Saturday, January 30, 2016

Vote for Jesus

This is for all the people who don't think any of the current slate of candidates who have presented themselves as potential presidential timber are worth a hoot. That none of them measure up.
They have a standard that is impossible. Even if JESUS himself were to appear and be willing to run, He wouldn't be acceptable. I note some of the snarky comments made about all the men and women who were in the debates. I note the facts about Bernie Hillary and that other guy. All hopeless and helpless.

Well I checked with Jesus this morning and I can report this without question, He doesn't want to take a step down. He's not running. He's still King.

So since the last messiah impostered his way into the white house in 2008, let's get over it. They all have huge flaws, some are potentially catastrophic. Then there are the lost cause voters. Like the ones who voted for no one or were miffed that Ron Paul didn't get a fair shake.

Would you please put on your big boy pants or skirt and face the fact that every human being including YOU is flawed and inconsistent.

My vote will go for policy, for wisdom, for stability and for Godliness. I know we aren't electing a pastor, don't bother me with that phony baloney. We are electing a leader and when I look at Biblical mandates for what a leader should look like.. there are some far from the mark. Trump is a soulless man. Hillary is his match. They hang out together as birds of a feather.

Some of the others simply don't have much depth.

I believe it when the word of God says, " When the godly are in authority, the people rejoice. But when the wicked are in power, they groan." Proverbs 29:2

I am tired of groaning.. it's been 8 long years of groan. So if you can in good faith support a godless man like Trump or a godless woman like Hillary, you won't answer to me.. but you will answer.
So choose well and choose wisely and if you have no capacity for either then don't vote. Please. The nation needs to stop the madness.

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