Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just for Grins, let's fire up the old Way Back Machine

  IF you are old enough, you know what that was... and the dog's name.   How a little truth might have just set our nation free...as Jesus said it would..  but believe a lie and it will put you in bondage, it has to the USA.

Let's dial back to October 1, 2012.  A bit over a year ago.  In my dreams a truth telling President steps to the podium and without guile says:

My fellow Americans.  I have not been forthcoming with the truth.  The fact is I don't even know what's going on.  But before you re-elect me to a second term I thought you deserved some honesty.

First, the whole idea that with the Affordable Care Act, that I said you would be able to keep your insurance if you want to?  Nope.  That was a lie.

Second, the idea that this will mean less money, lower premiums, and more affordable.  That was a lie.

Third, the whole business about the video causing the Bengazi affair where three of our brave citizens and our diplomat were murdered.  That was a lie.

Fourth, the fast and furious affair where we gun walked violent weapons across the border to criminals in Mexico that got our border patrol killed, when I said it wasn't us.. That was a lie.

Fifth,  when I proclaimed that the Snowden Revelations were not true and that the Wikileaks things were all fabrications.... That was a lie.

There are several other things I have said that aren't true, how I was against same sex marriage, how I was not for homosex in the military, how I would be good for international relations ... but if you re elect me my fellow American's, you will get a better President... and that was a lie

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