Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Yesterday I told you what was going to happen in the Stock Market.

 If you had done as suggested you would be richer today. I said don't panic, this isn't the big one, that's yet to come.
I'm not being prophetic, just a pretty good economist. However long term (to April 2016) you will see a textured decline. Not straight line, but ups some down some...lower highs and lower lows.. but over time with occasional spurts. It's not a real bull because the shape of the trendline will be remade.
Eventually after some restructuring, the market will even back up. There will be a new bull market IF and WHEN we get a real fiscal conservative in government, not the guy who is there now and his like, someone who doesn't believe in fairy dust and magical thinking. I could see a 20,000 Dow by the end of the first term of a fiscal conservative, but only after a great deal of bloodletting...that must be to get all the phony money out of the system. The next shoulder is about 13,000... and that's where I expect it to land before the next run up.
UNLESS some outside force of nature steps in

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Fallout said...

Wow. You never know the timing but after listening to Terry Bennett, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, Neville Johnson, and Johnathan Cahn I figured that by the end of November we would see the Dow at maybe 13,000 or less and never truly recover.