Thursday, June 19, 2014

Two News Items that Make No Sense

I was at one time part of the Commodity Trading Community in Chicago.  Open Outcry.  People would make notes, trades, based on cards.  When the trade was done the card was thrown to the ground.  At the end of the day all the "Trash" was picked up, archived and stored for years.  The idea was that in a dispute over a trade, the evolution and execution of it could be retrieved.  It was wise business.

All companies of a certain size are advised to keep a full record of all email messages for 6 years.  It's for the protection of stockholders and for the purpose of researching certain errors and omissions. This is a serious thing. 

YET the IRS destroys all copies of all emails for two years, and crushes ALL the drives that has any information on them.  Even NIXON in his worst wasn't even close to this.  Although I recall that some wag suggested he would have done himself a favor by having a bonfire and burned them all.

Since Obama out Nixon's Nixon and Out Carter's Carter... It's really a tragic end to a bad presidency.  Yes there will be people who support Obama no matter what he would do.. they are intentionally blinded by a myth.

The second is the whole flood of Kids coming out of central America crossing into the USA while somehow able to walk 1700 miles unmolested traversing all of Mexico on foot.   Does ANYONE really believe this poppycock?  I have lived and worked in Mexico.  With a gun and good shoes I couldn't successfully do this.  AND 50,000?

Here's the truth.  This is a fast and furious thing.  I haven't figured it out yet.  BUT somehow the drug cartels who also are in the business of being human traffickers have figured out how to do this.  WHY?  To gain a foothold in the USA.  IF you think for a second that the current occupant of the White House doesn't have a part in this you are fooling yourself.   This is part of a strategy to essential OPEN the borders. This is an annexation by default of our southern neighbor.   We will allow them to have a form of bad government, we will allow them to have a currency, an economy of sorts, but it will be a source of cheap labor and eventually OIL.  A hundred years from now (if the USA lasts that long) Mexico and it's states will complete the 80 states of the USA.  Mexico has 30 and the USA has 50.  It's a merger.  How this influx all plays out.. I don't yet understand.. but it does.

Just use some simple reasoning and you see right thru the whole charade.. it's really devious and filled with lies.

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Fallout said...

Although I hadn't thought about “80 states” I agree with you that this is being orchestrated by the Obama administration. Probably, American agents are paying the coyotes/drug cartel to bring the people in.

At this point with Obama's approval numbers going south, he feels no attachment to anyone but the extreme left. He now seems more willing to do whatever he can get away with to get his/their
agenda done. He is more dangerous now than ever. His presidency is over but his exercise of power is increasing. When Obama chewed gum at the D-Day commemoration, he was saying that he has no respect for the foundation of America or the military.

I said to my wife about a month ago that I felt that Obama is involved in some kind of hidden sin. His complete lack of interaction with leaders of all types just doesn't make sense. His lack of focus on issues and reliance on others and the teleprompter says that something is not right. Today I read an article ( that questions if he isn't taking some kind of medication.