Thursday, February 05, 2015

Who are your HEROES will determine who you will BECOME

When I was growing up we very often would have men and women come into our school in ND to show and tell inventions and business concepts they had. The entrepreneurs in our northern states were held up as heroes. We didn't have sports and entertainment heroes. Sure there was Elvis, but we had local heroes. This culture of holding up businessmen and women as paragons of what many of us aspired to become meant many of us did. 

This emphasis resulted in a culture that produced many good generous competent entrepreneurs. I hope I can count myself among them.

Now we have a culture of younger men and women who see business as the enemy. See businessmen as corrupt, lazy, incompetent and exploitative. They resent what the person in business is able to earn. Yet there seems to not be the same level of resentment against sports stars, entertainers, musicians and actors who make huge money for being what they are.

For that reason the young men and women in the culture try to emulate those who they hold up as paragons of advancement. Sports Stars, Entertainment and Acting. Fame and fortune; not innovation and good business.

Our culture is much worse for it all.. and it makes me sad. When business is held in high esteem once again, our culture will be restored.

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