Saturday, March 07, 2015

Maybe it might be a good idea to see what people are thinking about and start talking about that in Church. Maybe a few folks would show up?? Ya Think??

I was in a local 7-11 today in Geneva. Had to get my 44 Oz big gulp of Diet Coke. A guilty occasional pleasure so don't hassle me about Aspartame, OK? I just had my physical on the event of 7 decades, clean clean bill of health. Not because of clean living, just good genes. But that's not the point to this story:

There was a cop there, some radical "so called christian", an unbeliever behind the counter and they were arguing "religion". It was astounding in it's ignorance.

They were arguing about the origin of evil in the world. Pretty animated. One said that Gabriel was a fallen angel and that was the problem. Another said, NOOO it was Michael who used to be an archangel. Then another said it was original sin. Then another said that it was the devil which brought us back to who that fallen angel was. I decided to step and and said it was Lucifer, one of the combatant who had seen enough TV said, well that was his name after Gabriel fell, name change or something. They all had all the wrong answers. It does say something about what we spend time on in Churches. 5 ways to live a better life. Sin Consciousness (my pet peeve), yadda yadda. Yet on the street they are discussing the root of evil, murder and war on the earth. We don't have any idea at all of the culture when we preach. We are talking about the greatness of apples, and they are wondering about oranges.

I have been hard on the "Church" but today I saw today how far from center the plum-line of sound theology can be without her. I won't even tell you what they were arguing about.. it was inane. I think for a well studied grounded believer I might excuse escaping the organization, but until you have a couple of decades of study, prayer, teaching, exhortation and encouragement to grow (that kind of thing happens, or is supposed to happen) in the Church, SHOW UP!!!

I don't know if any of these "Street Theologians" have ever darkened the door, but they need to. So much of what is accepted as biblical teaching today comes from the History Channel (and others). The "Truth about Jesus" programs and other such that they air. Sensationalist garbage. These couch potatoes are sedentary not only in body but in the head. OK, drag these dopes to church and lets start dealing with the false religion that the TV teaches. No wonder so many will be deceived, they have a big box in their living room doing the devils work. Very Sad

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