Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beginning of good or evil?

 She took the money as a lump sum. After taxes and after attorney fees, and after financial advisers and all she will net about $60-70 million. It's enough but it's not impossible to blow thru in ten years. She spent a little money at a beauty parlor.

I don't know who was in her life in the past, but if there are EX (s) I would keep a gun. There are four little ones so there was someone (s). And then there are the cousins, friends, "needy" folks, brothers sisters who when she was just making it didn't give her the time of day.

I have a friend who is from the west side of Chicago. She came into a lot of money. She moved out near us. African American lady. You can't believe the pressure her friends and relatives (and mother) put on her in guilt. "You got plenty, you just gotta help your poor brother out".

This newly rich lady is an attractive woman. She's young. Seems to have some common sense. IF she was smart she would get her mom a nice place, see to it she never has to want for anything and then get out of dodge.. far out. Somewhere no one knows her. If she moved into a white enclave no one would know her (Insert all look alike meme here LOL).

I hope for her. She deserves a break. I am concerned about the power of a culture to cut her to pieces. AND Security. Her kids now are targets for bad guys. I think about that poor guy who got a hundred grand and a car in Detroit and the culture has been picking at him ever since. Get out now.. for your own sake girl. And for a year avoid all men.. I am one and I know how we think. Hey Baby.. lookin good

 Single mother-of-four collects $127million share of Powerball jackpotThough Marie Holmes, 26, of Shallotte, North Carolinw, announced her winnings to a local news station two weeks ago, the passing of the over-sized check made her...dailymail.co.uk

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