Wednesday, August 26, 2015


By now you have heard this story. Link below. 11 women get on a tourist train thru Napa, wine country, book club, while there they are loud, they laugh, they are asked to tone it down, they try, but it gets loud again, again asked to tone it down, they try but once more it gets loud. Other patrons complain to the manager. Ultimately after three attempts to keep order the whole group is given their money back, and put off the train where a bus is waiting to take them wherever they want to go. There is a policeman there to make certain there is no issue.
Now there is an attempt to make this event a cause celeb of being about black and abused. I have thought about this. Race has nothing to do with this.
NO this is about women. Have you been around a group of women, particularly if they get a few bumps in em, They all talk all the time and talk louder and louder to stay above the din. This is a woman thing. I don't even know how they can understand what each other is saying. I have been in restaurants and astonished at how a half dozen of them an all talk at the same time sometimes laughing uproariously and sitting a table away I can't make heads or tails of what anyone is saying.
If you are of the female persuasion you know what I am talking about. Men don't do this. Couples don't do this. Only women. BLACK WHITE PINK OR ORANGE.. WOMEN!! They are genetically programmed to do this and men can't understand it.. at least this one can't.
So please step away from the racism high horse. It's not true here, if that were a loud bunch of white women from St Charles they would have been kicked off too.... if THEY DIDN'T quiet down. The clue is if you get loud and someone says something it would be good to not be loud.. long and short.
Here's the story written from a race perspective.. you figure it out:…/_11_black_women_kicked_off_napa_wi…


Fallout said...

"If you are of the female persuasion..."
I see that you are all inclusive to even a certain type of male. :0

Gene said...

YES Chuck, I do. LOL