Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Power of Favor, Vision and Skill Set

I spoke yesterday with a friend from Texas.  I have known her a long time.  We have similar backgrounds.  She is younger than I am (but so is everyone I know) but not a young person in that sense.  Not yet 60 but over 50. We have never met.. yet she is my sister in the Lord.

She has had a hard life. She has worked at things that seemed overwhelming.  Sometimes she has been taken advantage of. For a long time it seemed as if everything that could go wrong, DID.

Yet now she has a grocery product, it has become an established shelf item in many grocery stores.  She is making a profit.. not a lot yet, but enough to be interesting. The result of her persistence has been that despite the difficulties she is prevailing.  She has a vision for what things will be.

She knows HOW to do what she does. She had the ability to cook, the ability to create new products and that is what and how she produces what she does.  So she took what she knew how to do, combined it with what she was able to create, had a vision for the future and moved in faith that it would come out OK and now after "Not fainting in due season" she is reaping a harvest.

Favor is coming her way.  Favor showing itself again and again. Not just in more business, but in opening doors.  We talked on the phone for 45 minutes.  I understood her excitement and the barriers to reaching new heights.

What is interesting to me is this is the story of MY life as well.  I have had a vision, a skill set and have been able to find favor with people.   My business is doing well.

One more thing you need to know, both of us met on line when we were obscure and frankly pretty broke.  The one thing we both have is unlimited faith in Jesus. She is a prophetess.  I am a prophet.  We have never met face to face.  Yet.. we know who we are and who each other is. The favor of God is come because of faithfulness.  It is a gift from heaven.  Now we find ourselves in places we only dreamed about.

In a few hours I fly out to Boise ID.  Its a new day.

If you have a vision and a skill set to put that vision into action, then the power of favor can overtake you and you will find your sweet spot in life.

Go for it.. destiny waits.  That moment when a door opens and you step into a new future.

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