Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The left does not grasp what it really means

Why the left and many so called Christians cannot comprehend why it all matters to you and me.  When you see someone denouncing evangelicalism, it reveals their heart.  (what offends you reveals your heart)  It tells us who they really are.  It tells us they don't know Jesus at all.  It was very real for Jesus and is very real for me.. and maybe you.  Here from someone I know is a statement on it all and I agree with it...

 ""I think the best way to understand the left on all of this, the liberal, as you and I know him, doesn't understand religion, period. Look at the way they impugn Christians. Look at the way they impugn evangelicals and so forth. I don't think your average liberal thinks religion is legitimate. I don't think that they assign it much weight in having an effect on the way people live and on the things they believe. I think they look at religions as just another club that people belong to. But it doesn't go much deeper than that, because they don't. I mean, they eschew religion, for the most part. They denounce it. They don't believe in it. They think it's a bunch of crazy things.

If anything is a religion, it's their ideology, liberalism or environmentalism, something of the sort. But as far as the broad-based left is concerned, you know, God is a dangerous concept, too. And they don't really go very far in expressing belief in God. So religions, to them, are nothing more than a collection of like-minded people who in the case of Christians are a bunch of wacko, gun nut, pro-lifers. They haven't the slightest understanding, nor do they care to understand, that religion is a source of strength and faith and is a guidepost for things like morality, right and wrong, good versus evil. And so they don't go very deep.

That's why they are able to denounce Christianity and to say what they say about Islam. Because it really isn't that big a deal. It's just a bunch of people that think the same way getting together once a week or however often and expressing their beliefs and whatever it is they have in common. But the true, deeply personal characteristics of religion totally escape liberals, and that's why it scares them. They'll never be able to control somebody's religious views. It frightens them terribly.

I'll tell you why this matters, why the left's view on religion matters. If it isn't deep, if it's just a club, if it's just a bunch of like-minded people getting together or something, it can't possibly be the root cause of something like Syed Farook did. Islam can't be blamed because religions do not have this effect on people. They're not deeply held. They're not formative in any way. And that's the left's overall view of religion, so it has to be something like workplace violence or outside influence from guys like ISIS or whatever, but it can't be the religion. It just can't be.""

As long as people like the current administration who don't know Jesus are trying to sort this out they miss the point.  It's not about race, it's not about ethnicity, it's about religion.. what you believe and why it matters.  If it doesn't matter.. it doesn't matter.  Man, I have a lot of people I would LOVE to tag in this post who are living a lie.. but I'll see if they respond.

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