Ten years ago Monday, Al Gore said we had only a decade left to save the
planet from global warming. But Earth has been doing just fine. Why do
we listen to this man?

While preening at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2006 during
the premiere of his “An Inconvenient Truth” fib-umentary, Gore made his
grand declaration. The former vice president said,
in the words of the AP reporter taking down his story, that “unless
drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gases are taken within the next 10
years, the world will reach a point of no return.” In Gore’s own words,
he claimed we were in “a true planetary emergency.”

Ten years later, he’s probably hoping that everyone has forgotten about his categorical statement.

The terrible truth for Gore is that there is no planetary emergency.
Not one of the dire predictions he and the rest of the alarmist
community made has come to pass. In fact, there is plenty of evidence
that they have been running a racket. Here’s how we know:

One, Earth hasn’t warmed in nearly 20 years. Yes, 2015 supposedly “smashed” the previous temperature record. But actually it was the third-warmest year on record — or maybe “not even close to the hottest year on record,” says James Taylor of the Heartland Institute.

The global average temperature, a devilish thing to determine anyway,
depends on what temperature readings are being used and who is
“adjusting” the data to fit their political purposes. The scientific
community cannot be trusted
to provide honest numbers. And 2015 was, after all, an El Nino year.
Higher temperatures, with no link to man’s activities, were expected.

Two, predictions that climate change — the rebranding of “global
warming” when it turned out that predicted warming wasn’t happening —
would cause catastrophic weather damage haven’t panned out.