Sunday, June 15, 2014

Why Collectivism is Always Poised to Win Why Collectivism | Friends Of Liberty

Have you wondered why the TEA Party can only make so much headway, or why the conservative movement in general seems to stall without a brilliant leader? Why do liberals, Democrats, collectivists and leftists always seem to win the hearts and minds of the people? Why don't conservatives? This article attempts to answer these questions. Let's begin with basic premises. The first premise is that collectivists are driven by fear. They congregate for that most basic element of human structure and society, which is security.

Whether the subject is guns, global warming, immigration policy, energy, economics, or, really, any other subject, the collectivist appears to be motivated by fear to avoid catastrophe. They worry constantly about ozone layers, Mexican families divided by border, fracking consequences, capitalism in general, and even the personal habits of human beings upon ecosystems. It's all good. If only the collectivists were able to remain focused on problem-solving, they wouldn't infringe on the rights of those who don't want to participate in their nail-biting. But they can't. In fact, they get so worked up into a frenzy that their explanations become no more than accusations against whoever does not believe their hysteria.

How many times have the collectivists forecast the end of humanity due to climactic chaos? And when it doesn't occur, do the collectivists admit their mistake and calm down? No. They change the story to suit their fears. Again, this wouldn't matter so much if the rest of us weren't dragged along in an unending struggle for liberty. Why Collectivism is Always Poised to Win Why Collectivism | Friends Of Liberty

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