And AIPAC is not dedicated to peace. They're dedicated to inducing the maximum support in America, in the White House, in the Congress and in the public media, for whatever policies the Israeli government has at a particular time. And they're extremely effective.

WHAT? I support Israel but not it's policies. Oh, yea, that's like I oppose the war but support the troops. 1984 doublespeak.

Then Carter the Former President and Liar said this about President Bush:

I admire him in many ways. And I've never criticized an incumbent president. I've criticized sometimes the policies of presidents, first President Bush and President Reagan and President Clinton and President Bush. But I have never criticized a president.

Never Critisized? Really. Of course Goodman said nothing. Why. She hates Bush too.

Let's see what Carter said a while back about GWB as reported in the Washington Post, not right wing tool them.

"I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history," Carter said. "The overt reversal of America's basic values as expressed by previous administrations . . . has been the most disturbing to me."

And that was after the verbal abuse President Bush sat silently thru at Coretta Scott King's funeral at the hands of Former President Liar and Israel Hater Carter.

But Amy Goodman said nothing.

I just did.

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Anonymous said...

ANYBODY but Palin. She's thinks seeing Russia from her yard is foreign policy experience, well I can see the moon from my yard so I guess I'm an astronaut.