Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Self Employed

I spend a lot of time among people who SHOULD be in business for themselves but aren't. You may be one of them.

IF you want to be an entrepreneur, if you want be in business for yourself here are a few things to know. Not everyone is cut out for it. Not everyone can do it. And even if they try, not everyone succeeds. SO... here are a few tips:

Ya Gotta Wanna... IF you like having a steady paycheck, if you need security, if you enjoy being told what to do today, then you may not be cut out for this. Your desire for being in it on your own must exceed all else.

Excitement Factor... What you decide to do has to excite you, drive you, make you get up and work even if you don't have to. IF you aren't passionate and excited, you won't make it.
Work Ethic... if you don't love to work the work you love, if you are more an 8-5 person... you won't make it. When you are in business for yourself you will be up at 5 in the morning and sometimes 11PM grinding away on a project.

Does it Fit? You have to do what fits you, don't go into a business because it might make money. YOU are the business. Be yourself first and the business (and money) will follow. IF you do that, you will never work a day in your life.

SHINE: Never apologise for being YOU. You are made this way. Use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses. Sparkle. Stay Positive. Learn to get past discouraging situations. Don't dwell on them.

When You Hire: The two most important qualities are not what you think, you want competence, you want ability.. that's a given. But look for people that are KIND. Not always nice, but Kind. Learn the difference. There is one. AND people that are Positive. Not starry eyed, but able to work thru discouragement. You can't afford to let someone bring you down and you sure don't want to pay people to depress you.

Learn to Trust: When you do hire someone or even an outside service, your success with them will only go as far as you trust them. Trust is the limiting factor in building a team. If you have someone you can't trust, then get rid of them. You can't afford untrustworthy people. Your ability to multiply yourself an delegate is directly related to your trust factors.

I love being in it on my own. I work harder for me than I would for anyone else. I wish everyone could. Most cannot. It's a crime. We need more entrepreneurs. Too many people just work for a paycheck. We need more wage payers and fewer wage takers.

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