Saturday, August 15, 2015

Anything Easy is Virtual Endorsement

If you want to cut hair, they make it hard.  If you want to be a dentist, it's not easy (you may not know but at the turn of the last century anyone could work on teeth, no training at all).

In Philadelphia as a blogger I need to be licensed.
In Minnesota (a commie state) if you sell Christmas trees or Pumpkins you need a license
In Texas to be an interior designer you need a license

There are many more and you may know of them. What is funny is people understand this. However, what you make easy to do becomes an endorsement and creates MORE.

Let's go back in the way back machine to 1960, the year I entered 7th grade.  What was different then easy and HARD.

What was easy was, we all prayed before school started. The ten commandments were posted in every classroom.  The day started with everyone reciting he pledge of allegiance.  Guns were as tool for firearm training.  Shop was a class, not a place to take your cars.

Then what became easy?
  • Drug use, where then you hadda know somebody to buy weed, now it's a revenue stream in many and a growing number of states. 
  • Divorce.  In 1960 getting a divorce wasn't easy, this was before no fault divorce.  Not that marriage were any better, but getting out was HARD.  So people worked at it.  Some made it. Some did not but they were few.
  • Pregnant and unmarried.  There were some, but many early presidencies resulted in shotgun marriages that made it.  Funny how that works.  Now people get PG and have kids and it's OK. 
  • Birth Control..the net result was girls that were on the pill were getting some, those not were.. danger.  UNTIL
  • Roe V Wade.  Anyone anywhere for a few bucks could dispose of the unwanted consequences of conception.  After sex birth control. Now we even have a pill for that.
  • Getting rid of those troublesome old people.  At one time folks took care of old folks.. but now.. we warehouse them and ask the government to pay for it.
  • Welfare, AFDC, Section 8, Snap Card and a hundred other programs have created a virtual matrix of ability to live off others.  The most egregious is the Obama-phone which is on every street corner in the neighborhood.. but not in St Charles.
  • Open Homo-sex.. used to be a shame, something that while there was hidden, but now is trumpeted from the rooftops and worse.. now they demand rights that trample others.. and government has made it easy.

Whatever you make accessible becomes mission creep, grows, and devour es the status quo.

Even civil rights struggles which I supported in the 60s has become a racist industry feeding off falsehood.. like white privateer and other racist misunderstandings.

So before you sign up for the next bandwagon.. think.  What are you endorsing when you do this?

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