Monday, February 08, 2016

How to figure out which candidate to support if you are a Republican or conservative:

  • Are they consistent .. can you see the core values they live by their lifestyle?  Do they line up with yours?
  • Are they actually electable.. will anyone vote for them?.. anything less means the other party wins
  • Are they able to articulate their views with authenticity?  Not just sound bites
  • Do they line up in character?  Character still matters in the Presidency.
  • On a scale of conservatism as you know it.. where do they rank? 1 being pure liberal 10 being ultra conservative.  Is that where you are?
  • If they have made mistakes in the past and who hasn't, what have they done to redeem themselves?
  • Would you enjoy spending the day all alone with this person? This means how well will they wear?
  • Is there something about this person you are considering that gives you cause to hesitate?
  • Would you allow this person to babysit your children?
  • If you had a thousand dollars would you give it to this person to hold and expect it back?

The real question then is if you are supporting this one over that one.. do they pass the litmus test the first of which is.. can they win?  We just watched the super bowl.  I like Aaron Rogers.  He's a decent man.  A good quarterback.  But he didn't win.  Cam Newton and Peyton Manning won to play and only one of those won the game.

We have too many potential losers on the platform and too few legitimate winner potentials.  It was fun to support a no chance in heck candidate in 2012 and that got us BHO's second term.  I'm talking about Ron Paul.  Then after the burn over that Romney got.. evangelicals didn't turn out.. and we got the second term.

I am encouraging people to get real.  Please.  Don't be backing some guy who can't get elected.  There is only one or two who stood on that stage Saturday night who even have a chance at being president... choose carefully and stop destroying people with fake stories.  I don't and I won't read any of them.  They are all baloney.. and you know it.

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